Methodox 2.0 Scam or Legit? Important Software Review!

Methodox 2.0 Scam Review!

Is this Really the best opportunity a person can wish for? Or we are dealing with another Fraudulent System!

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Methodox Software is brand new investment application! Allegedly this is the second version of this service and the previous one was officially released back in 2013!

The system is created by Scott Sholes and a person called Mark, both are the co-founders but the tech guy is Mr. Sholes! He claims that this service is the right choice for serious people who seek for good money making way! The service will allow those regular people to make enough money online for them to leave their 9 to 5 regular job!

Our attention was driven by few of our subscribers who asked if this program is reliable. This review will answer all the questions you may have. In addition, we just want to mention that we found quite big amount of dubious content, that’s why it’s crucial for you to read this review before you decide if to invest!

the methodox 2.0 software

The Methodox Scam Review – All the bogus details revealed!

Essentially, if you don’t have sharp eyes or experience with those type of scams you`ll probably believe in this.  But that’s why we are here to point out all the strange details.

From the very beginning the presenter tries to create impression that this service is already approved as legit and profitable one! The ancestor of The Methodox 2.0 Software, is 2 years old and already endorsed as trustworthy system. They even dare to say that the previous version is consistently providing $300 – $400 per day for 548 investors for the past 2 years.

Here is the time to make this clear. No one knows about this imaginary first version! If, there are members who are using this software for 2 years now and banking steady profits, then where are they? There is no information available anywhere, which can proof those claims. Furthermore, we have never heard about the First Methodox 1.0!

What about the online webinars? They look convincing?

Take a closer look folks, all the avatars are stock models or fictitious characters, the only real face is the one of Scott Sholes, isn’t that too suspicious?

What exactly The Methodox 2.0 Software is?

The so called tech-guy Scott Sholes tries to give the service authorities backing on the old success of non-existing system.

  • First visions have 75% accuracy and now the new version is improved up to 84%
  • Initial bot has profit limitation of $400 per day compare to the new one where the investors have no limitations and they are promised to experience enormous daily income!

As we said there is no ancestor to The Methodox 2.0 Software, so we basically assume that those are just empty words!

Furthermore, they presenter tries to explain how the algorithms work, but the explanations are getting messy.

According to the creator the algorithm is connected to the top brokers platforms and its extracting data. In addition, the new version can calculate and forecast a trade based on the predictions of the top traders from all around the world! Hahaha, we believe that we even provided better explanation for you compare to the one you`ll get from the bogus video. However, in general the software should be synced to some brokers yes, even the “extracting data” part can be accepted! But how the algorithm can recognize who are the best traders? And how exactly? Moreover, this scam system is trading 60 second positions.

Basically if, this algorithm is working how they say, it should gather data analyze it, recognize the so called “best traders “, structure the position and displayed it instantly in its interface. Making it available for its user to execute. Starting from then you`ll need additional 3 second to execute the positions manually.

We`ll just say that all those operations cannot be accurate within 60 second timeframe due to lag’s and delays and procedure timings. All the explanation is one big fake fat LIE!

the methodox 2.0 scam review

Why The Methodox 2.0 Software is Free?

Inside this topic we meet another deceptive storyline! The questionable reputed Scott explains that few big banks have interest in buying the company behind The Methodox 2.0 Program! Unfortunately, those banks require some proof that this system is really profitable. That’s why they upgraded the software and now they are inviting 458 new members! They want to use the new investors as test bunnies and eventually proof that their service really provides the claimed results.

  • Why they don’t share the so called famous intuitions names?
  • They already have 542 successful members remember? Why they need new once?

Everything sounds too absurd to be true.

What about the live demonstration? It’s looking authentic?

When you start the registration process you`ll be redirected to the private member’s area, where the actor starts to heat the things up. Pushing you into registration with different tricks, but just ignore him all this is just BS. If you visit after 5 weeks, the service will be still available for everyone!

Now back to Jessica Stern and her “live session”! The female logins into the Methodox 2.0 software platform in order to open 3 trades live! Now look closer to the next snapshot!

the methodox 2.0 scam review

 She opens 3 trades the second one is GBP/JPY with Option PUT! Meaning that after the expiry finishes the price must be under the entry price otherwise the position will be lost! Now, take a look at the next snapshot! Entry rate 135.642, expiry rate 135.648 – how can possibly this trade be a winner?

the methodox 2.0 software

Don’t wonder why the platform don’t contain the trade’s direction displayed as: CALL / PUT or BUY / SELL. Its fabricated that way to confuse the newcomers. Unfortunately, those fake sessions don’t work with us we are too smart and we have sharp trader’s eyes!

Endorsements and testimonials!

Pretty funny topic. Regarding the testimonials, there are no real once available inside The people who appear seems like normal fiverr actors! Furthermore, the photos are just stock models. We`ll attach interesting snapshot here also.
the methodox 2.0 scam review

Currently there are no real endorsements available to support the Methodox 2.0 Software! Practically there Is nothing that can proof that this system is genuine!

The Methodox Scam Review – Conclusion!

Everything inside seems deceptive. From claims how Methadox 2.0 software is the successor of previously very successful trading system to their bogus estimated profits. Yes, you can make $600 per day by trading binary options but not with initial investment of $250! Furthermore, the storyline of this application is super unrealistic! Our advice here is simple, do not invest real money into this odd service!

Review Verdict: The Methodox 2.0 Software is a SCAM! Beware and Avoid!

Binary Options Trading is lucrative instrument, but you have to be careful with, which service you invest your money! Due to the high interest there are many impostors stalking for your money! That’s why you have to always rely on good reputed trading-tools! For safer alternatives we invite you to check out Top Rated Trading Service! They are all 100% endorsed, and tested!

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3 thoughts on “Methodox 2.0 Scam or Legit? Important Software Review!

  1. Nice review, but unfortunately i read it too late. I already lose $250 dollars.
    Next time i will be more prudent.

  2. Hey, thank you for reviewing us, Methodox 2.0 software.
    For my money is too late, i already invest $300 dollars and lose it. I am wondering my selves, how of goodness i could getting caught to those layers. Even when i saw the platform doesn’t contain the direction of movement, of transactions i didn’t refused betting.
    I can believe i screwed like that.
    In the future i will be more cautious.
    I only share, without intruding!!!

  3. Thank you very much, for your hones review. It is so extensive and answer to all my questions.
    I was about to invest The Methodox 2.0 Software, but then i thought my selves ” i have never heard about version 1″.
    That’s way i decided to do some research and find your article.
    I can always depend on you.

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