Modern Money Club Scam or Legit Education? Important Review!


Modern Money Club Scam or Legit Trading School?

Check our in-depth research we have a lot to say!

Modern Money Club is new financial school, which claims to have the keys to financial freedom. Allegedly, the service is so successful because the people behind it are not only providing good software solution but they offer also coaching, mentoring and hand holding till you reach your financial goals. All the registration and guidelines are offered to their members by comprehensive tutorials and backed up with financial advisory, which will call you via phone. In addition, we would like to say that everything is free of charge with no strings attached! Isn’t that one unbelievably good offer?

Yes, it is! The people involved within are actors and all their promises worth nothing. We narrowly investigated the promotion website and all the individuals involved! Our research found some really disturbing details, which must be exposed to the wide public!

modern money club review

Modern Money Club Scam Review – Our Sharp Point of View!

Originally, making money online is not a myth, but you must be careful because there are many crooks / fake gurus who try to harvest the industry newcomers! In order to salvage your hard earned money, you have to always rely on good reputed trading systems and brokers! Otherwise, your opinion regarding the financial world will be damaged even before you start!

What the Modern Money Club is?

According to the presenter Jamie Perkins, this is the real deal. The one and only proven as legit trading approach. He claims that his service is not only providing its investors by cutting edge trading software used by the top traders of Wall Street! But also, they guarantee to guide you true all processes till you start to make at least $750 per day. Actually that set to be the initial goal, which you will experience immediately after you start!

Now why we believe this is a lie?

There are few shady details! First, Jamie Perkins promises that we will see real hard evidence of how the program works. Then we don’t even see the inside of the service, he just claims this and that but at the end nothing. No, explanation on how the robot works, or what kind of algorithms is using! No, real proof or any kind of third party verified results. Just empty promises!

In addition, the people who actually call you via phone after registration, are not real mentors! They are just account managers assigned to your new broker account. For example, when you open a new trading account with any binary options broker, you are getting an account manager. The person is supposed to assist you if you have any problems and eventually help you about all the basics. You won’t have problems with any managers if you register with good reputed and regulated broker, because they want to maintain good reputation! However, if you register with bad broker the so called account manager can try to upsell you, telling you lies and convincing you to deposit more money! Eventually he will even try to guide you and give you bad signals, which will trade and lose money!

That’s why we always advice our readers, to avoid taking any advice from any account manager or so called trading guru!

The above explanation reveals that the Modern Money Club has no such mentor team as they claim. They just use the fact that all brokers will provide you with assistance via phone in their advantage. Basically is a silly lie, but if you are novice trader you will believe in it! So, be careful!

modern money club review

Who are the creators of the Modern Money Club Scam?

The question remains unanswered! The people who participate in the presentation video are just paid actors! Jamie Perkins also participated in old scam called the Algo Cash Master. The presentation there is divided by regions and Jamie appears only in the video related to the international version of the software under the name of Phillip Diamond. Seems like, we have a famous actor here!

The so called family friend, and professor of business and economics Peter Haines is also, false identity. The man does not exist, and nobody knows him! Just imagine, he represents himself as trader who study and benefit from the online markets for few decades now! Then why nobody has ever heard of him? There is not a single article written or newsletter release about this so called multi-millionaire! In addition, when we relate all this with the already revealed false identity of Mr. Perkins we can strongly conclude that he should not be trusted!

Can we trust Haley James? The girl who made $6.200 for one week with this software?

We can’t find a reason to trust her, why should we, the other two people are actors! In addition, we can’t find any trustworthy testimonials coming from real traders, which can bring any legitimacy to the system.

Furthermore, all other individuals who participate via Name and Photo are just stock models! It’s just a typical scam approach for all those lousy sales pitches!

modern money club review

The Modern Money Club Scam Review – Summary!

Now let summarize! The website, promises us education, and financial freedom, and all this is completely free? We already know that we won’t get any type of online lessons or tutorials! The claims come from total strangers, who have no authority to back up their words. Therefore, all this comes without any interest involved from the site of the creators? This offer is just a case study for us! Take this example, memorize it and when you see similar too good to be true offer just ignore it! Remember, no one in this niche will make you millionaire for free!

Review Verdict: Modern Money Club is a 100% Scam! Be sure to avoid the black whole settled inside!

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