Insured Trading Scam Or Life-Changing APP? Unbiased Software Review!

Insured Trading Scam or Life-Changing APP?

Read this important review BEFORE, you take the decision to put real money on the line!

Insured Trading Software is a 7-day old trading system. Allegedly this service is supposed to make you $18,0001 every single day. Moreover, everything is guaranteed and the only action you must take is to register and invest money!

Now, probably if you are a reasonable man you already know that there is something suspicious going on. However, if you still wonder or you are eager to test it despite all the fishy facts, you must stop and read this article first!

This service is very bogus, and you must know the truth before you decide to put your cash in it! This review contains many spoilers and will reveal the true face of this auto-trader.

the insured trading software

Insured Trading Scam Review – A old Scam in New Skin!

Beneath the flashy talks, there is a secret lying. This service is re-release of old scam called Insured Outcome! The fraud was proven back then and with this new launch, things are not different. Well, we have the new domain name and new looks of the promotional page! Moreover, we have a brand new name but overall it’s just the same money stealing scheme! We`ll provide solid evidence to back up our statement! Moreover, we`ll go over all the unrealistic claims made in the presentation once more just for the sack of example!

How the system is working?

The company is described as fully closed organization with no outsource activities. That’s actually the key component of the Insured Outcome Ltd long with global superfast fiber networking. Thing is that this company does not exist!

Estimated Profits and Success Rates!

Here the presenter completely reveals himself as a person not associated with the financial world! No reasonable man will come in front of a public and guarantee minimum profits. No one can forecast the online markets on100% and guarantee sums of minimum of $18,001 per day. And what’s even more bogus here is that Oliver Breitner, the alleged CEO promises that you`ll gain that amount with minimum investment of $300! All this is completely impossible even with a legit and proven to work with good accuracy binary options service!

Moreover, the claim how you`ll maintain 100% is really absurd! Well, they come up with an explanation which can be understood only by real traders but we will bring transparency here and explain everything with simple words!

So, Oliver says that there is a team of expert traders who will monitor every single trade opened by the auto-trader. Seeing that this trade is going back they will open a Fence trade, which must decrease the loses.

There are few problems with this statement:

  1. Where are those traders and why we don’t see them? Why Oliver don’t share any names, if they are really professional traders maybe we know them! Anyway keeping them anonymous makes this story unbelievable!
  2. Fence trading can be used for two purposes, to eventually safe a trade which is going bad, or to open 2 opposite trades in ranging market for double profit! By the way you cannot safe all the trades, which are going bad obviously. Furthermore, we would like to add that even if you save your trade you will still lose around 20%, because the average return rate in Binary Options is 80% not 100%!
  3. Saving trades, cannot keep 100% accuracy, loss is a loss and you must calculate it in your overall stats!

the insured trading scam review the insured trading scam review

Who created the service?

According to the untrustworthy presenter, he has sent over 7 million dollars to development company called Vixionella Soft, allegedly they are the designers and programmers of the Insured Trading!

We investigated this firm back when we exposed the Insured outcome, and our research in nowadays reaches the same conclusion! This software dev company does not exist!

Is Oliver Breitner real?

No, he is just a fictitious character whose job is to represent this fraudulent service. The guy claims that he made over 500 million dollars trading binary options but the social media and search engines says otherwise! His name is only related with, and the old scam we mentioned several times! Therefore, we just assume that he is a paid actor!

Endorsements of the Insured Trading Software!

Is the Insured Trading Software really announced on CNN Business Review because of the fact that Oliver turned 17 normal people from all walks of life to millionaires? LOL, no of course this is just part of the “make you eager” trick. You can alone check CNN Business, and find out that there is not a single word written about The Insured Trading Software there!

Operating from 2014?

Next lie in the list! This service is released exactly before 7 days, we`ll provide a snapshot as evidence! Even the old Ponzi Scheme, was released in 2016, so even then this claim was time conflicting!

the insured trading scam review

Insured Trading Scam Review – The Conclusion!

As we said there is not much of a difference between the old product and the new one! Changing some details here and there but overall the same Ponzi Scheme! Nothing inside, is trustworthy, actually we heard only lies and absurd promises, which are not matching the reality! Our advice here is that if you receive that invitational email, just delete it and move on!

Review Verdict: Insured Trading Software is a SCAM! Beware and do Avoid!

Binary Options Trading is a good way to generate some additional income for you! Unfortunately, every lucrative field has its downsides! The new investors, must be aware of the fact that currently there are many crooks stalking for your money! That’s why you must always rely on services with good reputation! If you look for auto-trading or signal software solutions, we invite you to check out Top Rated Binary Services! They are all 100% endorsed by the trading community and tested for long period of time!

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  1. Well, i thought the system is working very good, but betting is not so simple. So i decided be more cautions. Thank you guys you opened my eyes.

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