Numberion APP Is a SCAM! Software Review!

Numberion APP Is a Scam!

Read our brief review we`ll explain why!

The Numberion APP is just a typical money stealing scheme. Unfortunately, yet another bogus system is trying to bring bad reputation to the financial instrument Binary Options. In general options trading is extremely legit and lucrative field. But due to the big potential and high return rates, many scammers are using in in order to attract and trick away the newcomers. By convincing you that their systems are capable to offer you a financial freedom within few days, they are aiming for your money. Keep in mind that the potential of making money with binary options has no limits, but you can’t make millions overnight. Always stay away from too good to be true offers like the Numberion Software.
the numberion scam review the numberion software

Why the Numberion App should not be trusted!

There are few major red flags, which will convince you that this system is dishonest and created to only steal your hard earned money. This particular scheme has two names: “Numberion and Double Comma Club”. The double comma club is actually an old scam officially released in 2014. There are countless warning about it all around the web coming from victim day-traders! But let’s get back to our main target for the day.

How the Numberion software works?

The official presenter Ben Sherman, does not provide us with proper explanation of how his cutting edge technology inventing works. Usually, the legit auto trading solutions offer a good information regarding their algorithms and strategies they are using. The scam services however, prefer to keep it shady just like this one. That fact actually raised questions around the identity of the creator!

In addition, there is one more very repelling detail. The inside of the system is looking just like another dangerous scam called The Quantum Code. The only difference is the colors and the logo!

Who is Ben Sherman?

According to the storyline Ben is filthy rich entrepreneur who is willing to reveal his wealth making secrets with you! However, the truth is slightly different, Ben Sherman is fictitious identity! Created to represent the scam and eventually convince new traders to sign and lose money!

You can’t just come in front such vast public and claim that you are multi-millionaire generating staggering wealth with auto trading system! And then suddenly there is not a single truth written about you on any industry new portal. That’s just not right, obviously we have a lot of lies involved!

We made an in-depth investigation regarding the Ben’s character and it appears that the only posts, which appear associated with him are the once connected with the two mentioned scams!

Are the testimonials real?

Don’t be fooled even for a second here. All the people who appear on screen to testify in support of the Numberion Software or the Double Comma Club are paid actors! We`ll provide you with solid evidence!

Clearly fabricated a positive environment around your software solutions is very suspicious. The honest and legit systems are relying purely on natural feedback coming from the day-traders and the reputed news portals.

the numberion scam review

Numberion Scam Review – The Conclusion!

It’s clear to us beyond any doubt that this system should not be trusted. Few phony identities and bunch of trash talk are forming this lousy scam. We couldn’t find any outside endorsements, which are showing any sign of support to service! Therefore, this was the final nail and we can confidently call this a 100% fraud operation.

Review Verdict: The Numberion APP is a SCAM! Stay away from the renew version of the Double Comma Club settled inside!

Luckily for those who are wondering, there are safer alternatives to the Numberion software. If you are seeking for software auto-trading solutions, we invite you to check our Top Recommended Binary Services. They are all tested and endorsed by many day-traders all around the globe. Also, consider a registration with free demo account if you are complete novice trader.

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