Mirror Trader Software Scam Or Not? Honest Review!

Mirror Trader Scam or Reliable?

This honest review will answer all the questions!


Mirror trader software is new binary options auto trader. Officially presented by John Harrison the system offers to its investors financial freedom. Probably this is the every-investor dream, but is it possible. Are we really going to bank $14,000 every day on complete autopilot? It seems too good to be true. That’s why we made an in-depth investigation, in search of the truth!

mirror trader scam review

Mirror Trader Scam Review! All the hidden details!

Unfortunately, we are going to reveal immediately that this service is not legit. During our research we came across undeniable evidence proving this investment app as a SCAM! That’s why it’s very crucial for you to read this article before you end up losing money with this app!

How the mirror trader software works?

Well first the presenter starts to give us again the bullsh*t explanation about how his company is using fast connections and cloud servers. We already got this lame method with several other scams all similar to GPS trader! We already explained few times but we`ll say it again. The cloud service technology, GPS or whatever improving speed tech is no applicable in binary options at this point. In order to trade the markets by using the financial tool binary options, you have to use a broker. When you are going true a brokerage there will be always a delay. Averagely brokers will take 1 – 3 seconds before they accept and execute your trade. Obviously if you claim that your software is like 0.2 of a second faster it does not matter even if it’s true. Therefore, the whole thing about how fast Mirror trader software can open trades is complete nonsense!

Lastly, we get additional explanation about the system. The software is actually a copy trading system which mirrors Mr. John Harrison’s daily sessions. The CEO of The Mirror trader software display himself as extremely successful binary trader! But unfortunately nothing of this is real, just keep reading!

Are the estimated profits realistic?

The presenter claims that you’ll be able to generate the staggering $14,000 per day for life! Everything is guaranteed and the presenter came up with a proof of 6 beta testers. He stated that those 6 investors are the very fist who touched the mirror trader software. They all made around $900,000 for the first three months! Well, first of all we don’t see those people in the promotion video. And secondly the official domain mirror-trader.co is registered before 2 days on 26.06.2016. In addition, the paid actor says that this video will be up for only one day, because he has only more 21 spots available for free registration. Well, the video is up and running second day and binary options spot can guarantee that tomorrow it’s going to be the same!! All those lousy tricks are just part of the filthy money stealing scheme.

Why we called John Harrison a paid actor?

Probably for some of our subscribers this is going to sound very familiar. Do you remember the viral scam we revealed before few months called Push Money App? Guess what, the main actor there plays the role in mirror trader software also! We`ll provide a snapshot from push money app’s video and link to the review as evidence! Also check Swarm Intelligence!

mirror trader scam review 1

Testimonials and endorsements?

Literally the only positive endorsements or testimonials regarding this money making opportunity are contained in mirror-trader.co. You can notice many photos of users claiming that the mirror trader system is legit but at the end they are all just stock photos! As soon as Ventsislav record his exposure video we will upload it in this article, so you can see all of the picture exposed as additional proof!!

We made a small research all around the social medias but we couldn’t find any positive feedback that can provide some authority to this system. Probably because there is none! All the reputed industry blogs are black-listing this service like they should be!

Mirror Trader Scam Review! The Conclusion!

Beyond any doubt we are dealing with a fraud service. We have all the scam elements on hand. Fabricated testimonials, unrealistic promises and misleading content. In addition, we have a paid actor claiming that he is a CEO and Founder of non-existing organization!

For us it’s important to warn you folks, we believe that putting money into this auto trading app won’t be very healthy.

Review Verdict: Mirror Trader Software is a 100% SCAM! Beware and avoid mirror-trader.co.

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