iFollow Club Scam System

iFollow Club Scam Alert!

This review will clearly explain why this service is dishonest!

iFollow Club is new binary options copy trade system! The service pretends to be honest and its offering very good money making opportunity! The whole concept is designed to attract new comers of the industry and fool them out. The presentation page iFollow.club is made in very misleading and deceptive way. Reading this review to the very end will be very important because we will try to prevent you from signing with this copy trading system! Why we want to repel you? Because we believe that the iFollow Club hides immense risk and eventual investment will be lost on hundred percent!

iFollow club scam review

Why The iFollow Club is Scam?!

We will point few very troubling red flags, which will be backed up with solid evidence! Landing onto iFollow.club you can notice huge amount of testimonials from people who are already using this mimic trading service. Thing is that those people are just stock photos or the so called made up identities. The developers of the official website are just adding random images attached to names and sums of money! They aim to give credibility to this software, but in our eyes this is more like a discernibility move. Phony identities cannot give authority!

We have a two-minute presentation video, involving the name of a “trader” called David Reed, he is displayed by picture.  The video explains how he made 8 million while investing in amazon and apple just before their shares sky rock. Cool story, but it appears that David Reed, who’s one of the trust worthy traders, which can be mimicked inside the iFollow Club is just phony identity. We are just going to provide evidence and support our statement!

the iFollow club scam review

Clearly this reveals that the professional Wall Street traders or whatever they want to call them are FAKE! They don’t exist and whole this copy trading system’s just a scam algorithm! Investing here will lead you into losing money situation!

Continuing our iFollow Club Scam Review, we would like to discuss the real testimonials available to watch under the presentation video. We have like 10 testimonials trying to answer the question “why choosing the iFollow Club is wise decision”. Well we would like to go in the opposite way and explain why choosing iFollow Club will be disaster for your account! The people you are seeing here are not real traders, they are not members of this copy trading service! Actually they don’t have anything in common with the financial industry! Those people have other set of expertise, all of them can be found on online marketplace called Fiverr.com. There you can buy such looking testify videos for $5 dollars. All of those people are paid actors, we will reveal few of the most famous once but if you are still curious about the rest. We will advise you to visit fiverr.com, type the word “testimonials” into the search box and we guarantee that after 5 minutes you`ll recognize every single one of them!

Evidence: Jon – Seattle, WA, John – Toronto(Banjoman), CA, Bill – Tusla, OK(BOB)

the iFollow club scam

Those people are really famous spokespersons and they participate in many similar dubious trading systems!

Moving to the second page of iFollow.club we have some kind of walk true video of how this copy trading system works! All presented by unconfirmed identity of Alex Trembley. We way unverified because after we saw so many invented personalities we really stopped believing in (picture – name) presented person! So this individual claims to be making $3000 for the last 3 days only by copying David Reed. How he is doing this we don’t know because obviously David does not exist! Anyway, the whole walk true is strange he attaches his account to the “expert” trader and he fasts the video. We notice how the algorithm is opening trades of few assets USD/JPY, EUR/USD, CHF/JPY, AUD/USD. There are like more than 30 trades we notice during the live demo, most just spam trades same expiry same entry point and strike rate. That’s not the problem, no don’t have anything against spam trades but!!! Eventually after few seconds he claims that “this expert trader” has won all the trades and he show us 7 wining trades of CAD/JPY all with same entry point, close SR’s and same expiry times! Looking true real trader’s eyes, this look suspicious and it’s all fabricated! Don’t be fooled here, at all!

iFollow Club Scam Review the unbiased conclusion!

The amount of phony identities is very high! The expert traders of the iFollow Club, which we are supposed to be mimicking does not exist. Everything here is one bogus software, which will lose your initial investment with lightning speed! Investing with the iFollow Club is highly not recommended!

Review Verdict: iFollow Club Scam Alert! This is a fraud operation avoid iFollow.club!!

Binary Options trading is very good way to make money online! Just keep in mind that there are many crooks stalking for your money! Before you decide to invest with a binary option service make sure to check our SCAM – LIST! It can prevent you from signing with similar to the iFollow club other bogus system! For safer alternatives check out Top Recommended Binary Options Services!

For further questions, or if you want to report binary options fraud, contact us at: binaryoptionsspot@gmail.com

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