Lazy Millionaire Software Is Bogus! Honest Scam Review!

Lazy Millionaire Software is a Bad Looking Scam!

Read our review, we`ll explain why you should avoid this system.

The Lazy Millionaire Software is new fraud operation aiming to steal your money! Allegedly the auto trading robot will provide you with profits between $10,000 and $15,000 per day! But in reality, the only thing that this system is going to accomplish is to steal your money and bring bad reputation to the profitable binary options trading. Actually the industry is full of similar to this one scheme operation. They all follow one concept, pushing into registration tactics, fake identities, shady brokers and lots of deceptive information. Now let’s move to our current target.

Why Lazy Millionaire Software should not be trusted.

As we mentioned above we have all the scam elements involved wright from the beginning. The reason why those scams are operating well into the binary field is simple. This new trading method allows to the regular day-trader to access the financial markets and benefit from them. Before 2008, when options trading became available for the wide public, trading the online markets was requiring a lot of skills, education and big investments. In nowadays the binary instrument is offering higher return rates then Forex trading with less risk, and practically non trading experience required. Actually that’s the reason why many scammers are using the good opportunity to attract investors into depositing money, where you have no chance to withdraw. In addition, they are convincing you to sign with bogus software which is particularly designed to lose most of the trades and deplete your account.

We went little bit off topic but we feel that the above said will really open your eyes so you can draw the line between legit Binary Options trading and all the crooks! Now let’s expose the Lazy millionaire scam!

the lazy millionaire scam review

Estimated profits are they realistic?

There is no way that we are going to let you believe those estimated profits for real! No auto-trading system can turn $250 investment into $10,000 for one day. That’s impossible and if someone claims otherwise he is a dishonest liar! Stay away from too good to be true offers!

How the system works?

The presentation video is made up in other direction so, you actually can’t get any good explanation on how the application works. All we managed to extract is that its automated and its using the first 30 minutes of every exchange opening in order to generate profits. We really can’t see where is the opportunity since, in like 90% of the cases the online markets are experiencing random price spikes after every big exchange opening. Actually many professional traders avoid trading 30minutes to 1 hour after the exchange openings. They prefer to let the markets settle down and then make proper analysis and execute trades instead of trying to predict random price swings. In some when in major news shakes the world, traders can use the particular exchange opening to scalp some trades but those occasions are rare.

So here is our first major red flag here. If there is no good explanation of how the software solution works, there is very big chance that app to be a SCAM!

Who is Charley Knowles?

He describes himself as multi-millionaire programmer and father of the lazy millionaire software. All his wealth he managed to generate by simply using the auto-trading function of this crazy efficient robot.

First of all, the guy is hidden behind voice over acting. We have never came across a legit trading system that uses a cartooned video presentation with voice over acting. Basically how we read this! If you don’t dear show yourself you are two things; paid actor, factious identity or both! In addition, our in-depth web investigation concerning Charley Knowles identity failed hard! We couldn’t find anything written about this guy, no Facebook no LinkedIn or any google posts despite the once associated with!

Second, no real trader will claim that he is making money 6 days a week. The trading week is 5 days, all the exchanges are offline during the weekends and no trading can be executed. Actually another bogus element, revealing that this guys is just an actor reading bad written script.

the lazy millionaire scam review

Are the real people who appear actually real?

Well, yes they are real people obviously the only real thing which appears inside but unfortunately they are not real identities. All the individuals who testify in support of the lazy millionaire software are paid actors. Hired from online marketplace called, where you can buy such testimonials. Therefore, we can’t even say that there is a chance for those testimonials to be honest. Moreover, there are no positive testimonials found-able outside of Clearly the whole positive environment is fabricated.

Maybe this is the biggest repelling element, since no legit trading system will rely on phony feedback!

the lazy millionaire system

Lazy Millionaire Scam Review – The Conclusion!

As we stated at the beginning, a filthy fraud operation. The video is made in rather push into registration way then informative. The whole storyline is fictitious, with no real identities. In addition, fake testimonials, false credentials and bad looking web-page. We have nothing more to add! Beware, because investing with this system will be disasters for you!

Review Verdict: Lazy Millionaire Software is a Lame Scam! Be sure to stay away from the source:!

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