Market Buster Scam or Realistic? Honest APP Review!

Market Buster Scam or Real Opportunity?

We`ll be answering this main questions in this honest review! Check it before you decide to invest your hard earned money within!

The Market Buster Software is old trading system, first officially launched back in 2015. Now the developers are re-launching the system with new version and new design of the promotional website. Unfortunately, the first version of the app was a scam and we believe that this variant of the application won’t be any different. That’s why if you really consider registration here you must read this article before you take any further actions.

the market buster scam review

Market Buster Scam Review – All you need to know!

The approach of this Ponzi Scheme is not something new for us. Often we see old scams to be re-dressed by new website, domain and videos. And then officially advertised like brand new money making opportunity. Our experience thus far shows us that If the first software solutions was bad then the chance for the next to be bad is 100%.

How Market Buster APP works?

Well the algorithm behind the system remains a highly guarded secret, which is already suspicious. The creators prefer to use the presentation video in order to show you exotic places, mansions, yachts etc. Instead of providing you with reliable information on how the service is working. Therefore, how can we trust this if the creators are not fully transparent with us?

Regarding the interface, we talk about fully automated 1 click system. There are no additional settings or features, which can be chosen from in order to have control over the trading sessions.

In addition, when you land on the trading platform you can notice a list of the top traders for July. There are few important thing, which we can discuss there. First all of them start with very low capital, making the claimed profits unrealistic. The success rate is like 62% very far from the claimed 84% in the video. Moreover, we have one more very strange detail, notice how the second trader Samuel R. started with $0 initial investment? If you don’t deposit money into your account, you won’t be able to trade. Clearly we have a scam element here.

Who is Ethan Taylor – the creator!

The official creator of this application is hidden and all the video is covered by voice over acting. That’s a typical scam approach similar to like 99% of the frauds available on the market.

In addition, Ethan is described like extremely famous programmer, who took part in developing the Firewall and SSL protection protocols. Of course that’s complete BS and no one have ever heard of this guy.

Can we trust the live testimonials?

Notice how the video starts with real people who testify that the Market Buster APP is legit. Most of them claim to be making millions with this auto trading robot. Don’t be fooled here folks, we have another dubious element. All the individual who participate in this testimonials are paid actors from Clearly we have attempt to fabricate a positive environment and surround the Market Buster APP with more lies. We`ll expose one of the actors as evidence but if you are curious about the rest, just make a small research yourself.

the market buster software

Are there any outside endorsements or testimonials in support of this APP?

Simple answer – NO! Our vast social media research came across only negative reviews and bad feedback coming from traders who decided to already give a try to this software. Disappointingly they all seem to have lost their initial trading accounts. Pretty much that’s the biggest repelling red flag for us! There is nothing more honest than a true testimonial from regular investor.

In addition, the claims of how this trading bot is announced on CNN Money, Fox Business, Forbes, NBC and other, are just lies. We checked the official pages of those gigantic news portals and there is not a single word written about the Market Busters App there!

the market buster SCAM review

Market Buster Scam Review – The Conclusion!

Beynon any doubt there is second bogus attempt coming from We have all the evidence in our hands. Invented personalities, lies, over-promising and deceptive content and many false credentials. In our opinion you should stay far away from this so called, golden opportunity. You won’t have the good time promised signing with this system, moreover you`ll lose money!

Review Verdict: Market Buster Software Should Not Be Trusted! Beware to avoid the scam source!

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