Optical Signal Trader Scam or Trusted? Unbiased Software Review!

Optical Signal Trader is a Self-Debunking Scam!

Please read this important review before you take any foolish decisions!

Official website: opticalsignaltrader.com

Optical Signal Trader is brand new money making opportunity! The service is using the binary options trading tool to advertise its product. Pretending to be something between exchange and broker using system! We believe that the video presentation must be well explained in order to be understood by a new trader.

Probably the creators of this scam seek to confuse you people more than provide them with intelligent information about this trading tool!

With this article we`ll explain all the shady details, answer all the questions you might have and expose every single dubious detail! Furthermore, we`ll associate this software with older proven money stealing schemes as additional evidence!

Optical Signal Trader software

Optical Signal Trader Scam Review – All the craziness revealed!

One of the core convincing methods of this product is the guaranteed part! The alleged creators Dominic Shepard and George Larson claim that every morning you`ll receive $3000 in your bank account. All this is guaranteed by them, no exceptions!

Several problems instantly occur. Even with legit trading software no one can predict the estimated profits. All this is determined by your money management strategy and the accuracy of the system! Furthermore, no binary options broker can initiate withdraw so fast. Minimum withdraw timings with the regular brokers is at least 2 business days.

Furthermore, there are no contracts assigned between you and Optical Signal Trader upon registration, which can guarantee the $3000 amount!

Now, if you wonder why we call this service a self-debunking scam we`ll provide you with lots of evidence. Basically all the statements made inside opticalsignaltrader.com are misleading and even conflicting with the reality! Continue reading, it will become brighter and brighter for you.

Optical Signal Trader scam review

How the Optical Signal Trader Software Works?

Claimed that the system tabs into the financial world with zero risk is just one of the problems! It must be clear to all future and current investors that trading the online markets always brings certain risk of partial or full losses of your capital! Yes, binary options trading has limited risk, and you can lose only the purchased option, but that’s also a risk right?

Once you download the app it links you to their database of superfast data transfer clusters. In addition, the company uses superfast global networking to transfer data 94/100th faster even then that Walls Street exchange inside cable transfer. This is the core element behind the success of this application.

  • The service settled at opticalsignaltrader.com is not a downloadable product. The interface of this system is fully web-based and only requires registration, no file download!
  • Okay here we have big blunder, no one can be faster than the actual inside exchange data transfer. The only way to become more competitive in matter of swiftness is to be close to the exchange. That will explain why more and more trading organizations are buying or renting facilities close to the exchanges, in order to improve their speed! The speed helps that’s not a myth, but things are slightly different than explained from Mr. Shepard.

Furthermore, the Optical Signal Trader Software is not some kind of exchange owning their own private trading networking as tried to be explained in the video. This service uses normal binary options brokers. That automatically debunks the fact that they rely on trading methods based on fast connections. Every binary options broker platform has their own delays and lag issues. Keep that in mind!

Is it possible the service not to lose any trades?

No of course, and the further forward in the video they actually admit it and then they came up with a really ridiculous trading method called Rapid Counter Trader!

Take a look at the snapshot first:

 Optical Signal Trader scam review

Okay now, here we have another self-debunking misleading explanation! First, applying a fence trading strategy, in order to safe an trade into the binary options tool will always end in losing money! The average return rate in binary option sis 75-80%. That fact makes “the breakeven claim” mathematically impossible!

Why the presenter claims that today is the final registration day?

Well, he also claims that the people who registered yesterday have already received money into their bank accounts. Unfortunately, we already exposed that as a lie, moreover there is no real proof coming from real-day traders anywhere on the social medias!

We can easily debunk this bizarre claim, the website opticalsignaltrader.com is up and running from 06.10.2016. That’s why don’t fall for this pushing into registration tactics guys it’s just a marketing trick to make you eager!Optical Signal Trader software

Can we trust Dominic Shepard and George Larson?

Well we cannot say because those guys are completely unknown to the financial world! What we can say is that this same video has been used over and over again with older scams! We suggest that you watch the video presentations of those confirmed scams: Insured Trading, Insured Outcome, Dream Profits!

Notice how they are all made in similar brainwashing fashion. They all promise guaranteed profits and they all use the same impossible it implements trading technology!

Optical Signal Trader Scam Review – The Conclusion!

As you can see we have revealed countless amounts of evidence in support of our statements. All of our words are solidly backed up with real proof! The service is just a repeating scam, well they tweak the story here and there and they give it a new name but overall it’s the same crap! Re-branding old money stealing schemes, is often used practice by the crooks. Those fraudulent operations, which brought them the most victims are just re-developed and advertised again into the financial niche.

We strongly advise you to stay away from this software for your own good. Investing there will be disasters for your personal budget!

Review Verdict: Optical Signal Trader Software is a SCAM! Beware and avoid OpticalSignalTrader.com and ignore the invitational emails!

Binary Options trading can be very lucrative but you have to be aware of the potential treats! Due to the high demand, there are many imposters advertising their schemes! That why you have to always rely on good trading solutions with supreme reputation! We invite you to check our Top Rated Binary Systems! They are all 100% endorsed by the community enjoying extremely high reputation!

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