Make Money Robot Review! Scam or Legit Software?

Make Money Robot Scam or Legit?

This review will reveal the truth and answer all the questions!

Make Money Robot is auto trading investment application. Allegedly this cutting edge technology will provide you with $1200 US dollars as profits on daily basis! All individuals who participate claim to be making live changing profits. Is this really possible? That’s the answer we will persuade with this article!

Thing is that the official website is looking very suspicious. In addition, we already received several complain emails from day-traders who report this system as fraud! Therefore, we believe that this service should not be trusted!

make money robot scam review

Make Money Robot Scam Review! All the bogus details.

Clearly we are dealing with very strange service, covered with misleading and over-promising statements. We`ll cover all the topics with this brief review! Please spare 2 minutes and take a look, before you decide to register and put your money with this service.

How this software works?

According to the information provided in the presentation video the service is something between copy trading and auto-trading system. But at the end it’s just a bad performing auto-trading robot.

In Addition, we have claims of how the team behind the make money robot are delivering consistent live webinars. That’s not true, there are no live webinars and do not expect any education lessons also! Everything is just lies aiming to make you eager and push you into registration.

Who are the creators Michael Williamson and Felipe Y Luis?

They are just paid voice over actors, hired to read the script. Proof is everywhere, there is nothing on them on any news portal or social media website. In addition, we have two more versions of this scam! Everything is the same besides the creator’s names. In Spanish and Portuguese versions we have Luis Paulo Magalhaes and Felipe Vega. Therefore, we can’t trust them, or copy their trades.

It also seems like the claim about how this service is developed by entrepreneurs, brokers and internet marketing gurus is deception. The voice over narrator does not provides us with any real names of those guys! Basically they are hiding all the important identities. Typical approach of a scam service!

make money robot scam review

What about the testimonials?

Yes, they are interesting since the people who appear and testify in support of the Make Money Robot are the only real individuals we see in the promotion video. Unfortunately, we`ll ruin everything and expose them as paid actors. Those guys are all hired from online marketplace called Where you can buy cheap testimonials for $5.

Therefore, we have another red flag. A legit trading system will never buy fake testimonials to create a positive environment! We`ll provide a solid evidence to back up our words of course.

make money robot scam review

What about the Facebook news feed at the bottom of

The social feed is totally fabricated! Notice how the names of those people are unclick-able. If this was real by clicking the nicks you must be redirected to the real accounts of those individuals. Basically we have a stock photo, attached to names! Additional lies, just adding more proof of how this system is just a Ponzi Scheme.

Money Making Robot Scam Review! The Summary!

Don’t believe in this service folks, we have countless amounts of scam elements. Starting from the totally unrealistic estimated profits and ending by the countless false credentials spread all around Investing with this service will be disasters, and it’s not recommended! In addition, if you make a fake registration you`ll see how the scam system is forcing you to make registration with three brokers simultaneously. Extremely lousy trick, made to rip you of and upsell you three times! Seems like that the shady creators of this trading software are very arrogant and aggressive.

Review Verdict: Money Making Robot is a SCAM Software! Beware and Avoid!

Binary Options are lucrative field but always be careful, and check for second opinion before you register with software solution. For safer alternatives we invite you to our Top Binary Auto-trading Service. They are all tested and trusted by the trading community! Endorsement is a key element; the more endorsed one system is the more reliable is!

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