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This in-depth review will show the real face of!

Important note: We are receiving consistent emails from day traders supporting Insured Outcome. Many claims to be making money with this trading bot. We will re-investigate the system in the upcoming days!

Insured Outcome Software is extremely new binary options service. During our investigation we found lots of disturbing scam elements and some similarity with other already proven scam service. We believe that there is something very deceptive with this trading system and you need to double think, before you invest. Oliver Breitner seems like an actor and his claims are really unrealistic, bear with us!

Insured Outcome Scam -

Is Insured Outcome Scam? The honest review!

When you land on, first impression won’t be bad, the software looks okay and its made in convincing way. Looking good but definitely not good for $50,000,000 investment. The alleged CEO Oliver Breitner claims that he invested over $50 million dollars in this software, in order to perform outstanding. Just think about it If you have invested $50 mils in something, is your website going to look like that!?

However, that’s only minor problem compering to what comes next. Oliver claims that he played over $7,000,000 million to company called Vixionella Soft. This is the tech company, which take part in developing the software. We made research regarding this company but no posts appear, clearly non – existing company.

What are the estimate profits with Insured Outcome software and are they possible? The CEO says that you will make $750 every hour and he guarantees daily income of $18,000.01 and monthly income of $540,000. All this for free and with initial deposit of $250. Those sums are unrealistic, misleading and impossible to gain! We don’t know why they overextend those amount so much, but if we speak for trading the potential profits can’t be guaranteed. Overall, everything depends on your investment and the amount you are willing to risk per trade!

“Since released back in 2014 Insured Outcome Software has never lost a single trade.” “When our algorithm called IOP detects a bad trade it opens trade in the opposite direction, so you break even.” We want to question those two strange statements! First if, this trading system is 2 years old, why the domain is registered on 11.04.2016? That’s very time conflicting and it’s going to debunk half of the claims inside the video presentation! Second, their Insured Outcome Protocol or whatever they want to call it is a simple Fence Strategy. Truth is that average win payout rates in binary options are 75%. You can alone realize that if, you open two trades in the opposite direction you`ll still lose 25%. In addition, we are not aware of algorithm that can decide which trades are bad and which are good, seems pretty impossible.  The fence strategies are implemented by traders’ hands.

Insured Outcome Scam review

“Just three months ago I took 17 people and make them millionaires, says Oliver, and all the success stories where announced on CNN Business!” Interesting then why the official website of CNN Business doesn’t show any results regarding those amazing stories?

Testimonials and Endorsements of Insured Outcome Software!

At the bottom of the page you can notice 3 people claiming to be happy members. Alber, Anna and Clara, all of them humble and honest says that this is the real deal! Unfortunately, quick Google search by image ruins everything they are all stock photos attached to names. We don’t know why the scam creators keep using stock models for their testimonial part but the move definitely doesn’t bring authority to the service.

Insured Outcome Scam

Regarding the endorsements, there are none! The industry news portals are reporting this software as they should be as SCAM! If you are still not convinced that this is terrible fraud, check out for second opinion from other authority websites.


Insured Outcome Software is really lousy scam! The whole technical explanation about how this algorithm works, which by the way makes no sense on trader’s language. Is very similar to the one we got form Dream Profits, another fake system, which was already exposed on many news sources! Specifically, the part about the cloud servers and the one with the Fence trading or risk algorithm! We believe investing with Insured Outcome Software hides immense risk! Just, there is too much of misleading and deceptive content!

Review Verdict: Insured Outcome Scam Confirmed! Beware and never touch!!!

Binary Options is very lucrative field, but if you are new comer consider registration with Free Demo Account. After you gain some experience and look around the industry, switch to real money account using strategies for self-trading or legit trading tools! During our scam-fight we have created small list of reliable Binary Options Auto Trading Services, which worth trying! Just keep in mind that they don’t make half a million per month, LOL!

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