OptiBin Robot Scam Or Good? Honest Software Review!

OptiBin Robot Scam or Profitable?

Simple questions, and we are going to answer it within the borders of this analysis review!


The OptiBin Robot is new short term auto-trading software. The system is using binary options as trading-tool and the algorithms are created to execute short term trading positions! The turbo trading usually is considered more as gambling but trading and often the investors lose money there.

That’s why we are always skeptical when we investigate such trading solution. So far, we have come across some good scalping algorithms but they always ruin the accuracy in the future. Based on our personal experience we can strongly say that we are not aware of the existence of a good turbo trading software!

With this investigation review we`ll go over few dubious details we found inside optibinrobot.com. Please do read this article BEFORE you put your hard earned cash in it!

the optibin software

OptiBin Robot Scam Review – All you have to know folks!

First, we want to make this clear! This trading robot is pure SCAM! Our in-depth research found many scam elements! So please do not invest here just read the review because we are exposing a lot of useful stuff, which will help you in the future! This review can be pointed as case study, and once you land on similar looking bogus system you`ll recognize it and avoid it!

How the OptiBin Robot Works?

The storyline says that the algorithm will analyze data and execute trades on autopilot for you! When you get your account, you`ll notice a lot of settings inside but this is just deception. The buttons you see are just buttons and clicking them wont effect the software itself!

The only options, which work are the Martingale and Fibonacci once, simply because they will help the OptiBin Software to steal your money faster. Once you turn them ON, they will start doubling up your next investment after you lose trade. Note that with this system you`ll lose lots of trades, and simply the described two options will blow your account in matter of minutes!

In reality, on the official page there are no good explanations provided! There is a reason behind that fact, simply the people who are behind this service are not really associated with the financial system. More about this in the next topic.

the optibin robot scam review

What The OptiBin Software really is?

This is simply a white label platform, which anyone can buy! Basically, you buy this service you put some colors your phony brand and you start scamming people. Simple is that yes! For the last 1 year we have exposed more than 15 similar to this scam system. When the first one was released called the Option Robot, we also registered and lost around $750 simply because the software is designed to lose!

Furthermore, you can change some of those reviews: Dual Bot, Automated Binary

How he scams Keeps working?

The system grants the investors with the ability to register a free demo account. Unfortunately, the demo is fabricated and designed to always win money! You can expose this by checking the expiry rates of the demo placed positions with real stock charts!

Anyway we have exposed this many time so we won’t go into deep details but truth is simple! Demo wins money always, real account lose money, always with no exceptions!

The OptiBin Robot Scam Review – The Summary!

Beyond any doubt this system is pure money stealing scheme! The evidence is indisputable! Besides all the bogus elements we found we can also rely on pure social media and search engine feedback. Just make a quick research and you`ll see that there are already countless complains about those type of trading bot’s. They all work look and trick people in the same fashion! There are countless negative reports coming from the regular day-traders in support of our conclusion here!

Review Verdict: The OptiBin Robot Software is a SCAM! Beware and avoid the scam source optibinrobot.com!

Binary options trading can be very profitable. Unfortunately, due to the high interest, the field is flooded by fraudulent system, which will try to steal your money! That’s why you have to be careful and always rely on good reputed systems! For example, we invite you to check our Top Recommended Trading Services! They are all 100% endorsed by the trading community and tested for long period of time!

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4 thoughts on “OptiBin Robot Scam Or Good? Honest Software Review!

  1. I bought The OptiBin Robot Software for $750 dollars and I lose it. And i gain nothing. Fully scammers.
    Generally i always interested what happens on binary options market, but now i just missed the information.
    I like your site and i visit often, and i would like to give my advice to other visitors.
    Don’t let yourself to be involved in frauds. Stay cool and read the Binary options spot articles. That will prevent you from loosing money. I hope i will not do the same mistake.

  2. Thank you guys for the overall review. That save me my money, and i avoid this scamming software.
    I will stay cool, and waiting for new articles.

  3. Hello, i am from those who bought the The OptiBin Robot software. I invest $750 dollars. I thought everything will be alright and i will start making a good money. But unfortunately after that, i didn’t earned even a penny.
    From now on i’ll be considering better my movements, about binary options.

  4. Hey, i am grateful to you guys. Nice review.
    I almost be ready to invest in The OptiBin Robot Software, but thanks to you i save my money.
    You warning us just in time.

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