iPipz Signals Scam or Trusted? Remarkable Review!

iPipz Signals Scam or Legit!

This in-depth review will put to the test the honesty of this service.


iPipz is a binary options / Forex signals and analysis provider. First thing we always do is to check the service life; in this case we have domain registered on 06.04.2016. The system looks fairly new but 3 months are enough to raise some authority and eventually to have some results on hand. Me made a regular research of the website plus some social media research, and unfortunately the outcome is not in favor of the iPipz Signals.

the ipipz signals scam review

iPipz Signals Scam Review! Should we trust this system?

First let’s discuss the promises clamed in the official website ipipz.com.
The service will provide up to 87% successful signals! This statement is extremely tricky, clearly they want to wash their hands in advance. Using the phrase “Up to” means that they can possibly go up to this percentage, but not consistently. For example, if they provide like 50% accuracy true the week but they managed to pull out one day of 87%, they remain legit and legal. Sure but if you lose money 4 days and make only 1 day your overall results won’t be very pleasing! In addition, there are few promises that their 3 months’ results are verified by third party authority. Clearly on the website we don’t see any third party verification seals, and there is no visible part exposed on the website, about any other company or authorities individual who’s providing those verifications. Things start to look pretty grim for The iPipz Signals, right from the very beginning.

Next trick is the one with the free 60 days’ trail for free. There are many talks about this free trail on the website and in the two videos, unfortunately it’s another lousy trick. If, you want to try this system you need to register and start your monthly subscription of $99 by adding a credit card or PayPal.  In both cases you`ll allow the system to charge your card every month. By the way we while we are doing the review the price is $99 but there is a sign that its some kind of Spring Sale, regular price for this signal service is $199. Overall this 60 days’ free trail is the PayPal, opportunity to open case and dispute the payment claiming that you are not receiving proper service. Unfortunately, those type of cases are hard to win with PayPal, because, the opposite side will claim and proof that you have received the service you payed for. If, you deposit with your credit / debit card, things are getting even worse for you because, wining dispute true your bank fraud department is extremely hard. Especially when the iPipz Signals has the proof that you agreed to the terms and conditions and actually received the service you are subscribed to, no matter that its bad service. Deciding to subscribe for this signal service, will be bad decision, not that you`ll pay for lame service but you`ll also lose money while you relay on the low accuracy signals.

Questionable and Time Conflicting?

the ipipz signals scam review

Whose behind iPipz Signals and how those signals are provided?

The company name exposed is Real-Time Binary and Forex Signals with address Columbia, MD 21045 USA. No real names are mentioned, we researched the address but it turned out that this is a whole area not a specific address, also the company name couldn’t be found anywhere. We are not 100% sure that this company and address are fake but it smells very fishy, plus the business listing in GBC clearly says that the business is not accredited.

The presenter explains that the iPipz Signals are ruled by real traders, who trade real money for private funds. Including the presenter, because he expresses himself with “we are real traders”. After they send every trade by email or massage, they also execute the trade with real money! Okay, it’s time for big red flags. First we don’t see the rest of the traders and no names or social media accounts are shared so we can be convinced that they do exist. We have the presenter, who’s supposes to be one of them, providing the amazing signals for us! Well, he is not a trader he is paid actor, and we`ll provide evidence! In addition to the signals you`ll receive daily market analysis, god knows what analysis those will be, LOL!

the ipipz signals scam review

Now we are getting even more suspicious about the honesty of the iPipz Signals! If, the signals are not coming from real traders and they don’t have trust worthy verification to be reaching 87% should we trust them?

At the bottom of the page there are 3 testimonials from people who claim to be using the iPipz Signals for some time! George, Joe and Cindy are also paid actors, they offer such looking video testimonials for $5 in online marketplace called Fiverr.com. More lies, added to the iPipz Signals honest service!

Actor 1, Actor 2!

the ipipz signals scam review

iPipz Signals Scam Review! The Conclusion!

We don’t know about you but we will never trust signal service involving so much lies and deception. The creators are literally care only about getting paid for their bogus system. There are way better signal services then The iPipz Signals! Take a look at Mike’s Signals Facebook Group! The traders there are real people, which can be easily proven as you can speak personally with every single one of them! The service is free, contains over 6200 happy members who can testify of the honesty and the high accuracy of the service! There are real third party verified results who can be accessible for everyone on the groups fb wall. Basically there you trade with real traders, and every week you can even participate in online webinars and trade side by side with the admins, taking a glimpse in their sophisticated minds!  That’s a real signals service easy to access and most importantly FREE!

Review Verdict: iPipz Signals Scam Confirmed! Beware avoid this bogus website ipipz.com

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  1. The signals are a JOKE! You are 100% right they have extremely poor performance even lower then 50%!!!!

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