Ninja Profits Scam Revealed

Ninja Profits Scam?

This important exposure review will reveal all the dubious facts around this joke service!

Ninja Profits is SCAM! The presentation page is full of deceptive and misleading facts. Well actually when we see such bizarre name we, don’t need further investigation! There Is no way in the worlds that someone serious will give such idiotic name of his trading system. However, we made our regular investigation regarding the software and all personalities involves, long with some social media researches so we have a lot to write about!

ninja profits scam revealed

Ninja Profits Scam Review

Ninja Profits Scam Revealed! All the hidden details!

This particular trading bot is supposed to make you rich overnight, according to the presenter the amazing algorithm will provide 98.8% success rate. The newcomers should not be fooled here; such accuracy is impossible to maintain consistently with binary options or forex trading! Michael M. Oconnell the associate promoter of this crazy offer is claiming bunch of other over-promising nonsense. He explained how the average binary options payout rates are around 75-80%, giving example with investment of $25 and how you`ll generate potential profit of $20. Yes, that’s normal, it’s true that average return rate with Options trading is 75%, meaning that you have to generate above 58% success rate in order to stay on profit! Silly thing is that immediately after that he stated that Ninja profits system will execute trades with only 99.9% profit return, thing is that such payout rates does not exist with binary options.

Ninja Profits System is making average of 237 trades per day, and it can guarantee thousands of profits every day! This is just the next exotic retarded statement. Such trading volume is really hard to achieve especially with high accuracy. Even short term trading algorithms are going to struggle in search of so many high probability trades. On other hand no one can guarantee profits if we speak about the financial worlds so that only push to registration trick, impossible to achieve!

Michael M. Oconnell claims to be former NASDAQ analyst for over 15 years. We mad Google search regarding those claims, and all we managed to find is only posts related to, clearly showing that he’s fake identity! Why do you think he is hidden behind voice over acting? If he was credible person, he would show himself to the wide public!

There are few people who appear live in Ninja Profits system presentation but are they really the people who they say they are? No! Those people are paid actors all hired from marketplace website called Check the site for confirmation, there you can order all kind of online small jobs for only $5 such as those short testimonials!  Take for example Jessica Dee, she claims that Ninja profits app has really changed her life but overall the reality is different we will expose her real identity and we`ll provide links to her fiverr gigs as evidence!

Ninja Profits Scam Review

Ninja Profits Scam Review

Last but not least, we made fake registration with Ninja Profits Scam and we got very disturbing broker! Citrades, a fully proven as scam broker managed to steal millions of dollars from its members!!! AVOID!

ninja profit scam review

Ninja Profits Scam Review final words!

Do you really believe that trading system, which can guarantee profits really exist? Ninja profits is scam! The website contains all kinds of phony stuff. We have no reason to believe in invented persons’ words!  And we couldn’t find any third party verification that can bring some authority to this software. Well let’s apply common sense, the online markets are very lucrative opportunity but it can’t make you millionaire overnight! There are too many factors involved, and no one can predict the exact way of the markets. So if you are thinking that by registering with auto trading binary options solution your financial future will be setup for life you are wrong! There are services proven legit and they can make money for you but the possible profits are determined by your budget and your money management strategy!

Review Verdict: Ninja Profits Scam Verified! Avoid investing with this software involves immense risk for you! is dedicated to review and consistently test different binary options software solutions. During that process we have created small list with our TOP recommended signals and auto trading services! If you are looking for high volume trading system, we invite you to check Binadroid, short term up to 5 minutes’ semi-auto trading algorithm! The service is fairly new but the lasts sessions proven over 80% success rate, it enjoys 100% endorsements by the industry and the minimum trading amount is only $5, considered as super low. For example, the minimum trading amounts with Ninja Profits scam and other typical services is $25!

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