Instant Cash Club Scam Or Credible? The Real Software Review!

Instant Cash Club Scam or Trustworthy?

You must read this investigation review before entering the black hole!

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Instant Cash Club is new trading help-service. The system runs 100% on autopilot and it’s supposed to make shocking sums of money. Allegedly this trading bot will generate $5000 for the first 8 hours, all you have to do is invest $250. Moreover, there are promises coming from the presenter Jim Robinson about how you`ll become millionaire after only 6 months!

In our eyes this is typical money stealing scheme! Nothing inside feels real! With this article we`ll explain why you should stay away from such too good to be true offers!

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Instant Cash Club Scam Review – Why this system is not reliable?

It is true that with trading people can make insane amounts of money! However, there are boundaries that cannot be crossed or overextended! Simply you can’t expect to start with $250 initial capital and become millionaire in few months because it won’t happen! Usually, like every normal thing in life, this niche is the same. Big money can be made with big investments and reliable trading instruments of course! With Instant cash club we have unrealistic promises and bad algorithm, which will steal your money!

Why the algorithm is bad? How exactly this system works?

That’s the problem right there, the official presentation does not focus to explain how the software works at all. We get the run around version of “how good life is, when you are a millionaire”.  Well, we`ll tell you something, if the developers of this robot are skipping such important matter, they are 100% dishonest with us! The most important thing in one software presentation is providing an intelligent information about how your algorithms work! Not having such, is automatically putting you into the scam category!

Who is Jim Robinson?

The guy who testify that this system really works and is also the promoter is just fictitious character. We remember this guy from another proven scam called Altronix! Clearly he is just a paid actor, therefore we absolutely cannot trust him!

Moreover, we have an interesting screenshot to show you! Take a look, how can 1-week difference graph to be looking exactly the same? For us this is clearly a Photoshop work!

instant cash club scam review

Are the actual creators – Thomas Jordan and Andrew Haines Real?

Both of them described to be among the most successful Wall Street traders for the past two decades! Actually this is quite easy to check, and if you make a search engine research like we did, you`ll find that those guys do not exist, just like Jim!

Furthermore, the fake presenter is just showing us two random stock photos attached with names and says “hey this is Thomas and this is Andrew!

Is the Thomas ad Andrew’s software really live from 8 months?

No, that’s also easy to check, so we did. Turned out that the official domain is registered before 8 days on 20.09.2016! Seems like we have pretty strong time conflicting situation here.  How all those people: Jim, David, Sarah and Michael managed to bank around $1.5 million dollars with non-existing system for the past 6 months?


The testimonials in support of this system are just as bogus as the rest of the opportunity! When you land into the “secured” members area you`ll notice the testimonials. Unfortunately, they are exactly similar to the creator’s identity! We’ll just attach an evidence snapshot to back up our statements!

instant cash club software

Is the Instant Cash Club endorsed by anyone?

Absolutely not! The system is new and there are not yet many reviews available on the web but those who are only negative! Furthermore, there is also negative feedback spread all around the social media, coming from day-traders who decided to give this system a shot.

Considered as major red flag, because the best way to find out if a system is a scam, is just to take a look at the endorsements. If the regular day-traders say that it’s a scam, then it’s a scam!

Are there really only 30 spots left?

Hahaha, no folks, this is just a marketing trick! The shady people behind this system are trying to push you into registration, due to the fact that now the negative reviews are poaring in and soon everyone will realize that this service is just a fraud operation!

Instant Cash Club Scam Review – The Finally!

Before we conclude this article we would like to summarize! So, we are looking at auto-trading service, which promises to make you millionaire for short period of time! Moreover, we have fake; testimonials, identities, claims and bunch of false credentials! Now use your common sense, do you think that this system will really make you money?

Review Verdict: Instant Cash Club Software Is a SCAM! Beware and do not touch at any cost!

Binary Options can be extremely profitable, that’s a fact. This is literally the safest trading method currently available for the wide public. Sadly, the lucrative field drives a lot of imposters and there are lots of scams running around. That’s why you have to be careful and always rely on good reputed trading systems! For safer alternatives we invite you to take a look at our Trusted Binary Systems! They are all reliable, 100% endorsed and tested by the trading community!

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  1. Sadly i lose $250 dollars, twice.
    I thought i’ll win and everything will be alright, but my bucks disappeared.
    From now on, i’ll read your articles first, then i’ll decide where to bet.

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