Midas Method Poor Scam Attempt

Midas Method is Scam System!

Make sure to read this honest review before you decide to put your money in this bogus service!


Midas Method is new binary options robot. The service is supposed to generate daily profits of at least $1350 on complete autopilot. At least that’s what they claim into the presentation video. Of course as you already might think of, this is just another poorly made scam version of the Midas Method. We don’t know why the shady criminals consistently involve King Midas in the financial world but it’s obviously not helping them. The official page and the promotion video are trying to gain authority for the Midas method but they fail. It’s just the approach they use is too familiar to us from the hundredths of other scams we have reviewed so far. Read this article we’ll explain why this software is not to be trusted!

midas method scam review

Midas Method Scam Review! All the hidden details.

As we give clue in the beginning we are dealing with typical scam system. We have all the deceptive elements on hand, similar to countless other binary options fraud bots. The alleged creator is Ryan Anderson, but we don’t see him in the video. They use a voice over narrator, which already brings suspicious to The Midas Method. The identity of Ryan Anderson is completely unknown to the trading industry, and all posts, which appear associated with him are just connected with midasmethod.co. Clearly we have a made up personality just for the presentation of this software. So the narrator, is making some interesting claims, which can be disputed very hard. He shows us two of his trading accounts; one with $376,104 and the other one with $329,789. He claims that those two accounts are generated with initial deposits of $250 for few months. First starting with such small deposit cannot lead you into such profits for few months that’s for sure. Secondly a simple who.is search reveals that midasmethod.co is registered on 18.04.2016, the date on the broker account screenshots is 29.04.2016 so we talk about 10-day difference between them. A major time conflicting red flag for the Midas Method. Next misleading thing we came across is the $250 gift promise. He claims that if you register and deposit $250 he will personally reward you with another $250 from his own pocket. Truth is that it’s not a gift, this is bonus, which can be assigned to your account from the broker you sync with. The reality is little more complicated, if you agree to take the bonus, your trading account will be locked down. Meaning that you`ll have restrictions preventing you from withdrawing your funds till you reach certain trading volume. With some brokers that can be extremely hard and with some shady once it’s impossible, due to their crazy unlock formulas. As you can confirm the things are far from the simplicity of the BS explanation we got on midasmethod.co.

the midas method scam review

Moving forward with our Midas Method Scam Review we want to say few words about the overall concept of the video. As we have said many times if you hear words like: “This is not like the other BS sales pitch videos you came across” or simply “this is not a regular scam”. In 99.9% of the cases its exactly the opposite, so maybe it’s just safer to immediately close the page! We of course have such lame sentences spit coming from the mouth of the voice over scam-artist, just proving our scam thesis. In addition all those pushing into registration tactics also repels us: “today is the last day you have one minute”. All this are just lame marketing tricks, to make you eager and sign, but don’t be fooled, it wont end up well for you if you follow them!

Are there any real authorities who can support The Midas Method?

Not really, at least no one reputable from the community is supporting this black label system. All we managed to find around the social media is negative reviews and stories from people who lost money with this software. The lesson, which you must learn here is that avoiding this service will save you from losing money! The deception and the unrealistic promises are just too much for this to be legit system.

Review Verdict: Midas Method Scam Confirmed! The website midasmethod.co is bogus and it’s better to be avoided!

New to binary options trading? Make sure to check our scam list! Also, consider registration with Free Demo Account till you gain some experience. Looking for safer alternatives to The Midas Method? Check our NEO2 Review, that’s how legit help-trading services look like!

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the midas method scam

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