Moores Capital Scam Busted! Typical Cheap Fraud!

Moores Capital Scam or Legit?

Our review will put to the test this online money making investment opportunity!

Moores Capital is fairly news CFD and Forex investment structure. is mostly dedicated in reviewing and investigating service and broker related to the Binary Options Industry! We just can’t close our eyes to other fraud operations associated with the financial world. Our team consistently scan the web for new scam’s going viral, and from now on we will expose bogus sites related to FOREX, CFD, HYID or any other type of investment opportunities.

the Moores Capital Scam review

We researched the website and we struck on something really big, actually exposing everything as fake service. First we`ll explain what The Moores Capital is offering and after that we`ll just conclude why this service should not be trusted!

The Moores Capital is offering CFD (contract for difference) and Forex investment plans and education. Basically, CFD is allowing the investor to profit from long positions (moving up markets) and short positions (moving down). A contract between two partners (buyer and seller). The seller will pay to the buyer the difference between the current value of a specific asset and plus its value at contract time! Vice versa if the difference is negative, the buyer pays to the seller!

We don’t have any problems with Forex / CFD, in matter of fact we consider those type of investment as extremely lucrative. Thing is that we have problem with the Moores Capital and its presentation page

First the website is fairly new registered during late January 2016. The company has zero authority among the financial world. We could Ent find any credible endorsements or success stories from real people, which can give any credibility to this service. In addition, if we need to give some kind of value to the website and describe it as reliable, we can’t. The page looks poor, it’s true that they have SSL protection, but that encryption also come in levels. The SSL protocol on worth like $30 and it’s one of the weakest you can buy! The SSL, which actually means something are described as green bar and you can see the name of the company inside this bar!

So, at this certain point if you are looking for good lucrative money making service, you need to believe in this poor site and the copy / paste explanations posted with few sentences!  The education you seek won’t be dare, putting money into the Moores Capital will be disasters. The problems will start immediately, there will be no one to help, no one will answer your emails or phone calls! Eventually after few weeks you`ll realize how your money are gone and you have been tricked. Having only one option, to file credit card dispute with your bank fraud department. Such cases are in most cases in favor of the actual bogus fraud due to the fact that after you make investment you agree to their terms and conditions. That’s why those cases are hard to win and eventually you`ll end up losing money, with no one to complaint to!

The Moores Capital Scam review

Probably at this point you are wondering why we are so aggressive and sure that the Moores Capital is scam?

Just look at the expert team behind this service. The people who are supposed to hold your hand and lead you into financial freedom!

David Moores the Founder and CEO, he is the person who’s supposed to be the big boss! We made research regarding this identity but failed to find anything for him. Forced by the poor results we researched the picture of Mr. Moores, guess what he turned to be stock model!

Donald Ford Senior Vice President, quite official but also phony identity attached to fake photo.

Karen Richardson the marketing manager of The Moores Capital is exactly the same story a invented personality!

The Moores capital scam review


We feel that no further exposure is needed, if the team behind this service is fake and the real creators stay hidden then the system is scam! If, there was any positive reviews regarding this service or any real success stories coming from reputed personalities we could think twice before mark it! In this case we don’t have anything reliable, just a cheap site full of lies! We strongly advise you to avoid this investment chance!

Review Verdict: Moores Capital Scam Confirmed! Avoid!

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