Obcasio Software is a Scam! Trusted obcasio.co Review!

The Obcasio Software Is Trusted?

Read this review before you sign up with this opportunity!

Official website: obcasio.co

The word Obcasio means Opportunity in Latin. So, now the following reasonable question is: Is this money-making opportunity legit?

Today we have received more than 10 emails from people asking about this service. As reliable industry authority, we feel obligated to investigate and express our opinion here, so we did! Our research found some very dubious details, which you need to be aware off. Based on that information you`ll be able to take better decision! That’s why we really encourage you to read this article before you register with this investment app.

the obcasio software

The Obcasio Scam Review – All you missed to notice!

The storyline behind this offer is very clean and it can be checked easily. Fortunately, or not after we watched the whole presentation and investigated the obcasio.co domain, we came across a lot of BS. In matter of fact we found that the all the claims are fake including the whole background story! Stay tuned for some gossip exposure;].

How the software works?

The alleged Founder and CEO of the Obcasio Software Michael Watson decided to skip this important matter. For us this is really important matter and when the presentation video does not contain such information we get really suspicious.

Well, the man claims that he and coupe of other professional traders are behind this trading system so, there is nothing to worry about, but we`ll see.

Estimated profits?

Mr. Watson claims that every new investor will be guaranteed to profit at least $2000 per day, $14,000 per week and $720,000 per year. They also include the weekends, which actually reveals them as bogus.

Moreover, upon registration, there is no contract signing between you and obvasio.co, which reveals that this guarantees are just empty words coming from the mount of the presenter. Based on that we have to take Michael Watson’s word for granted. Since they do not share any company names or other names, who can be associated with this trading offer!

Who is Michael Watson?

He is presented as former senior trader for one of the biggest investment banks in the world. Furthermore, he claims that this software has already generated for him over $100 million dollars.

Well, such man should be quite famous for the search engines, right? Well, the only posts, which we managed to came across are associated with obcasio.co. Don’t wonder why they do not share the name of the institution he was working for. Obviously, that’s just a fictitious story!


Essentially, the whole convincing approach of this offer is revolving around those testimonials. According to the information exposed by the promoted, this very system is at disposal of 100 investors from 2014. All of them appear to be multi-millionaires already and they even show up and make such allegations during the video.

Funny fact is that all the old investors who claim to be millionaires appear in front of white wall and say few words!  How come, that no one has heard about their success stories true those 2 years? Also, how come those testimonials are so cheaply made? Why no one shows some luxury lifestyle? They are all millionaires, right?

Another proof of how this story is all made up, is the fact that obcasio.co is registered on 03.11.2016, before 2 weeks? Very time conflicting and solid evidence, that actually debunks half of the story-line!

Furthermore, onto the second page we observe photo testimonials of more people who claim that this software is the real deal. We researched those individuals and we found that they are all fabricated. Just stock photos attached to names. We’ll attach some evidence here to support our claims!

the obcasio scam review

The live session – is it real?

For a new trader, this session might look legit but in reality, it’s all fabricated. Take a look how the account of Sarah Priestley has balance of only $25. After its first trade the balance rises to $110.

This is impossible for several reasons:

  1. The minimum investment required in order to use this trading platform is $250.
  2. If you invest $25, and you win this trade you`ll make around $20 not $85. The average return rates in binary options are around 75%!

the obcasio software

The Obcasio Scam Review – Conclusion!

As you can see we have debunked the whole storyline used by this trading opportunity! Beyond any doubt we are looking at dishonest service, which aims to steal your money. No legit trading software will use fake testimonials in order to create positive environment around itself. Furthermore, no one outside obcasio.co is actually approving or endorsing this service.

Review Verdict: The Obcasio Software is 100% Scam! Beware and avoid any registrations with obcasio.co, because you risk to lose all your invested capital.

Binary Options trading is definitely a good money generating opportunity. Used by many to add nice incomes to their monthly payouts or even as full time job. However, due to the high demand the industry also drags scam offers similar to this one, which try to steal the money from our pockets! That’s why you should be always careful and use only good reputed trading services. For safer alternatives, we invite you to check our Top Trusted Trading Systems! They are all 100% endorsed by the trading community and tested for long period of time!

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 the obcasio software

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