Lucrosa Software Review! Scam or Real Money Making Opportunity?

Lucrosa Scam or Real Money Making Opportunity?

There is something suspicious with this service! Read our Review we have some interesting information! and

The Lucrosa Software is advertised as service with already established good reputation. Allegedly the auto-trading system is so badass that guarantees a daily profit of $7000+ US Dollars! Basically that’s the doubtful part. In addition, the future investors are even promised to receive additional $600 only for watching the presentation fact. Well, if you have the nerves to watch the 25-minute promotional video you`ll realize that you won’t receive any money! Clearly, if a person can handily lie for such a thing, why we should trust him?

Our research found many scam elements inside and, and we would like to expose them in front of the wide public!

Lucrosa Scam Review – An investigating expert point of view!

Too good to be true offers are basically everywhere in nowadays. No matter what we do, we have to stay away from those proposals. The crooks behind them are usually are aggressive, they promise the world on silver platter, but everything is one big lie. Part of the overall convincing deception, which aims to make you deposit and lose money with designed to lose auto-trading system!

With this review we`ll cover all the scam elements of the Lucrosa Software!

the lucrosa scam review

How the algorithms are working?

The questions remain unanswered. The alleged creator John Lucrosa prefers to speak how the system will change your life instead of giving intelligent information how this is going to happen! Suh approach is typical for the Ponzi Schemes for obvious reasons. The associated people and real creators of this fraud are no traders. They are not connected nor they understand the financial industry. That’s why their presentation video is just a fluff, instead of intel provider. With simple words, they don’t understand trading that’s why they cannot explain it! Therefore, there are many holes into the video, which don’t make sense, keep on reading! With every next sentence it will become more and more transparent for you!

Who is John Lucrosa the Founder of Lucrosa Incorporated?

Described as former Hedge Fund manager, the guy is supposed to be one of the leading mentors into the home based online trading. Unfortunately, for the shady creators behind this service such claims can be checked really fast. The mentors associated with binary options trading – good or bad, are well known to google and all the social media. All the regular investors always speak out their feedback regarding the so called online gurus. So, here comes the question – why no one has ever heard about Mr. John Lucrosa? For obvious reasons the answer is just in front of us! He is no mentor, he is just a fictitious character, hired and created to represent the Lucrosa software!

In addition, regarding the organization, we made a research and it appears that there is a London based company called Lucrosa! But the firm is not owned by John Lacrosa! Furthermore, it’s not even associated with the online trading! We won’t go into further details because we don’t want to give publicity to the real company without any permission from the owners!

Last but not least, all the claims how this man has given interviews for Forbes, Financial Times and New York Journal are just fake! We researched the pages of those news sources, there is not a single word written about this person there. Therefore, his reputation is really dead for us now! What an arrogant liar!

Estimated Profits – Are they realistic?

Besides the lies that every new member will receive $600, which is outrageous lie, we also have unrealistic return rates! The Lucrosa Software is advertised as capable to turn simple $250 initial capital into $7000+ balance after one day of trading. In addition, they claim that the remarkable achievement will be done every single day for you on complete auto pilot! In reality however no software or human can do that!

What about the Live Session with Andrew and Patricia?

Oh gash, we really like this topic. Everything in this live session is wrong!

  • The Lucrosa software must be auto trading system? Why then the live session is made manually and every time the user wants to take a trade its clicking a button like semi-auto trading service?
  • Take a look how they make an investment of $75 and the system returns $130, however, they pretend to win the trade (no one shows us the wining trade). But even if we ignore that we can’t ignore the fact they they add the whole $130 to the initial balance of $250, becoming $380! That’s just wrong, if you invest $75 and in return you get $130 your profit is $60 not $130. Using simple math, $250 + $60 is $310 not $380. Seems like our tease how those guys are no real traders is confirming.
  • the lucrosa software

Testimonials of The Lucrosa Software!

The individuals you notice inside and are all fabricated identities. We`ll provide you with some screenshot evidence!

In addition, we found that the official domain and is registered on 24.07.2016 and 13.09.2016, which basically debunks 80% of the claims and storyline of this bogus system!

the lucrosa software

The Lucrosa Scam Review – Summary!

Without any doubt the service is pretty much a combination of deception and misleading information. Nothing inside and makes any sense! A legit trading solution will never use fake actors, testimonials and promise such unrealistic return rates!

Review Verdict: The Lucrosa Software is Confirmed Scam!! Beware and Avoid and – the source of this black hole!

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