Instant Coin Scam Review

Instant Coin Scam or Legit HYIP?

Our transparent review aims to provide answers!

Instant Coin biz is brand new high-yield trading program. The company behind this online opportunity is InstantCoin Ltd. We made our regular research, and surprisingly or not we found many dubious details. That’s why is crucial for you to read this article, before taking any investment decision! These days the HYIP opportunities are really experience some kind of hype! Online users should be aware, that many crooks are looking for their money and be extremely careful!

The instant coin scam review

The Organization!

The firm is founded by bunch of professional bitcoin and forex traders. Their goal is to provide a full investment service focusing the both trading markets. The mentioned traders claim to be having many happy investors for the last 5 years. We wonder how this is possible since the HYIP is up and running from 17 days?! Therefore, such claims are just ridiculous!  If, you take a look around the page you won’t be able to find any registration number or addresses. Additional, suspicious are building around.

the instant coin scam review

The experts!

Into the “about us” section we found three individuals represented as the team behind this “remarkable” offer! Musharrof Chy – CEO, Imran Khan – VIP fund manager, Jessi Jain – Support manager. Those are the people responsible of the great Instant Coin biz Success!

Unfortunately, we are dealing with non-existing personalities. The pictures you see does not belong to those people they are all stock models! Therefore, a question pothe instant coin scam reviewps up in our heads. If the so called expert team is not real, can we trust this HYIP? Doubts keep rising at this point. We`ll provide you with an example as evidence!

The life of the program?

Take a look at this picture, for us its looking really unrealistic. First the HYIP starts in 02.06.2016, why they claim 18 days? Today is 19.06.2016, obviously its 17 days, that’s just a minor problem. Take a look at the other numbers. Already 6232 accounts, with half a million of deposits and $300k+ in withdraws. All this in 17 days? That smells fishy from a mile away!


Within the borders of there are many positive stories. Coming from people who claim that this high-yield investment program has changed their lives. Do not wonder for a second here, because they are all fabricated. After the imaginary trader team, we also get a fabricated feedback! At first everyone is doubtful, then when they start to see the money flow, they are all so amazed. This is like the poorest made up testimonials we have ever seen.

Basically the shady creators are trying to provide their potential members with good positive environment around their scam. Anyway, we are smarter than those scammers we`ll never believe in so obviously made-up money stealing scheme! In addition, we just like to add that positive reviews regarding Instant Coin Biz cannot be found outside their sanctuary web. Stepping outside of their dream world, is meeting harsh reality where such too good to be true offers does not exist!

Instant Coin Biz, The Conclusion!

Looking for a good money making opportunity? We really doubt that you`ll find it into any HYIP going on right now. We have review several now and they are all looking the same. Unrealistic payout rates combined with huge amounts of false content. Also, most of them are operating for like 2 months, then they just disappear with the money gathered. Obviously a typical fraud, where we get promises but the service never delivers the results.

We Strongly recommended that you stay away from Instant Coin Biz! Investing your capital with this HYIP will be disasters. We couldn’t find any real reason to believe in this service.

Review Verdict: Instant Coin Biz Is a SCAM! Beware and avoid their scam portal:

Luckily there are still good ways to make money online. The most reliable once are associated with the financial world, in the face of binary options and forex trading. We strongly recommend that you stick with those trusted methods in order to success making money online. Novice trader can start with help-trading tools, such as Signal or Auto Trading solutions. We have a small list of Tested and Trusted Services! Waking Up Millionaire Take a look, but keep in mind that, legit as they are you won wake-up millionaire overnight. Let’s all be reasonable. As every normal thing, online trading also takes time.

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