Irish Method Proven Scam Revealed

Irish Method Scam Revealed

This review will target and reveal one more of those pesky methods!

Irish Method is just the next lame scam associate with the “method network” similar to Aussie method Brit method and many other similar looking scams. This is just one more ring of the fraud chain. The alleged Jason Flanagan is just covered by voice over acting, and all the personalities who take part in Irish Method and all the other methods are paid actors hired from online marketplace called There you can order all kinds of different gigs for $5, for example an “honest” looking testimonials.

irish method scam

Irish Method Scam! Some strong evidence backing up our words!

The shady criminals behind this fraud network are probably the laziest scammers the industry knows. There is like new method appearing every week but the inside content, the video presentation picks and everything used to give authority to the new method are just mix from all other sites. The picture of the associate CEO here has been used in half of the mentioned bogus sites, as you can see from the snapshot below.

irish method scam review

Rest of the website; is disturbingly fabricated as well, we write this review on 09.04.2015, (Saturday), a day when the financial markets are offline! But we still see that the Irish method track record history shows open trades! How is this possible? It’s not, that’s just a sloppy developer mistake!

The social media feed above the trading history is also manipulated! The fact that nothing there is clickable clearly shows that the content is just not real!

The promotion video contains only misleading and over-promising statements. All structured in convincing way to describe how easy making money is with the Irish method. But in matter of fact this is proven way to Lose money!

We discussed those scam elements many times since this is our like 6th review targeting this big dubious network of sites. But as you can see we pointed few very big red flags and we feel it’s enough to convince you that investing with Irish Method hides immense risk!

Review Verdict: Irish Method Scam Confirmed! The official website is just the next domain registered to take part in this vast fraud network. is 100% dedicated to stand tall and expose all upcoming scam services pretending to be the next holy grail in the financial trading. Truth is that binary options is really lucrative field. Unfortunately, the new comers who have heard for this good online opportunity, come in a hurry and they can become victim of a fraud. The ugly truth is that 95% of the upcoming software solutions are just lousy scams, and taking this in consideration, there is really high chance for the newcomers to land onto misleading service. That’s why we always encourage our readers to make their own researches and always check several blog websites for unbiased opinion before they register with particular service.

During our scam fight we are consistently testing different binary options software solutions, during that period we have created a really small list with trusted trading systems. All of them are tested and really well endorsed by the whole industry trading community. Positive information can be found really easy all around the net in proof of our words! We invite you to take a look at our Top Rated Trading Tools, but if you don’t feel ready to get involved with the online trading you can always sign with Free Demo Account and start from there!

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