Muzzle Trading is a 100% Scam! Unbiased Review!

Muzzle Trading is a Scam!

Check this warning review, we`ll provide you with some solid evidence!

Muzzle Trading is new money making opportunity! The service is advertised as a golden opportunity for the novice traders. Basically the company is offering account management to its clients. Something like a hedge fund but we believe that its completely illegal! With this review we`ll try to explain why you should avoid such too good to be offers!
the muzzle trading scam

What Muzzle Trading is?

According to the information exposed the company is founded in California, USA back in 2006. In addition, we have a cute story of how they managed to stay strong during the markets crash back in 2008! After that the company consistently grows and increase its influence on the markets. Now in 2015, the muzzle trading group re-developed a trading software, which guarantees profits for its investors. Therefore, they offer additional feature for the clients who are too busy to manage their accounts. They offer the Muzzle Trading experts to manage your trading account.

First, the company does not exist, we don’t get any registration numbers or any real personalities, which can proof the existence of this company. Secondly, in USA, soliciting other people to trade with non-CFTC verified companies is considered ILLEGAL!

In addition, can we ask if this company is so old than why is registered before few days in July 2016?

Now its good time to discuss the “trade for me packages”!

The phony organization offer 1 to 10 trade investment plans! Something like high-yield investment program. Minimum investment is $800, where you will get in return $8000 after 20 days. And the most lucrative plan wants you to invest $10,000 and in return you`ll get $110,000 after 20 days! Therefore, after 20 days you even have to return %20 percent of your capital to muzzle trading. That can be very dangerous, because not only you are going to lose money by trading, you will also, have strings attached to those people and they will want their 20% on top of everything! Things are getting really scary folks!

Attracting new clients with such too good to be true returns is just typical for the lousiest HYIP offers!

The Muzzle Trading expert team!

The people who are supposed to manage your trading account are advertised as Harvard, Yale and Oxford protégés but where are they? The website clearly does not offer information about them! Now let’s sum up, you invest $10,000 into non-existing company, which deals with illegal operations and your money are managed by people you don’t even see! Right… Quite nice proposal!

the muzzle trading scam

The testimonials?

There are total of 4 people visible on, who try to gain authority for this service! Unfortunately, for their reputation those testimonials fail to accomplish its goals! Hana Sirucova, Eugene Mcmurray, Ryan Bell and Brock Raven are just stock models attached to names! Obviously we can’t trust those testimonials they are no trustworthy! We`ll provide some evidence in support of our claim!

the muzzle trading scam

Investment plans are fake but what about the software solution?

The creators of this fraud are even more arrogant with their fake software solution. They show us picture of old trading solution, which has nothing in common with the Muzzle trading service and they even ask for purchase price. Again we have 3 plans: Bronze: $849.99, Silver: 1.199.99 and GOLD: 1599.99.  All the plans are supposed to give you different features, but overall you will just throw your money on the wind!

In addition, the scam-artists go even further and guarantee accuracy of their signals ranging from 85% to 92% which is unrealistic. No one can guarantee profits into the financial niche! Do not trust to anyone who speak of any type of guarantees!

Muzzle Trading Scam Review – The Conclusion!

The offer hidden inside is extremely nasty, and will not give you the financial freedom you seek. We have a combination of fake companies, fabricated results and lots of misleading content. The website is created using typical for the scams convincing methods and aims to steal your money!

Review Verdict: Muzzle Trading is 100% Scam! Beware and stay away from

Binary Options trading can be very profitable, but you have to rely only on good reputed trading services! There are many good help-trading systems currently available on the market. Take a look at our Top Recommended Services. They are all free for registration, no strings attached no back percentages asked and they grand you a full control over your investment. In short words you can withdraw your money at any point you decide! That’s the current industry situation. Please avoid any system who ask for your money, or to manage your trading account!

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