Lucky Trader APP Is a Weird Scam! Unbiased Software Review!


Lucky Trader is a Weird Scam!

Please check our review really quick before you take any decisions involving this app!

The Lucky trader is fairly new auto trading and signal service. Allegedly the software is suppose to generate millions for its investors for really short period of time! To be more specific we, we can use a number taken from the promotional website. The creators of this simple app claim that all investors will be able to generate over $657,192 every month on complete autopilot. Since we know that this is completely impossible we immediate investigated the offer.

As always well go over few of the most important topics and in addition, well take a look what social media has to say regarding this trading system! Whatever, comes out remember that no system or human can generate half a million trading binary options for one month!

lucky trader app scam review

How Lucky Trader App works?

Actually there is not much to investigate or say here, from the sales pitch we learned that the algorithm is trading short term positions. Basically this detail just over confirm the fact that this robot is created to steal your money. What will happen is that after registration you`ll start the bot and your money will disappear in matter of minutes. Imagine, your investment of $250, that’s only 10 trades of $25 each. Will probably take like 10 minutes for the software to deplete your trading capital.

In addition, pleased do not believe to the statement that this trading system is really awarded with the prize as most advanced and the best performing auto-trader of 2016.

  • first, no one has ever heard about this system.
  • second, we need to wait for 2016, to finish and then award services don’t you think?

Who are the people behind the lucky trader app?

The official page, does not offer such information. Therefore, we cannot investigate any organizations or identities associated with this service. Keep in mind that no legit system will represent its product without sharing information regarding the people behind them! Clearly if you skip such important matter you are not completely honest with your potential members!

Testimonials of the Lucky Trader APP?

Inside, there are no testimonials of people who can testify in support of this app. Outside however is different story, there are countless negative review from bloggers and forum posts, who try to warn the money opportunists!

In addition, when we add the fact that YouTube is full of videos from real day-traders who already lost money with this trading system, we can boldly stat that its a fraud!

What else!

We noticed that today the official website, is down. We believe that doe to the many negative reviews, the shady creators of this bogus system might want to change the domain in few days, and continue to advertise it pretending to be a different system. However, well try to find the new name as soon as possible and well add it to our exposure article here! Whatever you do, don’t believe in offers promising to make you millionaire for month or two!

The Lucky Trader APP – Conclusion

This is probably the most typical money stealing scheme we have come across recently! Everything is covered with deception, the website offers literally no information about the product or the individuals involved! In addition, everything is backed up with the lame pushing into registration strategy how after only 60 second you`ll start experiencing amazing profits. Such outcome you can experience only into your dreams!  Don’t be fooled folks, binary options trading is lucrative field but not that lucrative.

Review Verdict: Lucky Trader is Dumb Scam! Beware and Avoid it!

New to trading? Open Free Money Account!

As we mentioned, online trading can be used as really good additional income or even to full time job if you take the decision to go for it! However, remember one thing! The fact that you can make a lot of money drives a lot of crooks, and you need to be careful with your decision making! Always rely on good reputed trading systems who are 100% endorsed by the trading community!

Binary Options Spot is dedicated to fight scams, during that period we managed to sort out few really Trusted and Reliable Trading Solutions! We invite you to take a look but keep in mind that they won’t make you millionaire overnight!

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