Hoffman Stein APP Scam Review

Hoffman Stein APP Scam Review Aka The Nexus APP!

Is really the nexus app working like Dr. Antony Henderson claims? This investigation review will answer all the question!


Hoffman Stein Capital is displayed as well know and fast growing investment company with over 180 employees. The CEO and Founder Dr. Antony Henderson is considered as the Robin Hood of the trading industry. Due to the fact that he’s providing legit access to the world’s first 100% success rate trading application. The Nexus APP is based on fundamental analysis all made automatically by sophisticated algorithm running behind the software. Enough said, we think that the Hoffman Stein APP is simple fraud operation. This in-depth review will expose all the facts needed!

Why Hoffman Stein APP is a scam?
hoffman stein app scam review hoffmanstein.com review

Landing on hoffmanstein.com supposed to be specifically invited due to your current IP location, is just a noob explanation of the email you received from the pesky email marketers! Since the video presentation is the main source of information. We watched and analyzed everything said there. Truth is that Hoffman Stein App is turning to be one big deception. Stay tuned!

The Company Hoffman Stein Capital is ruled by person called Dr. Antony Henderson. In order to give authority to this fake company the shady creators behind this software are showing many articles from big news portals. Such as: Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg, BBC, Financial Times, and others. We made research on the official websites of those news sources. The ugly truth is that those articles are fake, you can go search the sites yourself and you`ll find that it’s all fake Stein’s Capital does not exist! We’ll attach one picture from our search in www.latimes.com (Los Angeles Times) as evidence!

hoffman stein app scam review trading app hoffmanstein.com scam review

Who’s the team behind Hoffman Stein Capital:

Dr. Anthony Henderson, the president of the non-existing company is fake identity, covered by voice over. We couldn’t find any real content associated with that personality, besides the posit connected by with hoffmanstein.com. Clearly a personality we should not TRUST!

According to the storyline the algorithm behind this system is created by 56 programmers and 20 analysts. Quite big team for such lame trading system, don’t you think? The lead programmer is Allen Kuhn from Germany, just another phony identity. The story with the lead analyst Ana Chong from China is no different. They don’t even have LinkedIn or Facebook accounts, which can confirm their existence.

Hoffman Stein APP – estimate profits and capabilities!

Basically this trading system is supposed to make you millionaire for few months! The accuracy is set to 100% and estimated weekly profits are $125,000! This is impossible and won’t happen! The system is very dangerous scam, associate with very shady unregulated brokers. Probably if, you invest your money will disappear almost instantly. They claim that the 100% accuracy is certified by many authorities! Well we already saw the fabricated articles, so how can we trust!? Overall, no one can predict the financial markets on 100%! There are too many fundamentals and factors involved all around the globe. That why even the best traders in the world hardly maintain 80% success rate consistently! In addition, as proof to his lies Dr. Henderson is showing us some kind of live trading session. Well its fabricated, because you can’t trade with $0 balance, first you need to invest some money with your synced broker! Which you can invest and place trading positions. Overall after his first 5 minutes he shows the trading history just take a look at the snap shot. He arrogantly claims that his balance jump from $0 to $1400 for 5 minutes! Look at the trades down, different dates and small profits, obviously debunking this whole live trading fars as bogus.

hoffman stein app scam review

Hoffman Stein APP – endorsements and testimonials.

The testimonials inside hoffmanstein.com presentation are also fabricated. The people who testify and are supposed to bring legitimacy to the system are paid actors. They are hired from online marketplace called fiverr.com. We`ll expose one of them as proof. Regarding the endorsements, no one is really approving this trading robot! Our social media research discovered only negative reviews exposing the nexus app as scam!!!

hoffman stein scam review hoffmanstein.com

Hoffman Stein Scam Review! The Summary!

The investment application is spread out like wildfire form email marketers! As you can confirm yourself after reading this review we have found many scam elements inside hoffmanstein.com. All of the typical scam points are on hand! Fabricated trading sessions, false credentials, invented personalities, unrealistic promises and lots of misleading information. After all the evidence we found, exposing this auto trading service as fraud! We can strongly conclude that putting your money inside Hoffman Stein APP will be extremely dangerous!

Review Final Verdict: Hoffman Stein Scam Exposed! Beware and Avoid the Nexus APP aka hoffmanstein.com!!!!

Binary Options can be very lucrative opportunity, but due to the high demand there are lots of crooks stalking the new coming traders. Always be careful in your decision making and look for second opinions, just as precautions measures! For safer alternatives to Hoffman Stein Scam check our Trusted Software Solutions! Well, just keep in mind that legit as they are, you can’t make like $120k per week starting from $0 balance, let’s apply common sense guys / gals!

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