OneTouch Scam is Confirmed on 100% Read our Software Review!

OneTouch Scam Review!

Please reach this investigation article before you put money within this service!

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The OneTouch Software was recently released and advertised as the “most advanced binary options trading system available for the wide public”. However, we know that such statements are made by every single service out there and proving that they are real is quite hard. Moreover, after we made our in-depth analysis regarding this particular application, we found a lot of dubious details, which we would like to share with you today.

onetouch scam review

OneTouch Scam Review – Everything you need to know in advance!

Okay, let’s make this clear and don’t make you wonder. This service is a 100% scam, and we`ll provide many evidence at your disposal. First, let’s discus funny fact that catch our attention. In the beginning of the promotional video Jeffrey Peterson, show us his balance of $750,000 claiming that he generated this sum of money for the past year. All by clicking one button and using the OneTouch Software.

Now, after we saw the car and the mansion he allegedly owns and furthermore he claims that he has actually 7 cars using different every week, how he still has his money in the bank? Isn’t that odd? He spends half a million or even more for this house and even the G Class is like $100,000 even more expensive depending on the additional modifications how come he still has the money in the account? Keep in mind that he claimed that he was poor before 1 year, leaving in old apartment and driving 20 years old car? For us this is very big indications of deceptive information.

How the OneTouch Software works?

The main storyline says that this is the “most advanced trading technology designed by engineers at investment institute Gold Campbell Limited”. First, saying that is not enough, and giving less information about the algorithms is really not how things should be done. Second, we are not aware of such Institute, and we researched the search engines failing to find it. Basically, we talk about fictitious story.

onetouch scam review

Who is Jeffrey Peterson and can we trust him?

Folks, he is just a paid actor. Therefore, we can’t trust him or anything he says. We will attach some evidence in order to prove our words. But even if we don’t just take a look at him, how he moves and how he speaks, it’s clear to us that he is reading a script and he does not have a clue of what he is talking about. Furthermore, the picture we`ll expose reveal everything as one big lie because we have the same house, same car and same person with different name, participating in some lottery guide fraud.

onetouch scam review

The live demonstration is it real?

Now, we already know he is an actor that will explain the fact that he says “I have read about this company in the morning” and then he opens US Dollar and Mexican Peso Trade (USD/MXN). Clearly revealing that he is just a dumb cunt reading the script. This trade he opens with $1000 investment, and the second trade he opens is WTI Crude for $500. Total investment is $1500. After the trades finishes he show is how his balance grown from $2500 to $7689. Well, this is impossible the average return rates with binary options are around 75%-80%, investment of $1500 cannot possibly triple the initial balance!

What about the photo-testimonials spread all around

Well its same story different approach. The formula here is simple. Stolen picture from the web plus name equals testimonial. That’s it and everything is fabricated. Moreover, the claims how many people are using this service from year even two years are false. A simple search reveals how the official domain is registered on 05 of December 2016! That’ lone fact actually debunks most of the story.

onetouch scam review

Outside endorsements?

As we always do we research the web and the social medias in seek of feedback and other opinions. In this case, we found only bad feedback coming from the day-investors and bad reviews from the rest of the community. Basically, everything is matching our opinion.

OneTouch Scam Review – The Conclusion!

What can we say, we are dealing with dumb fraud! A system designed to steal your money leaving you with no one to complain to. Since all identities, names, companies are fictitious! We would like to inform you that investing with will be a disaster. Moreover, the community is already blacklisting the service so obviously, everybody are on the same opinion here!

Review Verdict: The OneTouch Software is a 100% Scam! Beware and avoid the blackhole settled inside!

Binary Options Trading is a lucrative field but there are many dishonest people trying to use the good name of binary options and advertise their schemes. Knowing that in advance will help you immense. Just avoid too good to be true offers and sign only with reputed help-trading tools. For safer alternatives, we want to kindly invite you to check our Top-Rated Trading Services! They are all 100% endorsed by the trading society and tested for long period of time!

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One thought on “OneTouch Scam is Confirmed on 100% Read our Software Review!

  1. Don’t fooled by One Touch Software, it is a pure scam. Please save your money and avoid this trap. The ostentation won’t brings you millions. Undoubtedly everyone wants to drive a fancy car, to live in modern house but think a little what your eyes seeing, and what your mind says?
    Thank you Binary options spot for this honest review.

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