Mobile Binary Code Scam Or Reliable APP? Software Review!

Mobile Binary Code Scam or Reliable System?

Read our in-depth important review before you register with this software!

Mobile Binary Code is brand new auto trading robot. The service is using the financial trading tool binary options to trade the online markets. Allegedly, this trading app will generate daily profits of up to $38,000 on complete autopilot. All types of investors can use this new piece of technology from any device, and it’s not requiring any previous trading experience. Those are small part of the benefits you`ll get if you decide to become a member of MBC Capital.

Binary Options Spot’s team is here to check on those allegations and proof them as reliable or expose them as fraudulent. Be sure to read our investigation review because we managed to find some really suspicious details inside We believe that the Mobile Binary Software is a Big Scam, and we have the evidence to prove it!

Mobile Binary Code Scam Review! All the misleading information revealed!

mobile binary code scam review

Normally, we always repeat one simple but very important phrase, which can save you a lot of money! Be wise and “Stay Away from Too Good to Be True Offers”. That’s crucial advice is probably applicable in many fields including everything associated with the investing niche!

MBC APP is fully suiting the picture here; we have extremely over-promising potential profits long with lots of deceptive content. But let’s not get ahead of us and conclude the article. We`ll go true some very important topics and discus them, so you can recognize the fraud yourself. As we said the review is very important because you can apply the approach and recognize other similar scam offers in the future.

How Mobile Binary Code Software Works?

There is no transparent explanation on how the algorithm is created. Well, the presenter Howard Kessler claims that he hired a team of professionals. A combination of the best programmers, traders and coders are responsible for the development. What’s curious here is that he does not show us that team, and he forgot to share any names. Pretty typical scam approach, to hide as much identities as possible, for the bloggers to research and find the truth.

Besides the trash talk we don’t get a proper explanation about the algorithms of the system. Mr. Kessler says that somehow his cutting edge technology is recognizing where the supply and demand of the online markets is and the robot is placing trades based on that intel. Cool, all traders are trying to figure the markets sentiment, that’s what drives the markets but the question remains! How MBC APP is doing it? No further light was giving upon that questions, which we consider as red flag.

In addition, he claims that the key is in the consistently developing Cell Phone technology! But, how that technology is linked or used to benefit the investors from the binary options trading remains an uncovered secret.

Is MBC Capital, the company behind MBC Software real?

No registration number or addresses are visible on We tried to research the web for this company but we failed. We managed to came across only one organization with similar name but it’s based in Nigeria and clearly has no connection with the Mobile Binary Code.

Seems like we are left only with the few articles exposed on, coming from news sources such as Forbes, CNN News and Wall Street Journal. Unfortunately, for the authority of MBC Capital those articles do not exist. We checked the official pages of those gigantic news portals, and there is not a single word written there, about this applicant or company. We find unnecessary here to provide screenshots, you can just visit the official pages and make a quick search regarding this software! It will take 30 seconds and you`ll find out a solid evidence of false credentials.

Are the estimated profits with this investment app realistic?

Gash, to be honest we feel funny to even discuss this topic. There are claims how Mobile Binary Code is currently a 100% success rate app! And how for the last 3 months it has not lost a single trade! This is and sounds absurd. There is no human or software solution that can maintain accuracy rate above 85% consistently!

In addition, we have people claiming to be making huge amounts of money some of them providing snapshots of $38,000 daily profits. All the profits are generated from initial deposits of $250! No, this is also impossible such initial capital, cannot generate the mentioned amounts, its physically and digitally impossible and against the laws of trading.

Last but not least here we want to say that those individuals, Dan Rebecca and Ben are clearly lying about their results. In addition, they are also dishonest about the time they claim to be using this trading system. A quick search reveals that the official domain is registered on 19.06.2016. Debunking all the assertions about how they are trading with mobile binary system for over a year now! Seems like those people are nothing but paid actors, hired to provide “trustworthy” testimonials.

mobile binary code Scam Review

Who is Howard Kessler the CEO of MBC Capitals?

The person is described as one of the top hedge fund managers in the world. Who manages only the wealth of extremely rich people.  The guy is so good that there is even a minimum investment set for his services at minimum of $50,000. In addition, there is even a waiting lists.

Okay, but the Company MBC Capitals does not exist? So, is this man really the person who he claims to be? We made vast research and we couldn’t find any reliable success stories, that can back up his life story. What we came across is that he is also participating in other already proven and dangerous scam called Insured Outcome. He represents himself there as the CEO – Larry Landers! That’s really suspicious and repelling! We`ll provide solid evidence to back up our words!

mobile binary code scam review

What else can we add to our Scam Review?

There are few more scam elements we would like to point out here.

The phony identity Mr. Kessler also claims:

  • There are only 100 spots available with Mobile Binary Code Software? No, this is just pushing into registration trick! There is virtually no limit of how many people will sign and lose their money with this Ponzi Scheme.
  • There is a 60 days’ money back guaranteed policy by Mr. Kessler. Since he is just an invented personality, we can’t talk about any guarantees here. In addition, there is no contract signing between you and MBC capital during the registration process, which can assure the money back guarantee.

Are there any endorsements that can provide credibility to the Mobile Binary Code?

No, at this point the scam operation is extremely viral. We are receiving tens of emails a day from regular day traders who decided to give this system a try and lost they money! Therefore, we can’t even dare to mention the word “endorse”.

What about the member photos displayed on

mobile binary code scam review

They are just stock photos attached to names. A pathetic attempt to build a credible environment inside the official page of the MBC APP We`ll expose few, to give you the evidence!

mobile binary code scam review

Mobile Binary Code Scam Review! The Conclusion!

A typical money stealing scheme, but with high budget for production. That’s what MBC System is! We have stated it previously and we will write it again! An auto trading software solution, which can forecast the online markets on 100% does not exist! Folks, don’t trust and register with this app unless you want to lose your money! When we surf inside we came across high amounts of false credentials and fabricated contend. Therefore, beyond any doubt mobile Binary Code is a SCAM!

Review Verdict: Mobile Binary Code Software is a SCAM! Be sure to avoid the bogus scam source!

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