Nesdek Software Scam Revealed! Warning Review!

Nesdek Software Scam or Legit?

This review will provide all the answers you seek, read it before you decide to invest!

Nesdek Software is brand new binary options service. The alleged presenter is Mike Mc Donald and he promises that this very system is the key to success. During the video he runs his mouth big time, and he’s making bunch of very boldly statements. is here as authority and we will honestly put everything to the test. Please, bear with us for like 5 minutes and read our article! After that based on all of the information you can take your decision to or not to put your money here.

the nesdek software scam review

Nesdek Software Scam Review! All the details explained!

Immediately we engage this review with the identity of our main figure, Mike Mc Donald! He is described as retired Wall Street broker with 8 figure bank account, and current CFO (chief financial officer) of Nesdak INC. Last year he claims revenues of $1.4 all possible with this innovative trading robot. Since we are long time in this industry we simply don’t believe in words anymore, we always make in-depth researches. In this case we made one regarding the identity of the presenter and the company. The firm Nesdek INC does not exist, or it’s like really secret organization! Usually the companies involved with online trading or financial technology once are easy to access via internet. Mr. Mc Donald is also invented. Normally Wall Street traders with 8 figures back accounts are easy to find due to the success stories, all around the web describing their accomplishments! There is one more thing that really blows his cover of being an actor. He mentioned that he has Facebook account while he was speaking with his guest (Sarah), inside the house, where the scam video was recorded. Well guess what, there are not like crazy high amount of results appearing for Mike Mc Donald, and this man is not one of them! Everything combined clearly exposed this man as impostor.

the nesdek software scam review

How the Nesdek Software really works?

Described as most powerful and accurate trading system in the world, the algorithm should be based on trend following strategy. Currently providing 85% accuracy the software finds financial trends even before they emerge on the charts. That’s the explanation made by the fake scam artist during the video. Firs this is not an explanation; this is like elusion. Basically he said something about the algorithm so his hands are washed. Maybe in front of a newcomer will be enough but facing a real trader this explanation is lame and unacceptable. Would be better if, the scam creators even skip that part and say that the algorithm is secret! Regarding the success rate, it’s also words in the wind, everything above 80% is impossible to maintain consistently. You can tell a lot now if the 85% are real!

What about the testimonials found-able all around Overall what the website can afford as trust worthy information?

The video testimonials are all fake. They are created to support the nesdek software but overall will fail because all the people who actually made them are paid actors. You can easily discover all of their real identities if you visit online marketplace site called There you can find people making testimonials cheap as $5. We`ll reveal one of them just as evidence!

Link leading to her real identity!

the nesdek scam review

What about all the bank account shown in the presentation, are they real? No, they are not real, they can be also bought from fiverr and overall we don’t see the people who claim to have those accounts. In addition, we took a look into the official domains life. It turned out that is registered on 23.04.2016. Completely debunk most of the claims of the people who claim to be making money with the nesdek app for over a year now. Obviously Steve Brown’s account containing half a million dollars is fabricated.

The endorsements shown from The New York Times, Forbes and NCBC NEWS are also phony, we checked the official pages of those gigantic news portals, there is not a single word written about the nesdek app! The rest of the brands you notice: Nike, AMG, Lenovo, Armani Nestle and so on are also part of the deception. Not a single one of those brands is really supporting the nesdek software!

Are there any real success stories or endorsements by the trading community?

At this point we couldn’t find any positive reviews from bloggers or feedback from real day traders. We doubt we`ll find any in the future because the service is just a fraud operation. Like every similar looking hype, it will disappear after few days.

Nesdek Software Scam Review! The Conclusion!

Clearly we exposed big amount of scam elements involved with the nesdek app! Phone actors, non-existing companies and countless false credentials supported with unrealistic claims. The mix combined can be described with one word NESDEK! We advise you to stay away from this investment application, registering here involves high risk!

Review Verdict: Nesdek Software Scam Confirmed! Beware and Avoid, better safe than sorry!

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While we fight scam we are forced to consistently test all kinds of different trading tools. During that period, we managed to create a small list of Trusted Trading Solutions. We invite you to take a look if, you are looking for safer alternatives to the Nesdek APP. Just keep in mind that they can’t generate half a million for few months starting with initial deposit of $250, as pretended in!

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nesdek software scam review

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2 thoughts on “Nesdek Software Scam Revealed! Warning Review!

  1. My goodness!! Thanks for the headsup. Wouldn’t have identified the fabrication if not for your article. Will stay away from Scam! Hey, which software do you recommend, Neo2 or Ice 9? Been hearing some conflicting reviews.

    1. Definitely NEO2 is the wiser choice here. Ice 9 was big hype yes, we tested it and managed to lose like $340 for 2 days.

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