Multiplexer Scam Alert! Honest Review!

Multiplexer Scam Review!

Beware everyone, this is filthy money stealing scheme!

Official Fraud Page:

The Multiplexer Scam is new bogus money making opportunity! Unfortunately, this service aims to bring bad reputation to the binary options industry! Using the field as basis for its cruel money stealing operation!

Luckily we’re here to warn everyone once again! We are looking at repeating scam. Within this article we`ll expose everything! Moreover, we`ll provide you with solid evidence to back up all our statements and we hope that we`ll repel you from losing money here!

Multiplexer Scam Review – Why this is dubious system?

For 5 months we observe the very same storyline advertised again and again. All we are seeing are new actors involved, new domain, and re-branded system. Everything started with GPS Trader, after that we had few other scams: Dream Profits, Optical Signal Trader, Dream Catcher and so on! All those proven frauds are using the very same concept, which we will debunk once more in this review. Furthermore, if you are interested in deep details you are invited to take a look at our older scam-reviews. Watch all the presentation videos and compare them. Once you are done, switch to this one and you`ll get the overall picture.

the multiplexer scam review

How the Multiplexer Software works?

Once more we get the lame story how, the trading-tool is exploiting the online markets by implementing fast data transfer methods. They even claim again how, the data exchanging inside the Multiplexer software is 92th/100 times faster than The Wall Street Exchange. First this is BS, second even if it was possible it cannot be implemented with binary options trading. Simply because options trading goes true brokers, and time needed for opening a trade depends on the broker lag! In most cases the broker will take 1-3 seconds to take your position place it on the exchange and then confirm it for you, and your trading account.

Estimated Profits are they realistic?

Of course they are not real. This and all older mimic-scams are using the brainwashing tactics. They are repeating the sum we are supposed to make like hundred times during the presentation. In this case the investors are promised to make $20,000 every day for the rest of our lives. This is impossible and don’t be fooled here folks, because you are looking at classic too good to be true offer.

Is really the Multiplexer Scam 100% accurate?

Another bogus statement. No human or algorithm can forecast the online markets on 100%. Remember this, and there are no exceptions! The fundamental factors which derive the market swings involves are unpredictable on 100%!

The part about how this software has an RTC counter-trade protection is just more BullSh*t. Essentially the algorithm is supposed to detect, which trade is bad and open opposite direction trade.  That maneuver is supposed to breakeven our investment. This is impossible for couple of reasons!

  • We’re not aware of the existence of such algorithm, which can decide which trade is bad or good!
  • By the name of RTC they are referring to simple fence trading strategy. This strategy cannot be implemented in all cases. Obviously if the trade is losing and we cannot get Strike rate near our initial one, it’s impossible for this trade to be saved! Moreover, sometimes traders lose trades in the last 20 seconds of the expiry. In these cases, we won’t be able to open safe trade because of expiry issues.
  • Last but not least. The average return rates in binary options are around 75%-80%. Obviously losing 1 trade and wining 1 trade, will lead to at least 20% capital loses! That debunks the whole “breakeven” storyline!

As you can see things are not as simple as displayed into scam website!

the multiplexer scam review

Who is Richard Ewing?

Officially presented as CEO and Founder of the Multiplexer Software, this man is nothing but a fictitious character. We`ll simply prove that claim by exposing him as paid actor.

  1. He claims all the nonsense above described, plus that this trading system is downloadable program. Nope it’s not downloadable its web-based, and he is the creator how can he make such rooky mistake?
  2. The guy participates again as CEO for another older scam called the Profits Infinity but there he claims to be Mark Bromovich. scam review

The Multiplexer Scam Review – The Conclusion!

We feel that this “remarkable” software requires no further exposure. Investing with this system won’t end up well for your personal financial status! The approach of repeating storyline most likely work well for those guys, but we hope that this warning will reach many people! At this point we would like to ask for your help also. Please share this article as many times as you can in order to save more people from losing money here! Every single word inside is a lie or misleading!

Review Verdict: The Multiplexer Scam Confirmed on 100%! Beware and avoid the system settled inside!

Binary Options offers additional income for many people. The opportunities within this field are endless! Sadly, that fact also drives lots of crooks and their filthy schemes! That’s why you have to be careful and always rely on good reputed trading-solutions! For safer alternatives we invite you to check our Trusted & Tested Trading-Systems. Furthermore, they are all 100% endorsed by the trading community!

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the multiplexer

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2 thoughts on “Multiplexer Scam Alert! Honest Review!

  1. I would like to join on this topic. I am sure that software won’t be exist for long time. Maybe a lot of newbies will caught to tittle tattles of this pay actor and lose their investments.
    On binary options trading there aren’t deals who brings you $20000 dollars a day, every day for the rest of your life. Simply because there isn’t 100% profitable strategy. If someone is convinced that, it is most likely that he has no concept of financial trading.
    Thank you for warning us about The Multiplexer algorithm.

  2. Hey, thank’s to you we know about this crook.
    Comfortably seated in his armchair, this guy don’t stop knitting lies and draws schemes, how to steal people’s money.
    Sure enough software’s that promise you $20000 dollars profit a day doesn’t exist. Just think for a moment, how much money you have to put on risk in real binary options trading account to earn $20000 dollars a day? Don’t full yourselves, avoid strangers who are trying to claim you how easy is to manipulate financial market. Usually trading is happens with brokers.

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