Internet Coin Exchange Is a SCAM Exchange! Adam Chodry is Fraudster!

Internet Coin Exchange Is a SCAM Exchange!

The evidence and proof are all over the internet already but we feel obligated to also worn our readers!

Are you planning to buy Cryptocurrencies on Internet Coin Exchange? We recommend that you read this full and impartial review exposing Internet Coin Exchange and Adam Chodry as fraudulent partners who entice investors to place their money for advantaged rates and then make away with their coins.

If you try to do any due diligence about Internet Coin Exchange there is not much to be found out there. However, recently we have started seeing a number of scam reviews popping up all over the Crypto Trading World denouncing this Exchange to be nothing but a scam.

To-date we are not sure whether Adam Chodry is working on his own steam on this dummy site that is nothing more than a gateway to which you will lose your money – or whether this is part of a bigger framework of international fraud.

Internet Coin Exchange Scam Review – How Adam Chodry Features in the equation.

We have interviewed four individuals who have tabled concrete evidence whereby prompted by Adam Chodry they have made transfers to several accounts all over the world including Poland, Switzerland and Canada on the premise of acquiring Bitcoin and Altcoins on Internet Coin Exchange at a preferential rate.

The victims were prompted by a classic scam tactic, whereby Chodry transferred “his own coins” to a new account with Internet Coin Exchange in the name of the victims and challenged them to see if anyone could hack the system.

Naturally the system cannot be hacked because the public keys attached to the Coins are dummy keys and do not exist! However, a novice would never know this and could easily be taken with the professional garbage that comes out of Chodry’s mouth.

From the evidence we hold at hand, these four individuals, who are now gaining strength from other defrauded victims and are teaming up to open an international case of fraud against Chodry and Internet Coin Exchange are suffering a loss exceeding $3 million dollars at the current market rate.

Adam Chodry aka Stewart Abbott and plenty of other Pseudonyms is a world class Fraudster

In a recent exchange on a review issued by exposing Internet Coin Exchange as a scam Exchange – Adam Chodry reacted as Stewart Abbot and making demented claims against sex crime players within the Exchange. However, the evidence that Steward Abbott and Adam Chodry are one and the same person is irrefutable. This is stemming from evidence which the victims hold of previous correspondences held by them with Adam Chodry containing identical spelling mistakes. But furthermore, Chodry reacted to one of the victims exposing his Airbnb identity by changing the identity photo of “Air”.

There is no question that we are dealing with a fraudster in the shape of Adam Chodry here – if that is his real name that is. However, Chodry is not a professional scammer given his widely demented statements. He is probably more of a finance criminal who thinks that he is above the law and can do away with other people’s money.

Internet Coin Exchange does not Respond to Withdrawal or Transfer Requests

Internet Coin Exchange is purportedly operating out of Cayman Islands as a cold storage coin vault. There is no evidence of who operates the Exchange, and there is no legal entity or address where officials of Internet Coin Exchange could be contacted for verification.

The whole operation is very unprofessionally kept together by Adam Chodry himself, who replies irregularly to questions on the exchanges with the same poor English and broken vocabulary as one would expect out of an uneducated fraudster.

Chodry goes by a “Canadian nationality” although he is clearly Indian or Paki or of some Middle Eastern origin. His wooly story to the victims that he has met personally is that he is the son of a travelling diplomat and hence his Canadian nationality.

The Exchange itself is not even connected to an API and price updates are manually operated in a haphazard manner.

We are therefore warning our readers to watch out for these updates over a stretched period of time for verification of what we are saying, since Chodry loses his steam for website upkeep very rapidly.

The site is also very regularly down for “administration maintenance” and whilst this is acceptable and commendable if it happens irregularly, it is a definite red flag for scam when it happens often. Here is one case in point:

Internet Coin Exchange was down for 24 hour maintenance on Friday 25th August. However, the site remained down until Tuesday 29th August without explanation. Since then this has happened another number of times.

Internet Coin Exchange is Only a Gateway for Purchase of Fake Coins with Real FIAT MONEY

Internet Coin Exchange only accepts one way traffic. It offers the service of producing fake coins with a fake public key and never gives private keys to its holders. Moreover, all the defrauded cases in question confirm that once they make a ticket for transfer or withdrawal they never receive a reply from Internet Coin Exchange.

We are endeavoring to assist all harmed parties by opening a world cyber search for Adam Chodry and to bring him to justice in front of International Courts. So far we hold evidence from parties coming from Israel, Rumania, Ireland, Malta and Poland.

If you happen to have been “invested” with Adam Chodry or Internet Coin Exchange and cannot access your investment, we invite you to contact us and we will keep your identity safe and secure until such time that your evidence will be required in Court.

It transpires that at the time of writing, Internet Coin Exchange and Adam Chodry are being investigated in most of the countries where the victims are domiciled.

Internet Coin Exchange is a Scam – Adam Chodry aka Stewart Abbott is a Fraudster – Conclusion

We hope that this review will serve as a warning against investment with Exchanges that are not fully vetted. Internet Coin Exchange has only been registered since October 2016 and in this year has managed to defraud millions with the assistance of the identified Adam Chodry and who knows who else.

However, we also hope that with the aid of this post other victims will come forward and give evidence of their losses in order to take a world class action against cyber thieves in this case positively I.D’d.

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