Money Bot APP Is a SCAM! Honest Review!

Money Bot APP is a SCAM!

Read this investigation review before you decide to invest!

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The Money Bot is new auto trading solution, which promises dreams. According to the information exposed on the official website we are talking about automated bot, which place trades on your behalf. The service is trading binary options instrument.

We do not trust this system and we have very good reason for that. Check this short but sharp investigation review, we`ll display all our concerns!

money bot scam review

Money Bot Scam Review – The Ugly Truth!

We made in-depth analysis of and everything associated with this website in search of answers.

How the service works?

Basically there is no information regarding those important matter on The only thing we managed to understand is that this service is supposed to be some kind of copy/trading platform. Sounds good but those kind of platforms are semi-automated not fully-automated.

  1. A copy trading service requires two things. Traders, from which you can choose and eventually pick those who you might follow. And trading history track records. We have neither of those with the money bot app. Moreover, this is automated software, basically you push a button and the algorithm starts opening trades for you. But where are how those trades are picked or by who, no one knows. Therefore, we have very shady and suspicious landing page.
  2. The investors who land on are not given any chance to interact with those so called “professional traders”. There is one reason for that fact – they do not exist!

The accuracy is 85%, can we trust this?

No, this is unrealistic for two reasons.

  • First, maintaining such accuracy is extremely hard. Everything above 80% is nearly impossible to be hold for more than few sessions!
  • From the displayed information we understand that the average return rate for wining trade is 60%. This details tell us a lot! Such low return rate is only available with turbo 60 second trading. Usually high-volume trading sacrifice success rate in exchange of trading quantity. Meaning that the announced 85% looks even more impossible. Also, there is not trading platform which allows mimic trading on 60 second trading. Simply, because the time is too short and due to the brokers lag it will be impishly to be executed properly!

Who are the people behind the Money bot Scam?

That question will remain unanswered. The individuals behind this “money making” opportunity decided to remain anonymous. Actually that fact also support our opinion that this service is just another scam.

money bot scam review

Money Bot Scam Review – The conclusion!

There are too many dubious elements involved with this service. That’s why we want to warn you and eventually save you some money! Registering with this trading system will not end well for your personal budget! Such joke cartooned website, consistently appear from thin air and they are all forgotten after few days. Just ignore such looking offers!

Review Verdict: Money Bot APP is a SCAM! Beware and Avoid!

Binary options trading is serious industry. Many traders are using the investment tool to make good money for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, due to the fact that binary options trading involves low risk and high returns. The field is also attracting lots of crooks who aim to steal your money! Knowing that fact in advance you must become cautious and careful with your money-involving decisions! For safer alternatives we invite you to check our Top Rated Trading Systems. Notice how they do not look like the Money Bot APP, but they are all made and represented by real people. Moreover, they are all 100% endorsed by the trading community and tested for long period of time before we approve them!

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One thought on “Money Bot APP Is a SCAM! Honest Review!

  1. This is a total scam. Avoid that platform if you don’t want to lose your money.
    Anonymous creators of the application which is doing money. Run away.
    Thank you Binary options spot for that review.

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