Option Figures Calculator is Strange Scam! Honest Review!

Option Figures Calculator is a SCAM!

Read our review before you decide to start losing money with this service.


Option Figures Calculator is a binary options educational and signal service. Well, at least that’s how the official page optionfigures.com is advertised. In reality however we believe that the case is little bit different. Please make sure to read our top rated review before you decide to put real money into this system.

Option Figures Calculator Scam Review! All the dubious facts behind this service.

Originally this binary options calculator is supposed to be some kind of algorithmic solutions based on timeframe probability. We are not sure what exactly this is because, as traders we have never heard of such analysis process. However, the information exposed on optionfigures.com is so low that even we couldn’t understand what exactly the option figures calculator offers.

In general, this strange software should determine the price of particular asset and provide you with a high probability signals. How the system will do that remains uncovered secret?! Therefore, that immediately rises suspicious!

option figures calculator scam review

What we did found?

Since the system is advertised as free for registration, we decided to sign up and test the system.

Unfortunately, we failed to gain access to the service. When we attempted the to go true the process we are stopped by a pop-up massage: “It appears that you don’t have a valid trading account. Please make a deposit of at least $250 before you proceed”. The required amount must be deposited with broker called OneTwoTrade.

This is not a review aiming to bring bad reputation on this brokerage, in matter of fact we are not really familiar with this brokerage. That’s why we will just mention that it’s not regulated and you have to make decisions based on that fact.


Because of that fact that there is really no information regarding this product provided by the promotional page. We decided to research for potential endorsements that can bring some good reputation to the service.

Not that there is no real endorsement but in addition we can say that we even came across some negative feedback coming by regular day-trader.

In such cases, when there is no information provided by the website of the service, the honest feedback coming from the day-traders means a lot. The service obviously has bad reputation, based on that we can say that you should not trust it.

Are you going to receive education?

We believe that this is just a pushing into registration trick. What you are going to receive after registration is a call from your new account manager. Unfortunately, 90% of the account managers will attempt to convince you to put more money into your trading account, which eventually you will lose if you are not an experienced trader. We are stating that, based on the situation, you`ll receive bad signals, which will lead you to losing positions.

We always encourage our readers to be careful with the account managers! Especially those who work from non-regulated companies. Taking bonuses or following signals given by your new “mentor” / account manager is not recommended!

Option Figures Calculator Scam Review – the Finale!

With this article we cannot provide you with undeniable evidence that it’s a scam but we believe that the exposed misleading information is enough of a proof. There are many real signal services, which you can use in order to learn self-trading and receive profitable signals! Take for example Mike’s Facebook Signal Group. There are over 8000 happy members inside, who all make money. We don’t even need to speak about this product, since you can find positive feedback all around the web / YouTube. In case you are seeking for such trading method, just write us at: BinaryOptionsSpot@gmail.com, and we`ll explain how you can join!

Review Verdict: Option Figure Calculator is a SCAM! Beware and Avoid optionfigures.com!

Newcomers to binary trading are always advised to open free demo account first! For those who seek an auto-trading solutions make sure to visit our Top-Rated Services. The system you`ll find there are 100% endorse by the trading community and tested for long period of time! For further questions contact us at: binaryoptionsspot@gmail.com!

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