London System Terrible Scam

London System Scam Investigation

This transparent review will reveal some interesting facts around this terrible fraud!

London system is new binary options app, just came live in few days. The service promises to make you filthy rich for very short period of time, similar to most scam services out there. The alleged creator Robert Hockton, is spamming only one phrase true the whole presentation. “You`ll make $10,000 in the next upcoming days, and hundreds of thousands in the upcoming months”. He even dares to guarantee that, with $10k from his own pocket in case you fail to achieve the digits mentioned above. Sure, but he is just a voice over actor, and his name is completely unknown to the trading community. In addition, the whole video is full of fake testimonials all made by paid actors, hired from online marketplace called  With all that said how we can believe in Robert Hackton’s insurance, there is no third party verification that can seal those statements!

London system scam review

Taking closer look to the actual page, we have found countless scam elements. Scroll slowly down; the endorsement badges are fake, unclick able and they don’t lead to the authority website they should lead!

The picture of the family all happy and hugged, just a stock model picture, used to bring some smiles into this pathetic scam.

London System Scam and their success stories!?!

Nope all the images above the names: Joseph – UK, Ken – CANADA, Mary – Australia, Lucy – UK, Veerhan – India are stock photos! You can easy expose all of them by simple google search by image!

We come to London System’s social feedback, it’s looking good till the very moment you want to try add your opinion or try to tweet, it appears that it’s not working. Clearly showing that this is just the next fabricated content on

Moving down we safe this red flag for last, because it’s funny and in the same time explaining everything. We are looking at the London System’s live trading sessions. Sure, it’s nice to see what are the current opened trades but not if today is SUNDAY, and the markets are OFFLINE! This is just one big joke, there is nothing real in this page.

London System Scam Review, Concludes!

However, London System scam actually is not something new, we have already reviewed an exact replica of this fraud before few days, then the name was Sydney System. This is not a legit binary options application; this is some kind of terrible spam scam. The shady creators are coming up with new name every week, long with new domain and they just change the main logo. Everything else stays the same. All the phony actors, stock photos, false credentials, video everything is the same! Don’t think that’s all, we also noticed another similar website called It’s exactly the same but with different logo highlighting the Canadian City, Toronto. Probably there are other similar sites out there highlighting other cities, that’s why be extremely careful! We ask for your help, if you came across similar looking scam please let us know, so we can announce it and black list the damn fraud!


Review Verdict: London System Scam Confirmed! Also, Avoid Toronto System and Sydney System!

Binary Options trading enjoys very high attention, it’s getting more safe and regulated by every month passing. But remember that due to the high demand, we need to be careful of scams like London System. is dedicated to put such fraud operations out of the business, so make sure to subscribe to our blog and you`ll be always one step ahead!

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