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My Profit Formula – One of the Most Disgusting Scams!!!

Don’t make the Mistake of Investing your Money with this Shameless Nasty Trap!!!

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Official page:

We often wonder how far can extend the human insensitivity? And visiting website, we have found the answer. The response is: there are no limits to the coldness of people!

My Profit Formula is an apparently new system. But further on we will show that this scam was already existing in internet. They have only changed the shape of this scandalous fraud!

In the world, there is so much misery, poverty and hopelessness. Poor people and orphaned children are billions. There are those suffering from incurable illnesses. And people who even have no bread to eat. My Profit Formula was created precisely on that basis – the despair around the world and the charity.

But it is a fiction of charity! Particularly nasty scam because it plays with the deepest feelings. It plays with very delicate issues. Everything was created with sole purpose to trick you. Scammers with particularly cold hearts who wants to cheat your money!! Folks, we caution you immediately. For your own good, stay more away as possible from this bad stratagem!!!

My Profit Formula scam review

True or the usual well-camouflaged scam?

Entering into the official page they launched us into the luxury. The long video presentation bombards us with “poetic” but ambiguous messages. We meet virtually the fascinating Megan Sanders. The beautiful presumed CEO and creator of The Charity Profits. Happy and in swimsuit she walks in his billion-dollar residence with a private pool. Champagne, expensive cars, alleged spacious offices, invented employees. Intensive video full of photos of exotic places, private jets, very rich testimonials. Everything, thanks to the innovative formula invented by Mrs. Sanders.  That is not all. Since she wants to help make you get rich like her. It would be nice, right? But it’s all a beautiful story devised from scammers.

The Charity Profits APP has really a special formula???

Megan Sanders keeps repeating: “It’s Easy! Automated Income. It’s completely free! Real, fast, easy money!” Promises free registration. Up to this point, good. However, after you will discover, you have to invest at least $250 to begin. It could be an autopilot software. Therefore, you must do nothing but put on “Start”. The system should do everything alone.

Furthermore, Megan assures, we will become millionaires in just one year. Earn $4000 today and every day for free, guarantees. Fast money, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Another clear signal! The online markets work only from Monday to Friday! Gain $8000 in two days. How is it possible? Without ever a loss? Lie after lie! But what is the special formula? We hear rivers of words. They did not tell us anything about the algorithm.

Folks, have you understood of the sensational bonus?

In order to be even more persuasive, lady Sanders makes us a great promise. As big as the whole lie of this mega scam. In case we don’t earn $4,000 in our first 24 hours…. She will give us back $5,000.

But beware, Folks!! They are just hollow promises. By this fake software most than sure you will not win anything! Who you going to call to ask back your money? There are no real identities or addresses revealed! The email at the bottom of the page is false! Who will refund you? Obviously, no one.

The claims about the bonus are deceptive because if you agree to take bonus with a shady broker your account will be restricted and you`ll be in a trap! Unable to withdraw your money!

Who is the person behind Megan Sanders?? We discovered her true wicked identity!!!

She is not a CEO! Has never invented any revenue APP. That lady is just a well-paid and very dangerous scam actress. Scammers use her pretty face for their dirty online games. In My Profit system cleverly involves us into her charity lies.

Tales of beneficence that tear the heart.  Wants to convince us of her good soul. She gives 25% for donation in Africa to orphans and disadvantaged families?!? Dealing with Douche Bank?  Every victim of this bogus app is obliged to donate 5% of the own earnings.

Well, she does not exist if you research for her name around the web you`ll be able to find posts associated only with the two scams, clearly reveals her as fictitious character.

My Profit Formula scam review

Who Are the Dozens of Testimonials Who Appear on the Website?

We have now no doubt. They are all fake identities! Stolen pictures from Internet. Paid actors with little money. All hired from, and online marketplace where you can hire cheap actors to do fake testimonials for you! Make $4,286,27 in a very first day? Gain $29,000 in your bank account each single week? $120,000 in 30 days??? Astonishing figures bouncing here and there but all unverified.

My Profit Formula is an Old-New Scam – Our Final Conclusion

It is a really very dangerous fake online system! The main reason this is a proven SCAM is that we know it from before. A trap which already exists! We have already explored in details. Furthermore, we have already spoken previously of them. Folks, please look at this charity profits review and find all the similarity! Look well this familiar face, read carefully.  And please, stay away from liars like that!!

Review Verdict: My Profit Formula is Repeating Scam! Beware and Avoid any further engagement with

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2 thoughts on “My Profit Formula Is Repaying Scam! Binary Options Spot Real Review!

  1. What a shame. Using misfortune and poverty of people is inhuman cruelty.
    Even from this platform earn money, I would never invest there. For me that offer, is mockery of the misery of the people.
    Further more that is a repetitive scam. Few mounts ago the same bid revolved in binary options sites, besides from look- alike lady.
    Thank you guys for this honest review. One of your followers.

  2. Thank you Binary options spot, that you inform us about this scam.
    I would like to tell to all your visitors, that this is a cruel yang lady, that haven’t any scruples.
    This offer with charity is old, but with new plot. Again we urged, how easiest way they provide us, to make a lot of money. Do not give in to these fake promises people.

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