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Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Investigation

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Lie Detector Millionaire is a brand new binary options auto trading software. We made an in-depth research regarding the mentioned trading system. Now we have really strong reasons to believe that the LDM software is just a scam. This article will explain why you should stay away from this system and the dreams, which they promise! We already received many credible warning from people who decided to give this a try and eventually lost all their initial investments. But even if, we completely ignore all those alerts, we have a lot to say regarding this bogus service!

Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Review! All the important details!

Lie detector millionaire scam review

Firstly, the whole offer sounds too good to be true, the fact that the very name contains the work millionaire is looking suspicious. The main alleged personalities inside are Daniel Wilkins and his fairy tale friend Trader X, who remained anonymous true the sales pitch. So the sales promotion of the LDM software has everything typical for a regular scam. The whole thing is divided to two parts. During the first part Daniel Wilkins spends like 10 minutes of the video to tell us how good life will be if you are a financially free person. “Imagine life without mortgages, no loans and plenty of vocations”. With those flashy words he attempts to make you eager and immediately after that he tries to sell you his “amazing” software. As we said a typical BS sales pitch.

Besides all the scam looking concepts, we would like to discuss few other really disturbing facts. “Lie Detector Millionaire haven’t lost a trade in few months”! Daniel Wilkins, made a very good explanation of that how online markets depend on millions of factors all around the globe. That fundamental fact really makes the future of the markets hard to predict. That’s the reason why, software or human being cannot achieve 100% success rate consistently, clearly debunking those claims of months of 100% success rate! Professional traders hardly maintain 80% success rate, and actually that’s a very high!

During the video promotion, we notice few people holding checks for thousands of dollars already generated by the Lie Detector Millionaire. The question is who are those people, why google does not know anything about them or their success stories! Where is the third party verification? If, those people really where making so much money with this binary options trading system, their success stories will be highlighted on at least several of the reputed industry news portals!

Lie detector millionaire scam

Next red flag, we would like to point is how Daniel Wilkins create a new account with the LDM software and after 1 hour he managed to generate over $12,000 with only 16 trades. If we apply common sense here and take a closer look, the whole thing smells fishy! The average payout rate with binary options is 75%, meaning that investing our whole initial deposit of $250, can bring us profit of around $180. Even if we invest all our balance after every trade it will be hard to reach the $12k. No matter that technically its possible, this type of trading is irrational, crazy, bizarre and it completely depends on LUCK! Normally, traders use around 5% to 10% of their budget for every trade, not the whole account because one single losing trade will kill all your account!

Moving Forward with our Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Review, we would like to jump onto the second page! Where everything is covered by stock photos! A simple google search by image will reveal Beth, Paul and everyone else who participate with their faces there as stock models. Phony identities created by the developers to give some kind of authority to Unfortunately, it’s a complete failure, why we should believe in invented identities!

Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Review the finale!

Overall, we are looking at the typical money stealing scheme, promising dreams. On top of that everything is free! Guys / gals, please be reasonable no one will just give you the opportunity to generate $5 000 000+ per year just like that! There will be always a fee or some kind of other money interest involved with the whole proposal! The fact that we heard a lot of misleading and overpromising statements and we saw many false credentials during the presentation video is enough for us! We advise you to stay away from the LDM software it’s just a fraud! We have exposed several similar scams these days which you can also check; Amissio Formula, Drexel Code, Millionaires Club, all of them promise dreams true web-based trading platform with 100% success rate! As we said such accuracy is impossible to maintain!

Review Verdict: Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Confirmed! Avoid its lousy fraud operation!

Binary options are very lucrative field and can be turned into very good source of income for you and your family! Binary Options Spot is dedicated to expose scams like the LDM Software but also our goal is to help the new comers! Always make sure that you sign with reputed brokerage and credible service in order to succeed! We will advise you to take a look at Copy Buffett Software the service is providing good high accuracy and its very well endorsed by most of the reputed industry blogs and forums! The only downside is that it’s not available World Wide but we also can provide good alternative in the face of Binadroid, also service providing high success rate and most importantly available World Wide!

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4 thoughts on “Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Alert

  1. I was just about to sign up and had this weird feeling and decided to google and landed here! Thank God!! Saved me from losing money and I am already struggling as it is.

  2. I just about sent my money but for some reason it wouldn’t send then i came across these comments. Thanks for saving me and my money Jon

  3. Lie detector millionaire is filthy scam, i lots my initial investment of $250 for one day!!!!! Only LOSING TRADES, not a single win this is like the worst software ever created on the planet! Don’t touch this auto trader ever! EVER!!!

  4. Thank you for the warning! This terrible scam really tricked me i almost signed up! Thank god i came across this review before ending up with minus $250!

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