Malay Method AKA Singapore Method AKA Italian Method ALL SCAM! Avoid it!!! More Methods are Popping form Thin Air

Malay Method, Singapore Method and Italian Method are all SCAM!

Read this important review as it will explain why all those systems are extremely dangerous!,,

All started last years when we the first methods hit the binary options markets! The Aussie Method, CANUCK method and Brit Method where first of many. Take a look at the reviews and probably it will all straighten up for you. Anyway, we feel obligated to warn our readers for those new methods who are hitting the trading industry. Basically what the shady creators behind those bogus sites are doing is fairly simple. They buy new domains consistently, changing the pictures and the names and they use 4 – 5 videos and just rotate them, for more convenience. Basically we are looking at pretty cheap money stealing scheme!! For those who are new we`ll provide some evidence and explain why those software solutions must not be trusted.

italian method scam review

Malay Method, Singapore Method and Italian Method all scam revealed!

First of all, all those trading systems are making one critical mistake. They are relying on extremely lame convincing method. Practically the videos are covering only one topic “sign with us and you`ll become financially independent in matter of weeks”. Well, such too good to be offers does not go hand in hand with the financial word. This industry as many others is full of financial sharks, no one will just give you free money. There should always be some kind of interest involved or fee for the creators, otherwise it’s just strange.

The pointed CEO’s and Founders of the services are stock photos, invented personalities just to support the credibility of this application. Well, no credibility has been given here because obviously we can’t trust phony identities. Two of the methods even use the same stock model for their founder so funny! We`ll provide exposure evidence links as it follows: Italian Method – Giovanni Berti, Malay Method and Singapore Method Jake Shen.

malay method scam review

All the videos you’ll notice associate with those and the other trading methods are using fake testimonials. All the actors can be found on online marketplace called You can visit the website, write “testimonials” into the search box and look around for the familiar faces. When you offer a good service, that works properly as described in the presentation video, you`ll never going to use a phony testimonial in order to gain authority. Obviously crossing this line means that those service fail to gain positive feedback from real day traders. In matter of fact we researched the social median and we found many negative reviews reporting all those dangerous methods!

The official pages are all looking the same, but this is not the main problem! Even if we ignore the fact that the Facebook and twitter feeds are developers work and they are fake, we can’t ignore the results feed. Everyone who has like 1-day experience into the trading industry know that during the weekend the financial markets are offline! Simply said, no one can place any trades! Now notice how the those so called live results tracking history are displaying trades being executed during the weekends, which is completely ridiculous! But that what Malay, Singapore and Italian methods are, just a bad designed fraud.

singapore method scam review


Binary Options is extremely good way to make money, involving small investment risk and providing high return rates on your initial investment. Unfortunately, due to the high demand, there are crooks everywhere, stalking for the newcomers. That’s why you must be extremely careful with your decision making and always stay on the safe side of the bridge. That can happen by few simple steps, subscribe to our blog and you`ll receive warning note-s in your mail box daily! Or just look for second opinion before you put your money into binary options service or broker. In this case you just need to open one of those pesky method websites and you`ll be note-d forever! Since they are always use the same type of look! So, no matter what’s the name of the country before the method, you`ll already recognize it as a filthy SCAM!

Final Verdict: Malay Method, Singapore Method and Italian Method SCAMS Confirmed! Avoid their official websites at all cost:,,!

New to trading industry? Sign with Free Demo Account, it’s the safest way to start your trading carrier. Also, check our black list on daily basis, it can prevent you from signing with dishonest trading solution.  Our dedication to fight scams everyday forces us to test hundreds of trading systems, during that period we managed to sort out few really reliable Trading Systems!  Well they won’t make you a millionaire but you can add some decent money to your monthly income, all depends on your money management!

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