High Frequency Trader Scam Review! Trusted Or Bogus?

High Frequency Trader Scam or Reliable?

Read this review because it will open your eye for those types of trading solutions!


High Frequency Trader is new binary options auto trading solution. The name is actual copy of the trading method that’s currently engulfing the online markets. It’s a fact that trading in 2016, is completely different than the one back in 2006 for example. The current statistical situation proofs that for every manual opened trading positions there are at least thousand opened from machine solutions.

What is High-Frequency trading?

We talk about advanced trading method. Based on complicated mathematical formulas called algorithms the companies that are using in are opening millions if not billions of positions every day. In matter of fact for the last few years there are companies who claim no losing days. That does not mean that they don’t lose trades, actually the accuracy of those methods is very low! But due to the high trading volume they manage to get few +percentages daily!

How to setup such algo-trading method?

Basically a regular person cannot achieve such a thing. How profitable a high-frequency company will be it depends on speed. To achieve speed, you need to get as much close as you can to the exchange servers. You need to spend millions on supercomputers etc. Basically those organizations are getting information fraction of a second before the regular users, that fraction equals millions even billions of dollars as profits every year. The co-location, the data feeds and all the other sophisticated technologies they HF firms employ are providing the success. Everything cost millions and most of the algo-trading companies are well known by name, so they can be easy investigated.

A simple hypostatical example:

If stock went down 5% for the past last week the algorithm will buy $5 worth of shares. If a different stock goes up with 15% the system will sell $15 and apply the same formula for every stock fundable in the trading universe. Roughly we talk about minimum of 4000 available. The strategy can be executed only by high speed computers. Anyway, let’s get back to our main subject, HFT APP.

the high frequency trader scam review highfrequencytrader.co high frequency trader software

High Frequency Trader Scam Review! The whole truth!

We started our review with some paragraphs explaining what and how HFT works because we would like to prove that this trading method is not applicable into binary options trading at this point. In binary options we don’t trade directly on the exchanges we trade with brokers and that’s making the whole HF Trading completely out of the regular investors reach.

The video presentation starts with few cut scenes from CBS news show called 60 minutes. We`ll provide link to the original YouTube episode of the show! In addition, you can go and confirm our words and compare the two videos. That particular episode was recorded and launched back in 2010. Actually, in the beginning when binary options were just starting to evolve, and get popularity! Therefore, we would like to expose some dubious details surrounding highfrequencytrader.co.

Suspicious video presentation and overall look of highfrequencytrader.co!

As we explained we get cut from the CBS news show then the video continues with the main presenter Steve! Take a look how he is recording the video in front of a green screen. We take this as red flag because as we explained the HFT companies are extremely wealthy and they will never represent themselves so pathetic. In addition, the website highfrequencytrader.co is poorly made, with few fake endorsement badges and one video, that’s it. No SSL protection no virus or any form of other protection as claimed in the website. For us this does not look like a presentation page of HFT organization.

Who is Steve, the alleged presenter?

The guy claims that he is HF trader himself, well first HF trading is executed by computer algorithms, humans are not involved so how can you categorize yourself as HF trader? It seems this guy does not know what he is talking about, real investor wont express himself like that. Just to make this clear we`ll provide you with undeniable evidence. The guy Steve is paid actor hired from online marketplace called fiverr.com. There you hire all kinds of different paid actors to make testimonials or represent your product.

the high frequency trader scam review highfrequencytrader.co high frequency trader app

Are the testimonials visible on highfrequencytrader.co real?

No, the people who testify in support of the High Frequency Trader Software are also actors. The phony testimonials are really big red flag proofing the dishonesty of this service. In addition, the people involved are all showing starting accounts with $250 and after few seconds refresh, miraculously their accounts are rising to around $9000. That’s physically impossible even with real HFT system, starting with $250 can’t provide $9000 profit for few seconds!! Again, we`ll provide evidence but overall it seems that this online opportunity is quite bogus.

the high frequency trader scam review highfrequencytrader.co high frequency trader app

Are there any real endorsements regarding this trading robot?

Again a strong NO! There is not a single positive review or found-able real testimonial available on the entire web, in support of the High Frequency software by Steve. That’s again a strong sign that this service is a fraud!

What else can we say about this High Frequency Scam?

The website highfrequencytrader.co does not contain any reliable information about the company behind this offer or the individuals involved. As we mentioned above most of the organizations involved with those advanced algo-trading methods are well-known and easy to find. Their facilities are in most cases located near the exchanges due to the high speed requirements they need to operate profitably. In this case we have completely unknown organization with many invented personalities involved!

High Frequency Trader Scam Review!

Beyond any doubt we can say that this money making opportunity is filthy scheme. They pretend to be endorsing a profitable trading method but clearly this one can be applied into today’s binary options trading. The appearance of fake identities is just confirmation about this fraud operation. We advise you to stay away from highfrequencytrader.co, because putting your money here involves high risk!

Review Verdict: High Frequency Trader Scam Confirmed! Avoid highfrequencytrader.co, the face of this fraudulent operation.

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Binary Options trading if lucrative field, due to that fact there are many crocks trying to steal your money. That’s why you need to be careful with your decision making and always seek for second opinion before you decide to sign with Binary Options Service or Software. We are dedicated to fight scam, during that battle we are forced to consistently test different trading solutions. During that period, we managed to filter the most reliable service! We invite you to check out Top Recommended Binary Options Services! They are all tested and endorsed by the majority of the trading community.

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