Neo2 Software Scam Review

NEO2 Software Scam Review!

Is NEO Trading Software really capable of changing the trading world we know?

One Automated System created by legends! Dr. Jack Piers, PhD, Michael Freeman, Amit Gupta, William Van Loon!

Is this Really the Mikes Auto-Trader Successor?

Official page:

NEO2 Software is brand new binary options auto trading bot! The software is based on correlation between weather predicting and trading algorithms! The NEO2 Trading System uses space satellites to predict weather behavior. Which directly influence the price of commodities such as wheat, gas and oil. The official goals behind Neo Square are two! 1) To create super accurate auto trading service, which will be officially lunched on Kick Starters. 2) The NEO2 Software team wants to produce easy to use web-based platform! Which anyone can use young and old, experienced or not! Are all those targets achieved? Let’s find out in this unbiased in-depth NEO2 Software Scam Review!

NEO2 Software Scam Review! Everything you need to know about this Auto Trading Bot!

Neo2 Software Scam Review

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There are few very interesting names involved with this binary options trading tool. Following the main story, we will say few words about all of them.

The alleged CEO and Founder is Dr. Jack Piers! He is obsess with everything associated with Solar Lunar activities and its future impacts on earth! Formerly working at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)! Jack developed an automated weather predicting algorithm! Knowing how weather impacts the financial markets especially commodities and all the correlating assets. He started to develop The NEO2 trading software. Unfortunately,  he was missing few key aspects. First an auto trading algorithm, which can make this possible.

In search of solution he came across Michael Freeman! A well-known financial analyst and trading expert! Michael Freeman is probably the most influential figure in binary options industry and owns the biggest trading YouTube channel! He has the knowledge, the data basis, and the algorithms to fulfill Jack’s ambition. The moment they met and discuss the possibilities of creating such trading algorithm they knew! They are on brink of something extraordinary! The combination of Dr. Piers Auto Solar Tracking System and Mr. Freeman’s Trading Algorithms is smart! The merge between those two individuals provides the day traders with a unique piece of technology! That doesn’t only rely on pure technical analysis and old fundamentals! They give The NEO2 Software ability to actually predict the future weather impact on commodities prices! Taking advantage of the outcome weeks ahead!

Developed and Endorse by Michael Freeman!

Neo2 software scam

In root, following the solar activities is considered as nucleus element when it comes to weather forecasting emerging trends. Offering in our hands stable and reliable prediction of the charts weeks ahead. Probably that’s why Michael Freeman claims, that having The NEO2 Software is almost like having access to inside trade secrets! Of course the highest influence here we have on the commodities and correlating assets! Keep in mind that using the words “secrets” are only a suggestion. Trading secrets or companies having inside information are considered as illegal trading actions! The NEO2 Software uses only completely Legal and ethical methods! The alleged names behind assure that fact!

Giving The NEO2 Software Real Face: 

Now they only need to give the NEO2 Trading System user-friendly interface! That’s the moment when Amit Gupta joins the party!  Amit Gupta is the president of Neo Square, and lead programmer. His task was both fairly easy and extremely hard! His objective was to create an easy to operate fully automated 3 click Auto Trading System! After months of developing he managed to sync the both algorithms together. Giving The NEO2 Software an unseen and extremely lag free design!!

The combination of talents: Weather forecaster expert Dr. Jack Piers, The trading specialist Michael Freeman and programmer protégé of Silicon Valley Amit Gupta. Are really making the difference between NEO2 Auto-Trading APP and the rest of the competition! Leaving them in the dust!

The Neo Square Platform is designed with three easy functions:

  • Solar Tracker Matrix! Activate the future by click it once on The Neo Sync Button!
  • Clicking the Trade Algo Button! Allows the users to activate the auto-trading function!
  • Once you have the green lights on! Last thing you have to do is press the Start Now Button!

Everything else will be done automatically on your behalf by the software. You don’t have to sit on the computer or stare at the charts.

Short NEO2 Auto-Trading APP Summary:
Price: Free (Requires Broker Registration)
Auto-trading Function: Yes
Difficulty Level: 2 (1-10 scale)
Annoying Content: No
False Credentials and Unrealistic Promises: No
Authentic?: Yes
Verified Profits: Yes
Devices Availability: All (PC, Tablets, Mobile)
Scam Possibility: 3%

Test periods and endorsements! The NEO2 Software Review!

During the beta testing mode NEO Auto-Trading APP has generated up to 85% accuracy. The staggering results were confirmed by Mike’s Facebook Group! Which by the way includes over 6000 members. Long with few authorities including BinaryOptionsSpot. We were granted a beta account and we had the chance to test NEO2 Auto-Trading APP for two weeks, our average success ratio is 81%!

Check our two weeks Profits Results with low risk trading techniques:

Neo2 software scam review

William Van Loon, the Chief Financial Officer! He is the next figure involved with this auto trading robot. He was one of the initial testers of NEO2 Trading System! After he confirmed the astonishing results and he saw the great potential behind this service! He immediately decided to fully back up Neo Square. In coordination with Michael Freeman he introduces publicly the first pre-lunch Free Focus NEO2 Trading Group! In order to get The NEO2 Trading Software ready for is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Millions of people from every world’s corner are using Kickstarter to fund and build community around their creative projects!

After the NEO2 Trading System got lunched on Kickstarter the annual price per copy will be tagged at $7,900 per licensees. All investors who participate in this beta free focus NEO2 trading group will keep their free license for life. There are no pushing tactics as fake countdown bars or nonsense’s talks about how this page will disappear tomorrow. Like most of the bogus services out there. Overall, no one said how long this Beta Focus Group will last but we expect to be no longer than 60 days! You might want to consider registration in the near future.

Join Free, Exclusive on:

Regarding the other endorsements, the binary options community is approving NEO Trading Software on 110%! We have never seen something like this before. Well we admit that some very strong names are involved here but we were not expecting zero doubts!

At the end of the first presentation video we actually saw one more very familiar face. Special endorsement by Jesse Heiman! Who kissed the super model Bar Rafaeli in Super Bowl Commercial back in 2013.

Latest live trading session with 79% accuracy around 20 trades:

NEO2 Software Scam Review! The Conclusion!

We are pretty amazed from what this service is offering. A truly unique innovative and promising trading method. The official website does not contain any phony stuff! Also, we didn’t hear any over-promising or strange statements by the presenters. No false promises, no negative content or no crazy pushing marketing tricks. Well to be honest we didn’t expect to hear any! Here we are speaking for real personalities, real trader’s, real developers and programmers! Those people really know what they are doing. That’s why, the NEO2 Software has become the most valuable auto trading service in 2016 year rapidly! At this point we can proudly claim that NEO Square is definitely something you must have! We believe that this service will have immense impact into binary options trading and it will change it forever.

Review Verdict: NEO2 Software is Legit Auto Trading Application! The Website is Virus-Free and Safe to Browse! Recommended for Testing!

Exclusively available on: ( NEO2 AKA MIKES AT 2)

How to register and sync properly!

  1. Visit: Watch the video and fill out your name and email!
  2. Into members area fill out your phone and password!
  3. You are redirected to your broker! Finish the registration and invest at least $250!
  4. Log In and start The NEO2 Software!

Neo2 software scam review

Binary Options is very lucrative field, but be extremely careful. There are many scam services stalking the new-comers. In order to be successful you need to be using the right tools! Here in face of The NEO2 Software! We have a great legit trading tool example!

For further questions, contact us at:!

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14 thoughts on “Neo2 Software Scam Review

  1. Hello, i am using NEO2 Software since July this year. I choose it because it is easy to work, there is a auto trade, and it is not necessary to have a lot of knowledge about binary options trading.
    I like the way this algorithm has work, and the precision with which it is made.
    The logic that Dr. Jack Piers follows is striking, and the positions and the trust which is used Michael Freeman worthy of respect. So i decided, i am in!!!!!
    I have to admit at first time i thought that’s nonsense. Everything, about moon and sun and the weather??????
    But then i released, so the weather conditions can really affect on global financial markets, as destroying or creating crop. That’s why the prediction of weather can only be on your side. It is seems me logical, and in combination with working trading algorithm, there is no way to fail.
    Therefore i registered an account and i trusted to NEO2 Software.
    For two mounts i earned $2100 dollars, whit bets from $25-$50 dollars. Now i am ready to stake from $75- $100 dollars and i am sure of my success.

  2. Does the robot choose what to trade ? stocks, commodities ? etc., and do you turn it on each day, or does it remain active ? Do you get those operational instructions when you fund your account ? Finally, do most traders average over 80% ?

    1. Hi John,
      I have Neo2 for like more then a month now, and yes its trading stocks, commodities and currencies. You must turn it on every day yes, but its extremely easy to use and understand so no worries. Regarding the success rate it depends. Sometimes i get 60% sometimes i get 90%, so far last month i managed to average 78% accuracy, which is pretty good. Personalty this is the first auto trading robot i manage to make some money with.

  3. NEO2 software seems to be very impressive software. From few years i’m also, trying to trade the financial markets based on weather forecasting, and of course some other normal indicators like MACD, BB and stochastics. I’m extremely excited about this one really hope that its working based on this climate tracking algorithms!! Just signed, and got regulated broker another good sign. I`ll post my results at the end of the week. Crossed fingers for outstanding performance!

  4. Hi,
    I’m From Nigeria i Changed my IP and registered with the NEO2 software. I plan to deposit tomorrow do you think i`ll have any problems?

    1. If, the broker assigned to your NEO2 Square account accepts you, there should not be any problems. However, let me know what happened its important information!

      1. The software is providing good results so far, and no we are not experiencing any problems!

  5. Ohhhhh i see you had the same problem. I signed with NEO2 Software on Thursday. Turned on the system and closed the browser… on the next day in the morning i found that the system was off during the whole 24 hour period. Friday thou was a great day for me, 24 trades taken 19 WINS 5 LOSES! Profit $255! I feel next week is going to be amazing!!!!!! Thank you, God Bless!!!!

  6. WOW, very interesting trading tool, im definitely going to try this new binary options robot!
    Thank you for the great review by the way!

  7. I signed with NEO2 Trading System in late Friday. I got only 3 trades all In The Money! Now i just can’t wait for the weekend to end so i can turn on the robot Monday morning;) having very high expectation!

  8. Hello, im member in Mikes FB group for over 6 months now. Mike is great person, he’s giving away consistently thousands of dollars to the members. In addition all members are making money with the admins there. The guys are really professional traders. So far i have never dropped under $3000 profit a month with them. I just saw this NEO2 Software Review. First i thought its a lie because many people use the man’s name without reason. Since i realized that he is really part of the developers i instantly registered. I’m very excited, next week im turning on this auto trading app, and i have a good feeling about this one. So far what i have seen from Mike, he is super serious person. I have no doubts The NEO2 Square will work properly!

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