Onassis Alliance Scam or Reliable Auto-Trader? Software Review!

The Onassis Alliance Scam or Trusted?

Check our investigation review before you make an investment!

Official website: onassisalliance.co

Onassis Alliance System can pull out stable profits? That’s the question we`ll be answering within this transparent scam review!

We are dealing with auto-trading robot, which is using the binary options instrument to benefit from the online markets. The presenter announces high daily returns of minimum $7500, and extremely high accuracy rate of 97.4%. Those claims actually made us very suspicious even before we start, because we all know that they are far from the reality.

However, we`ll go over all the claims made by the alleged creator Jed Onassis in this article and we`ll be as much unbiased as we can.

The Onassis Alliance Software

Onassis Alliance Scam Review – all you missed to see!

The overall convincing approach of this service is very blurry. Instead of explaining how the robot is working Jed decided to speak about money true the whole video. Moreover, he boldly stated that this very trading platform will make you a millionaire for short period of time! Based on that claim we can categorize this investment app as “too good to be true offer”. Now, what we do when we land on T.G.T.B.T. Offers? We ignore them because they are not real and if we commit to such offer we`ll end up lied!

How this robot operates?

The whole explanation, which Jed Onassis decided to grant us is “This software is based on sophisticated algorithm, which scans the online markets”. For us and probably for the majority of the users who are looking at onassisalliance.co, such poor explanation cannot be excepted.

Even if this guy has authority into the industry it’s just not enough. Explanations about how the service is working are a must, otherwise there are a lot of questions which remains un-answered!

Estimated profits are they possible?

No, because the presenter claims that you`ll be experiencing $7500 in profits from day 1 starting with $250 initial capital. Such capital cannot deliver the announced sum of money, even if you use a proven profitable trading-tool.

The Onassis Alliance Scam review

What about the accuracy of 97.4%?

Folks, remember this rule because it can be applied to all binary options software solutions! No human or algorithm can forecast the online markets on 100% or near that number. Actually, as example we can say that everything above 80% is close to impossible if we speak for consistency. Therefore, we assume that the announced success rate is just part of the overall marketing trick.

Furthermore, the presenter explains how this service is not losing trades because it has counter react algorithm. Yet again we get the dumb impossible to be applied in binary options story of the counter trade.

“If, the algorithm detects a losing trade, it automatically opens trade in the opposite direction in order to break even.” That’s impossible for several reasons.

  • In order to open fence trade in the opposite direction to save your trade, you have to have certain criteria fulfilled. Of course, you have to open trade the trade with the same Strike Rate or above / below depending on your direction. You have to be able to choose the same expiry, by the way minimum expiry is 60sec before the initial expiry, so the story about the millisecond before the trade expires is just lame! Actually, read our Fence Trade Strategy and you`ll get familiar with the method. Also, you`ll understand why this is BS and cannot be applied as explained in the video!

The Onassis Alliance is only available for 100 new users?

Another bogus pushing into registration method. In reality the service has no spot limitation but they since it’s a scam the creator wants to push as much people as he can into registration. WE all know the reason, simply they want to lie as much people as they can before it become clear for everyone that this is a money stealing scheme.

What about the live trading session?

This is not a live trading session folks, this is some kind of fabricated convincing attempt. If it was a live session they will show is the trades, the entry and expiry price rates including the direction of the taken positions. None of the above described details are shown. Moreover, is you watch closely you`ll notice how this session is fabricated and everything is part of the overall deception!

Notice how Martha Miller and Robert Young both start with initial investment of $250. After they start the auto-trading function with investment per trade of $25, they miraculously win around $200 on their first winning trade. That’s impossible, the average return rates in binary options trading are around 75%! Meaning that if you invest $25 and you win a trade you`ll make around $20 not $200! Moreover, we`ll attach some snapshots extracted from the Onassis Alliance Scam Video!

The Onassis Alliance Scam review, onassisalliance.co review

Who is Jed Onassis?

The creator and CEO behind the Onassis Alliance is just an imposter. The made in-depth research about this identity. All we managed to find is just posts associated with onassisalliance.co. Therefore, we cannot trust him.

Are there any endorsements?

No one from the trading society is supporting the Onassis Alliance software. You`ll find all the reasons “why” within this review.

Onassis Alliance Scam Review – The Conclusion!

Beyond any doubt this trading system is a scam. The presentation web-page is full of lies and over-promising claims. During our investigation, we failed to find any reliable information that can provide some credibility to this service. Practically, the presenter is dishonest about everything: the win rate, the estimated wealth, the testimonials, etc. In this line of thinking we can assure you one thing! Signing up with this online opportunity will be disaster for you!

Review Verdict: Onassis Alliance Software is 200% Scam! Beware and avoid registrations with onassisalliance.co!

Binary Options trading – can we make money with this financial instrument? Yes, we can! Many people are using the trading method to generate money. Unfortunately, due to the high demand and the lucrative opportunities this type of trading offers the field is dragging a lot of crooks. In order to avoid interaction with such offer you have to always choose good reputed trading tools. For safer alternatives, we invite you to take a look at our Top Trusted Trading System. Of course, they are not going to make you millionaire overnight but they are all 100% endorsed by the community!

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One thought on “Onassis Alliance Scam or Reliable Auto-Trader? Software Review!

  1. Hey guys,
    Don’t you think there is something common whit Zeus 2 service. Probably the same crooks is trying to involve us in dirty schemes. Another algorithm that can predict your investment from losses. AUUUU!!!!!
    How nice, i will open an account put $ 25 dollars in sessions, of which i will win $ 250 every time.
    What a nonsense. If that was a true binary options traders will be millionaires and everyone would be yearned to trade on financial markets.
    Well, i don’t won’t to waste my time whit that crap anymore.

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