Midas Touch App is a SCAM!

This unbiased review will show why you must not come close to this software.

Midas Touch App is binary options auto trading service, which trades the commodity gold. According to the alleged creator Mark Williams, this investment app is representing the hand of King Midas, and immediately after it touches you it will provide the lifestyle of your dreams. It sounds absurd it feels stupid and its lame overall. Online trading is serious field but such fraud services are being released on daily basis in attempts to ruin the reputation of the industry. We like the Greek mythology but bringing a King who’s turning everything he touches into gold is little bit more for us… Whose King Midas? Well he’s one of the most famous and popular Kings in Greek mythology for his ability to convert everything he touches into gold. He came to be called as Midas Touch or Hand of Midas. It’s believed that he lived sometime in the 2nd millennium BC ruling Phrygian, well before the Trojan War. Its interesting story but let’s leave the mythology to the history.


Midas Touch Scam Review

Midas Touch APP Scam Review! Why this is crap service?

We have done our regular investigation regarding this new trading system and we have analyzed all the information gathered into the presentation video.

What actually Midas Touch APP is and who actually is the CEO? Long story short: Mark Williams who present himself as former data analyst for big Wall Street company, one day decided to quit his job bla bla and he developed this software. Lame story, a fake personality hidden behind voice over acting, claims bunch of things, that can’t be verified on any trusted news source. With simple words nothing trustworthy!

Well we like the story about how this software is working though. A simple algorithm who scans only one asset (Gold) and is executing high probability trades based on pattern repeating formations. It will be very nice if, it was true but unfortunately it’s not.

Immediately when you land on midas-touch.co and the video presentation start, we are hit by Fiverr.com spokes personality, in matter of fact a really famous one. The person who meets in in our convincing path inside Midas touch app is Deren AKA Dezza123 Welcome!  “I’m Deren, a Marketing Director from the UK, specializing in Public Relations and high ROI video production – whether it’s, voiceover work, producing professional ‘spokesperson’ videos, or assisting clients with green screen videos within our studio.  Get in touch today!” You can visit Fiverr.com anytime and type in the search box “testimonials or spokesperson” and you`ll reveal all of the actors who take part in this lousy scheme. Don’t be surprise all the 4 – 5 people involved are paid actors. The “honest” testimonials inside midas-touch.co are the major key that is supped to convince us and push us into registration, well it won’t work with us! And we hope it won’t work for you either. As you can see the people associate with midas-touch.co are not real day traders. There is no reason for us to believe in their misleading words.

Midas Touch App Scam Review! The Finale!

There are many scams out there, all using stock photos, fabricated identities and paid actors for their result update testimonials. Midas Touch App is no different, we observe all the common scam tactics to be implemented here. At this point we believe that investing with this trading system hides high risk and your best option is to avoid it!

Final Verdict: Midas Touch is a scam service! Beware avoid!

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