M6BOT Scam or The Perfect Bot? Signal Service Review!

M6BOT Scam or Really the Perfect Bot?

Check our transparent review, we reveal some details you definitely want to know about!


M6BOT is new signal service, officially released on 20.08.2016. Allegedly the system is advertised as no knowledge required and extremely easy to use! Thing is that we are already little skeptical. There are few very important facts regarding signals service, they need to be flowerless otherwise its risky to use it!

After we made our investigation we actually come across a lot of dubious details and we have a lot to say, so bear with us and read this article.

The M6BOT Scam Review! Everything you need to know!

In general, we have a problem with the overall bot stuff. If this service is a robot, why they offer signals but not auto-trading mode? It makes no sense for us. In addition, we want to say that recently we have revealed another scam, called Lucky Trader. The official presentation page was just like the m6bot one. Therefore, we find this really suspicious! Seems like the service is re-launched but with different name. Anyway we have lot more to tell you!

the m6bot scam review the m6bot signal service

How the M6BOT works?

As, we already said, we are looking at signal service. According to the information exposed on the official page the algorithm will analyses the Forex markets and based on the gathered data, will provide you with trading signals. Quite simple explanation, don’t you think?

This is just not enough, especially for signal service. Skipping to provide proper explanation regarding such important matter, really makes this service pretty dangerous.

In addition, we have claims about how the service is supposed to use 60 second positions. That fact makes the system even more ridiculous!

Do trading signals really requires no chart knowledge?

This is very important topic, actually the answer is both simple and hard. The answer depends on the service and how the signals are provided to the users.

  • If we really get 60 second, then the service is 200% scam! For the unfamiliar we`ll bring some explanations. Imagine you get a signal which is for 60 second. You memorize the signal, open your broker, find the asset, place the amount you need to trade, press trade. Then the broker will take additional 2 – 3 seconds to execute the trade. The whole process will take around 10 second. Obviously you`ll cannot manually make the process faster enough to place properly the signals. Therefore, even if the signals are good you`ll lose money because for those ten second the price will move from the strike rate several times! Therefore, the signal will be already bad for trading.
  • In case the service is providing signals with other expiries then why they lie? Anyway, it’s still suspicious!

Now regarding the level of experience required. We cannot understand how the signals are provided because no one show them into the presentation page. Anyway, if the signals are not providing you with: Strike Rate, Expiry Time, Direction and Asset, then they require trading experience. That’s it, no further discussion here. Black or White, signals displayed in different fashion then the described from us will need additional analysis, which you won’t be able to do if you are new trader.

Who are the people behind the B6BOT Signal Service?

Beth Johnson, Harold Crowells, Jennifer Willson, Paul Everett, this is the alleged team behind the B6BOT Signal Service.

There are few details who are revealing those individuals as fictitious characters.

  1. No one from the industry knows them, or has heard anything about them.
  2. Their Facebook and Twitter does not exist. In addition, the links provided by m6bot.com does not work!
  3. They are represented by cartooned pictures? What the hell is this? A Comic party or Serious Service involving money investment?

Without any doubt we can state that those people are just fabricated identities, and the real creators of this service remain anonymous.

the m6bot scam review the m6bot signal service

The M6BOT Scam Review – Conclusion!

There is not much more to say about the M6bot signal service. Clearly there are lots of scam elements all around the presentation page.  In addition, there is some kind of association between this service and another scam called Lucky Trader. Everything combined makes the reputation of this service really bad. We strongly advise you to stay away from this service, obviously investing here brings high risk!

Review Verdict: M6BOT Signal Service is a SCAM! Beware and Avoid m6bot.com, where the fraud is established.

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the m6bot scam review the m6bot signal service

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