One Click Profits Scam Alert! Software Review!

One Click Profits Scam Investigation!

Our review aims to reveal the truth behind this system!

One Click Profits is extremely strange binary options trading system. Probably inspired with the current European football championship going on. We kind of like the simplicity of this semi-auto trading robot. Well it has nothing in common with the actual trading, because it won’t work in reality. But if, you are looking for an unorthodox casino game, the One Click Profits might be your fun time killer. Of course we do not recommend the service it’s a simple scam and we`ll explain why.

one click profits scam review

One Click Profits Scam Review! The reality behind this bizarre software.

The software aims to target the novice traders and eventually trick them with explanations of how trading is easy as one-click. In reality trading is not simple, well the process of placing trading positions alone is easy but the behind work is really hard. In order to produce high probability trading positions, explained as above 90% inside One Click profits is actually very difficult task. You need lots of financial and chart knowledge to produce high accurate signals.

The software developers realize that not every investor will have the time to spent countless hours in front of the computer in order to stare at the charts. That’s why the algorithmic auto trading and signal service solutions are so popular. There is legit trading system such as NEO2, which are providing their investors with good results. But the software is noting similar to The one click profits one. It’s based on fundamental and chart analysis and its not trading 60 second trading of course. Here is the time to mention that 60 sec trading is considered as gambling in the majority of the cases.

That’s why we consider this service more as a fun software, where your chance of winning is actually 50%! Unfortunately, while in the casinos the most 50 / 50 games allow 100% return rate, here you don’t have that return. The software is using binary options trading platform, where 60 sec trading is rewarded with return rate between 65%-70%. Meaning that you have to win like 60% of the positions to be on your money. Actually you have even lower chance of making money then the casinos. We all know that house always wins, and most people spent money into casinos for fun, actually no reasonable people expect to win from roulette game.

Now let’s analyses the video promotion. The voice over narrator explains and shows the system in action. He also, inform us that this software allows demo trading and the creators will give you $50 to start with. We tested the demo and we believe that its fabricated!

Why? Well, the narrator explained that behind this simple platform there is complicated algorithm and actually the numbers you see are currency pair rates. The static number is actually not a static number as he tells us. It’s representing the strike rate of the asset, where you have entered your position. Basically if you are in a PUT (sell) positions you need to see the price under that line after the expiry in order to win. Vice versa for CALL (buy) you need to see the price at least 1 micro pip above the line! The two other scenarios are also simple. If the explained is not fulfilled, you lose! In case the end price is on your strike rate, that’s called a TIE, and your investment will be returned to your account.

Our sharp trader eyes notice one very interesting detail here, which will help us prove our tease of fake service.

Do you think that in seek of making this software extremely user friendly they forgot to put the actually name of the asset you are trading / betting on? No, in just because that’s how you cannot compare the cumbers you see with the actual real charts! Basically that’s how you never know what you are trading or when. The demo version with the $50 is developed to always win. Its pushing into registration tactic. Obviously seeing that you win will make you eager and you`ll sign hungry for more profits. Regrettably you`ll find yourself into losing money position and incapable of withdrawing. Yes, you read correctly, no matter that the voice over actor said that withdraw are one click away, they are not.

Taking the $50 bonus will restrict your account! Depending on the broker there is different trading volume unlock formula. When we tested the system we got a 10 trade formula, but basically 10 losing trades are enough to blow our account! As you can see everything is not that simple, and in search of good opportunities you can end up in losing money opportunities!

one click profits scam review


One Click Profits is a scam! Their claims of 90% accuracy are false and there is no real proof that can support them. The lack of honest information inside this service is our reason of skepticism. We do not trust such looking systems, and we rarely find any working 60 sec trading systems. Currently we know only one service providing good 60 secs 2 min and 5 min trading and it’s called Binadroid. Everything else we have tested is failing to provide the necessary win rate.

Review Verdict: One Click Profits Scam Confirmed! Beware and avoid the dubious

Binary Options is interesting and good way to make money. But be aware that there are many similar to the One Click Profits scams out there and you have to be careful. Other than that if you have the patience the will and consistency nothing can stop you from being successful trader. For safer trading help-tools, we invite you to check our Top Recommended Signals! They are all tested, trusted and 100% endorsed by the trading community!

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