Millionaires Club Scam Exposed

Millionaires Club Scam Review

Read this important review before you decide to invest with this bogus trading system!

Millionaires club is new binary options auto trading robot. The service claims to be producing millionaires on every 3 months, quite bold statements. During our investigation we managed to came across a lot of questionable suspicious facts inside the official page: This review will explain all our concerns and it will expose some of the main red flags involved with this investment app.

Millionaires club scam review

Millionaires Club Scam Review! The well-hidden truth!

Most likely you have been invited to this online opportunity true email invitation. That’s how this terrible scam has been spreading like wild fire, true email marketers. Landing onto your attention will be pointed onto the presentation video. The alleged presenter Richard Brown will apply every single lousy trick in the book in order to make you eager and push you into registration. From pathetic “there are only 10 spots left, and this opportunity will be go forever” to “imagine your life if, you were a multi-millionaire”. All these trash talk sentences are just created with one purpose, to make you desire and eventually tell yourself “what if?” and finally sign up! Don’t be fooled because good talking actors are just small part of this fraud operation. The mid-century partisan looking narrator made some serious claims regarding the probabilities, which millionaires club system unlocks!

We would like to discuss some of the ridicules once! First he explained how Millionaires Club System is not a Forex, Stocks, Penny Stocks, binary options or any form of trading! After two minutes he changed his mind and decided to tell us that its trading algorithm after all. In manner of fact its binary options software. Actually based on unique trading algorithm, but he can’t say anything more! LOL, we wonder why is that, he can’t even give us a proper explanation about the inside of the service.

During the sales pitch, Richard Brown is consistently showing us fabricated accounts from other Millionaires Club System Investors and form his personal account. Truth is that those accounts are fabricated, just snapshots from different broker demo accounts. Lame thing is that some of them are time conflicting because according to the search the domain is registered on 06.02.2016 and how Richard Brown can show us transactions from his account back from 2015, long with some other members.

During the video he mentions several times that after you fill out your email and name you`ll be redirected to the members’ area. Where you can see live trading from his account and other member’s accounts all verified by third party verification. Actually he clearly stated that second page hides the answers of all questions we seek out including how exactly this trading software works!

Millionaires club scam review

Funny fact is that second page offers nothing as described. We can see some strange trading history table, of course unverified by any type of authority. Next to it there is some kind of member’s area, but a google search by image immediately expose most of the characters involved as phony stock models. We definitely couldn’t see Mr. Richard Brown’s account growing with “lightning speed” as he was claiming in his explanations!

Next interesting thing the bearded guy stated is that, millionaires club scam works with one brokerage, a highly reputed, secured and regulated broker. Thing is that they have already show us different account snapshots involving several brokers! We can confirm for sure that there are many brokers involved because the syncing principle works depending on your location randomly! Basically you get broker depending on your region, and it’s all random!



Last and clearly the most important proof revealing The Millionaires Club Scam! We received few positive emails regarding this pathetic trading software, and despite of our concerns we decided to register and try the system ourselves! Not surprisingly our initial investment of €250 depleted to the small amount of 37 EURO after 1 hour of trading. Total of 12 trades taken with the humble 2 wins total of 16% Success rate.

Millionaires Club Scam Confirmed!

Our in-depth investigation and risk of €250 euro clearly managed to reveal this trading software as scam! It turned out that is no different then the other similar “millionaire club scam offers” a fraud operation with different face! As you can confirm by yourself from this deep review we have exposed enough evidence to confirm our words in complete difference of all the claims that have been made inside! No matter the full negative look we even decided to go further and give this system a chance to proof a legit, unfortunately failed with lightning speed!

Final Verdict: Millionaires Club Scam Alert! Avoid a very dangerous scam!

New to binary options Industry? Always check out black list, it can prevent you from signing with similar looking terrible binary options services. The complete newbies are advised to sign with Free Demo Accounts! Or if you are looking for reputed and well endorsed BO auto trading solution, you might want to check out our Top Recommended Services! Just apply common sense and done expect to become millionaire after 2 months, because it won’t happen. However, they can add really nice income to your monthly payout, all depending on your budget and money management strategy!

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4 thoughts on “Millionaires Club Scam Exposed

  1. I received an Email this morning from Mr Brown, and coincidentally your Email at the same time.
    Thank you for the exposure of this scam. They claim they have taken my $250 out, but my Credit Card has not been touched so I will be contacting my bank today to have it protected. Again thank you for your exposure of these fraudsters.

  2. Thank you for this warning!
    Millionaire Club Seems very well made, the presentation video is really convincing i would believe in that, hopefully i found this article before i attempt anything with the software.

  3. Hi, thank you for the prompt warning, unfortunately I already lost $250 with this filthy system! Wish i could find this review earlier!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. I too was scammed out of $250.00. I have recorded conversations of their unsavory and unethical tactics that I would like broadcasted everywhere. The more people who can be warned of their tactics the less they’ll be able to scam.

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