Market Filter 3.1 Is a SCAM! Real Review!

Market Filter 3.1 Scam or Reliable?

Read this review before you decide to invest money with this service.

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Market Filter 3.1 software is new trading platform by Martin Foster. The offer looks pretty lucrative and kind off impossible to be honest. That’s why we took further action and investigated

Now within the borders of this promotional website you can hear and see several promises, which are quite unrealistic and we`ll debunk them. That’s why it’s very important for you to read this review before you take your decision to either sign or avoid this trading venture.

Market Filter 3.1 Scam review

Market Filter 3.1 Scam Review – All you need to know!

In general, we always warn our readers to stay away from too good to be true offers. How can we determine that? Well, we look for video presentations, which promise to make you millionaire for short period of time. If we hear that we just assume it’s a scam. All future profits or losses are determined by your budget and your money management strategy. Martin Foster the alleged creator of this service promises that his software will make for you at least $7,000 every day on complete autopilot. Simply that’s unrealistic, no software can turn $300 into $7,000 for one day of trading.  That’s a major red flag.

How the Market Filter 3.1 works?

The official explanation says that the algorithms are filtering all the bad trades and they leave only the most profitable once. In result the system is working with 98% accuracy and It has generated $10,000,000 for the past 12 months.

Now, we want to inform you that all this is just a BS. First, that is not an explanation that makes sense, it’s not applicable with the modern binary options trading and basically, we cannot accept it. Moreover, the claims how this system has 98% accuracy, which is practically impossible and has generated over 10,000,000 for the past 12 months. All this is ridiculously wrong, no software or human can forecast the online markets with 98% accuracy for so long period of time. And the fact that is registered in 2017 proves that this service has not generated 10 mils for the past 12 months! Last but not least, no one has ever heard of Market Filter 3.1.

In addition, we would want to tell you that this service is not auto-trading system like advertised but its semi-automated. Not that its bad to be semi-automated but basically, they are lying, which is the main problem. Semi-automated solutions require computer presence, meaning that you have to sit on the computer and open those trades.

Market Filter 3.1 Scam review

Who is Martin Foster?

The creator of Market Filter claims to be a computer scientist and programmer who developed this service from scratch before 12 months. However, we have several problems with this man. First, he claims to be multi-millionaire but he appears in cheap suit in front of a green screen with something looking like a periwig? Definitely not looking like a millionaire kind of guy. And after all that man tries to convince us that he has built million-dollar worth of a software without any trading or financial knowledge? It’s really hard to believe. And by the way let’s move to the fake testimonials!

Testimonials and Endorsements of the Market Filter 3.1! Are they Authentic?

We strongly believe that they are all fabricated. As we said you can research the domain in a engine and you`ll find out that its registered in 2017. Now how Robert Young has managed to bank 164,000 with a software, which does not exist? Just ask yourself is this sound legit to you?!

Regarding the endorsements, the things are looking very grim. The whole industry is warning about this trash software.  We always research the social media and search engines for feedback. In this case, we can confirm that we found lots of negative content associated with!

What else reveals this system as a scam?

The presentation video uses all the common tricks to attract users. The presenter is trying to create an impression in every investor that after they register their financial problems will be solved. Imagine “yachts, cars, luxury vacations, mansions and so on”.  All this possible if you register and there are only 50 spots. No folks, those are just marketing tricks and once you register you`ll just lose your money!

Market Filter 3.1 Scam review

Market Filter 3.1 Scam Review – The Conclusion!

We are looking at simple money stealing scheme folks. We have everything we need to call it a fraud. All the unrealistic claims and fake promises are just confirming our opinion. Moreover, we have fabricated testimonials and zero endorsements coming from the trading industry! We mark this trading program as dangerous one for good!

Review Verdict: Market Filter 3.1 Is a SCAM Program! Beware and do not invest real money with

Binary Options trading is used by thousands if not millions of people to generate wealth. This trading instrument involves low risk and grants big returns. Unfortunately, that fact also drags many crooks, who are going to stalk for your money. Knowing that in advance will help you to avoid those pesky criminal offers. Registering with good help-trading service is always a must! For safer alternatives to Market Filter 3.1 check our Top-rated Trading Systems! They are all 100% endorsed by the trading community and tested for long period of time before endorsed!

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