Money Code is Lousy SCAM! Honest Software Review!

Money Code is Just a Lame Scam!

Just check our short review, we`ll reveal some evidence!

The Money Code is a typical money stealing scheme using the trading instrument binary options to attract and harm beginner traders. The essence of this scam bot has nothing in common with the real binary options trading. Investors who take a decision to register and invest money with this system will be linked with a shady broker who will steal their money. In many cases that particular broker or group of unregulated brokers are behind this sales pitch page. The usage of such dishonest methods to bring new clients to be ripped off by the scam brokers is not something new. That why all new investors coming to into the binary options niche, must be aware of that fact.

Why we categorize the money code system as fraud?

In this in-depth analysis review we`ll point some critical topics that will reveal the true fast and goals of this sales pitch page. In addition, reading it will eventually help you to recognize similar scam offers in the future, which is basically priceless. Saving your money is our main priority, or at least leading you to less harmful decisions involving minimum risk.

First and very important, the website is illegally using the CNBC news bradding logo! The famous financial news portal has no connection with this fraud website, and this must be clarified immediately!

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How the Money Code APP is generating money for its clients?

There is no understandable or intelligent information provided in the video uploaded on Saying that your service is using guaranteed profitable methods to bank thousands of dollars for its members Is just not enough. On other hand ignoring such important matter, obviously looks unprofessional. Anyway, it’s not surprising since most of the poor money stealing schemes are developed by non-financial niche connected people. They really understand what they are talking about and often they make rookie mistakes like claiming that the trading system is working 7 days a week! When we all know that the online markets are actually offline during the weekends.  Here we have our first red flag, regarding this bizarre system.

Estimated profits?

The Money Code System is advertised as profits guaranteeing service. They even go far with one extremely bold statements “within the next 6 minutes you`ll receive $1225”! Backing that statement with some testimonials the service seems like to be relying on that main agenda.

Unfortunately, reality is quite different! Trading the financial, stock or any other of the assets available on the financial market cannot guarantee exact profits. The claim about how you`ll bank $1225 in 6 minutes is not supported by any credible evidence! Seems like we just have big fat lie! In addition, the other statement how immediately after that you`ll be able to generate around $750 per hour, is just a supplement to the overall deception!

Who is Paul Thomas the Founder of the Money Code organization?

The presenter of this so called “profitable” service is hidden behind voice over acting. In 99.9% of the cases that means SCAM! Hiding the actually CEO behind cartooned video is unprofessional and disrespectful to your clients. In this case Paul Thomas is just a fictitious identity, and the Facebook profile they show us is fabricated and does not exist.

After everything said, can we talk about honest testimonials?

No, of course! All the real people who appear in order to testify in support of the money code system are paid actors hired from An online marketplace, where you can hire all kinds of different amateur actors to do variety of jobs for you, including to make a “honest” testimonial video and support your product. Using paid actors has never been considered as reputation builder, just opposite its quite a reputation destroyer.

The Money Code Review – Conclusion!

Combining all the undeniable scam elements above, we can say with no doubt that this service must not be trusted! Researching for the above covered topics in the future while you seek for software solution will help you to separate the potential scam from the legit services. Be sure to always seek for second opinion or at least subscribe to our blog! We provide daily warning reviews for all upcoming scam systems! Subscribing will put you immediately 1 step ahead of all crooks!

Review Verdict: The Money Code is a SCAM! Beware and Avoid!

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