Modern Profit Professor Scam or Legit? Honest Software Review!

Modern Profit Professor Scam or Real?

Our Review Aims to find the Truth for you so, please check it out before you decide to invest!

Modern Profit Professor is extremely new opportunity offering binary options trading. Allegedly the service is supposed to offer a financial freedom to its potential clients. Instead of that however, we believe that there is something really suspicious! During our investigation we really came across some odd facts surrounding this investment opportunity! Therefore, now as the reputation of this app is on the line, you make sure to read this article because we`ll explain all our concerns!

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Modern Profit Professor Scam Review! All you need to know!

First of all, we always check how long the life of the service is? In this case the official domain is one day old, officially registered on 18.08.2016. Therefore, this fact completely debunks half of the storyline! The research started pretty grim for this trading bot. In general, before we endorse a service we always seek for its reputation level! Unfortunately, this application does not even have an any kind of authority. Probably due to the fact that its super new, in co-relation to the fact that they are advertising it as old stable system. In addition, we can just add that we even came across a lot of negative reviews and bad feedback already, coming from the industry! So, that really raised our suspicious already!

How the software works?

The presenter, Marco Adessi, meet us with a guy called Scott who’s supposed to be his employee. So the guy tries to explain to us how the software is working, and probably for a newcomer it will sound reasonable. But for us, going true real trader’s eyes, all the explanations don’t make any sense!

  • “The software is hybrid between binary options and moving average paradigm”! We can’t even understand what this is! Binary options are a trading method, and moving averages are just an indicator, which traders are using. Basically the indicator is used as part of chart analysis, which traders are doing before they take a trade, but we really can’t understand what’s the point here!
  • Then he made a following explanation:” Essentially the software analyses assets that have tremendous interest but no investment at the moment”! That’s the most ridiculous thing we have ever heard! Obviously it’s wrong, how can’t conclude a particular asset as one with high demand, if there are no already lots of sentiment coming from the investors. What we can conclude is that Scott or whatever this actor name is, has given us a retarded explanation, that worth nothing!

Who is Marco Adessi?

Officially the guy claims to be a former Wall Street trader, all made by his mentor Mr. Glass! The truth however is quite different, we checked those identities, it appears that the Facebook profile you see on is fabricated, and Marco Adressi does not exist! The story with Mr. Glass is quite the same, he is also a fictitious identity!

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Can we trust the testimonials?

Cute question but also as you already think of, they are just part of the deception. The people who participate, and claim to be trustworthy beta testers of this service are paid actors. They are all hired from online marketplace called, where you can hire all kinds of different people to do all kinds of jobs for you! We`ll just add some solid evidence to our claims, just to back up our words a little bit!

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Are we really going to get a financial education after we sign up?

No, folks don’t be fooled, no one will teach you anything, or provide you with the promised tutorials! This is just a convincing method they use to attract novice traders. In addition, we would like to add that you can’t learn trading with few tutorials, it takes time and effort like every normal thing in life!

The modern profit professor scam review – the conclusion!

Beyond any reasonable doubt we can say that this slippery system is a fraud! In exchange of registration the scam-artist Marco said that he wants our feedback. Well, we will gladly give our feedback to the open public today. This trading system must be avoided at all cost, otherwise you will lose money!

Review Verdict: Modern Profit Professor is a 100% Scam! Beware and do not land on!

Binary Options Trading can be very profitable, but you have to be aware of the fact that there are many crooks stalking for your money! If, you need to use a help-trading tool, make sure that it has high reputation, always no exceptions! For safer alternative so this bogus system, we invite you to check our Top Recommended Trading Systems! They are all tested for long period of time and 100% endorsed by the trading community!

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