Hour Fast Scam or Paying? Honest HourFast.Com HYIP Review!

Hour Fast Scam or Paying?

Folks, check our analysis review before you put your money inside this HYIP!

Official websites: hourfast.com

Hour Fast is fairly new high-yield investment program! The service offers hourly based investments plans in exchange of their investors trust. Officially, program is supposed to deliver good financial future for its members but we believe that the reality is slightly different.

We investigated this money making opportunity and the result is not looking very promising. There is a high chance this investment program to be dishonest! Within this article we`ll reveal all our concerns, stay tuned!

the hour fast hyip

Hour Fast Scam Review – The whole truth explained!

First, we`ll explain what actually this offer is! The high-yield investment programs are actually something like hedge funds. Basically the investors are depositing money in exchange of interest at end of the contract.  Similar to putting your money into a bank and waiting for the interest rate. The difference is that HYIP offers are far more lucrative. Due to that fact, most of the services are just bogus money stealing schemes. Probably that’s the reason for Wikipedia to categorize those type of money making opportunities as Ponzi Schemes!

Considering all the risks involved and all words said we can conclude that, if you are a person looking for HYIP you have to extremely careful! We`ll give you some example topics, which you have to check when you land on such looking service. If, you find even one of the topics to involves suspicious content, you better avoid the offer.

How Hour Fast HYIP works?

Official information is that the company is dealing multi-currency trading, Forex, Stocks, investing in new ventures and even cryptocurrency trading. By the way crypto coin trading is not so easy as it sounds and in order to be successful there you have to be really into this business.

So here we have few concerns, first all the listed niches require their own needs and specialists. Furthermore, we are not sure to what they are referring with the
“multi-currency trading topic”, since trading the foreign online markets can but put within the Forex niche anyway. Also, usually the traders who trade Forex or currencies overall are not also familiar with the stock market. Crypto-currency trading on its own turn, can be performed successfully only fi the people who perform it are really deeply involved with this industry. Moreover, most people who deal cryptos also own mining facilities.

We are saying all this because we would like to create the bigger picture in your eyes! All those industries require different people with different skills meaning that the Hour Fast should have a lot of staff. The website hourfast.com do not provide us with any evidence where we can confirm the existence of all those so called “professional traders”.

In addition, we also would like more transparency regarding the trading methods those traders are using. Unfortunately, hourfast.com fail to convince us that their money making methods a real!

Are the return plans realistic?

No, we believe that the plans announced by the Hour Fast are far from genuine! Let’s analyze the average plan II. For the sack of example let’s say that we invest $1000! In roughly 4 days we are supposed to get $3000 back. Such returns do not exist, don’t be fooled here folks. In our opinion the announced 1.5%-2% per hour is just a marketing trick, so the percentages look small but overall when you calculate everything you`ll get 200% returns in 100 hours, which is bizarre!

the hour fast hyip

How long the service operates, and are the deposits/withdraws real?

We have really high suspicious here. First the longer the HYIP operates the safer. Please do avoid high-yield investment programs younger than 6 months! In this case we have extremely new service only 5 days old. This is big red flag for us, just avoid it, at least for now! No service can build stable reputation for only 5 days even for 2 months!

Moreover, take a look at the snapshot! Do you really think that this HYIP can gather $1,000,000 depositors for only 5 days? The announced digits here are dubious, which can repel us even more from the Hour Fast!

the hour fast scam review

Who are the people behind this service?

Essentially, we get a company name HourFast Ltd., long with some statements that its based in Canada. Thing is that the website hourfast.com do not offer the names of any trader, manager or founder. Sometimes we really wonder, how those people expect to gain trust in its investors by staying anonymous? That’s pure BS!

Endorsements and testimonials!

Probably this is the most important topic for an online money making service! Failing to gain the regular-investor approval means only one; the service should not be trusted”. So, let’s take a look here!

Inside testimonials are fucked up! The Hour Fast HYIP fails to build inside positive environment because the testimonials are just fabricated. Those people are just stock photos attached to names and the comments are just lies! We`ll attach some evidence!

The service does not enjoy any outside endorsements. We investigated the social media and the search engines, all we came across is complains about how this program do not pays!

As we explaining failing to gain positive environment, is big blonder.

the hour fast hyip

Hour Fast Scam Review – The summary!

Beyond any doubt we can conclude that this service should not be trusted! We`ll explain how the scam works. It’s simple, there is no real money generating method the new old investors are payed from the money coming from the fresh investors. Once the pyramid gets bigger enough the company will feel financial problems and they will call bankruptcy, leaving with your money in their pockets!

Review Verdict: Hour Fast HYIP is a SCAM! Beware and Avoid hourfast.com!

At this point we cannot offer a safer alternative into the HYIP field. However, we can advise you to consider changing the approach and seek for more reliable and proven money making opportunity. We, recommend binary options trading as good alternative with many advantages.

  • You have full control over your capital. Granting you the ability to withdraw your funds at any certain point and time.
  • Direct trading allows you to decide, where and for how long you want to invest your money!

Moreover, in nowadays there are many good auto-trading and signals providing legit service, which can allow even non-experienced investor to benefit from the online markets! For few examples we invite you to check our Top Rated Trading Solutions!

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