Hour Bitcoin Scam or Reliable Program? Honest HYIP Review!

Hour Bitcoin Scam or Reliable Program?

Read this investigation review, before you decide to invest your money here.


Hour Bitcoin is new high-yield investment program. We have our eyes on this one, and the time to write this review come. Usually, we give some time for the HYIP’s after hey launch, in the same time we monitor them and gather public opinions based on real experience!

We`ll throw few words for the people who don’t know what HYIP actually is. Well, imagine something like a small hedge fund, where financial experts are going to handle your funds. Moreover, you`ll get interest return, all based on the particular investment program’s terms. The difference between hedge hands and HYIP’s is that hedge funds offer really small return rates. Those who offer bigger returns are not accessible for the wide public.

In general, the high-yield investment programs are described as Ponzi Schemes by Wikipedia, and thus far we are in the same opinion. We are trading oriented blog, but since 99% of the HYIP’s are related closely to the trading industry, we often investigate investment programs also! In addition, we believe that in future we`ll find a working HYIP with reasonable return rates!

The hour bitcoin scam review

Now let’s take a look at The Hour Bitcoin HYIP!

The service is offering the regular stuff, but this time we are getting return rates based on hours instead of days! Meaning that your balance will be calculated and updated every hour! Unfortunately, this program suffers from some problems, and we would like to share all the information we have with you!

How Hour Bitcoin HYIP Works?

The organization Hour Bitcoin Limited is founded buy group of professional traders! All of the traders have at least a decade behind them as experience. Moreover, the experts are now focusing more in bitcoin trading and bitcoin mining! Those are the revenue generating ways of this HYIP.

We have few concerns about this topic;

  1. Where are those traders, why their names remain anonymous, this is very suspicious! For example, if we have a trading service! The creators should provide us with the trader’s names! In addition, it will be good if they show us third party verified track results! In this case we have 2 sentences and we are forced to trust in this?
  2. Bitcoin mining, is not something simple. We`ll share some information here for those who don’t know anything about this procedure. In order to mine any type of crypto currencies you need video cards or special bitcoin mining machines. Our point is that you need to have physical facility somewhere where your mining farms are settled! No one inside hourbitcoin.com speaks about such things.

Basically the money generating ways of the Hour Bitcoin HYIP, smell really fishy folks!

The hour bitcoin scam review

Are the investment plans realistic?

We can confidently say that the return rates with this service are not realistic. You simply cannot expect to invest $1000, and after 4 days to expect return of $9000! And this is basically one of the first plans, the higher plans sound even more absurd! Therefore, we cannot believe in this too good to be true offer!

In our opinion a return of 10% per month on your investment is probably the maximum that sounds realistic, everything above sounds pretty mush not acceptable.

The hour bitcoin hyip

Who are the people behind the Hour Bitcoin HYIP?

We are not sure if those people should also be the traders, but if combine the first page exposed information with the “about us” section, those guys are the money makers. Surprisingly or not, all the people you`ll see there are stock models! We`ll provide some evidence for you just to back up our words that those guys are just fictitious characters.

The hour bitcoin hyip

Hour Bitcoin Scam Review – Conclusion!

We went over few of the disturbing topics associated with this service. At this point we don’t believe that there is need for us to go over all the details, things are obvious. This is just a regular money stealing scheme! This service is not actually generating any money for its members. The old investors are paid with the money coming from the new investors. Basically, this is working on simple pyramided principle, but the outcome is only one. Once the old investors count rises, the company will feel financial problems and will stop paying announcing bankruptcy! There is no other scenario, so keep that in mind and do not put your money here!

Review Verdict: Hour Bitcoin HYIP is a SCAM! Beware and Avoid hourbitcoin.com!

At this point we cannot offer you a safer alternative to a good investment program, but we can give you an advice! You better think twice about those HYIP’s! We advise you to turn into regular trading as money generating method. It’s tested, trusted and proven to be successful for decades! In addition, you have full control over your funds, giving you the ability to withdraw all or part of your money at any point! In 2016, the technologies are super advanced and there are many software solutions, which provide investors with zero trading experience a chance to benefit from the online markets. Keep that in mind and if, you decide to go ahead and check what trading niche offers, we invite you to take a look at our Top Rated Trading Service! They are all tested for long period of time and 100% endorsed by the trading community!

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