Millionaire Trader Scam is 100% Confirmed! Honest Software Review!

Millionaire Trader is a SCAM!

Read this in-depth review, we`ll provide solid evidence!

The Millionaire Trader is typical money stealing scheme! Allegedly the service is supposed to make you filthy rich for short period of time, but in reality you will be lied and your money will be stolen. We made our regular investigation and we managed to find many holes and strange claims within the presentation. With this article we`ll aim to warn all potential investors to stay away and avoid depositing any money with this system!

The Millionaire Trader Scam Review! Why you should avoid this so called “money generating system”!

Simply, its too good to be true! In addition, the website and the presentation video are full of misleading and deceptive content! Many phony counters and claims how its available for only 50 people! But all this is just part of the “make you eager pushing strategies” of the criminals behind this operation! Keep in mind that options scene is full of similar BS sales pitches and you have to stay away from them! The crooks are just using the field to advertise their money stealing schemes!

How the software works?

The storyline tells us that it’s basically anonymous trading service based in Moscow, Russia. Furthermore, we know that its suppose to work with the staggering 85% success rate! No, additional information is provided on, which is already suspicious! Usually all lousy scams are skipping the important matter, in order to give less information to the wide public, which can be investigated.

the millionaire trader scam review

How the presenter Oliver Miller got his hand on the Millionaire Trader Software?

While he was a bank employee he had a client called Max. One day he entered the office of Oliver and asked him for a favor. Max wanted form Miller to help him to initiate a wire transfer from Max’s UK bank account to an offshore account in the Caimans. Oliver made the 8 figure wire transfer for 4 hours, and as gift Max gave him a flash drive and told him to open in after 1 month! Inside this drive he found this money generating system.

The whole story is completely fictitious and you should not trust it! In addition, Oliver claims that this very robot has generated for him roughly 8,400,000 pounds in profits for the past 4.5 years. How this can be possible since the domain is registered in 2016? Magic? Seems like we have big scam element here, therefore we can trust Oliver.

the millionaire trader scam review 2

After everything said we strongly doubt that the service will generate over 60,000 pounds for you per month!

Actually who is Oliver Miller?

We made in-depth research regarding this identity but we couldn’t expose him as paid actor. However, we are 100% sure that he is not the millionaire trader he claims to be. Notice how all the presentation and the testimonials are made with green screen? Only, paid actor will pretend to be boarded on his expensive yacht, while it’s clearly a green screen! Therefore, we are hundred percent sure that he is just an actor reading script!

What about the testimonials?

Well, they are also made with the help of fake background so, we just assume that the deception continues! Clearly there is no reason for a day-trader who wants to testify in support of a software to use or have a green screen! In addition, even to have professional recording technologies!

Millionaire Trader Scam Review: The Conclusion!

This software can be given as example for basic fraud, which is using the honest name of Binary Options to operate and steal money from the people! Usually those type of systems are linked to shady brokers, which just manipulate and wipe the investors accounts! Unfortunately, the industry is full of similar looking bogus websites, that’s why you have to be careful with your decision making!! Always Make sure to check the reputation status of the system you are planning to invest with! For example, take a look at Binabot, its 100% endorsed by the trader’s community with outstanding reputation!

Review Verdict: The Millionaire Trader SCAM! Confirmed! Avoid, because you will lose money there!

Binary Options newcomer? Sign with Free Demo Account, where you can actually gain some experience before you start your trading carrier. Investors who are looking for auto-trading system can take a look at our List of Top Trusted Service. Just keep in mind that legit as they are you won’t become millionaire by using them overnight! That’s possible only with scam services like the Millionaire Trader by Oliver Miller.

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