Option Robot Scam Review optionrobotcom

Option Robot Scam Investigation


Read this very important review before you decide to join OptionRobot.com.

Our Honest opinion is based on true live results not on some phony demo broker account stuff!

 Option Robot is new binary options auto trading and Semi-Auto service! It’s not related with Binary Options Robot, don’t be confused! Originally the new software is developed and presented to us by privatesignalsgroup.com. Our investigation leaded us to man named Chris Morton a well-known person inside the industry. (some said he is a trading guru, unconfirmed)! This personality is behind a network of BO services. Also, we want to apology in advance to this person if, we are involving his name for no reason. But all the fact we found so far are connecting him with optionrobot.com.


Option Robot Scam Review

Option Robot Scam Review! The Important details around this software.

Back to our main topic OptionRobot.com; the software offers pretty nice features. So far what we have discovered is that its focusing on trading turbo / short expiries. You can choose from variety of investment sums starting from $5 (remember that they depend on your broker). There are three trading methods with option robot; Classic – which is obviously classic, Martingale – this method will double up every next investment you make if you lose the previous trade highly not recommended, it can deplete your account in matter of minutes. Fibonacci – we haven’t tested this one yet, but as the name give us a clue its some kind of trading system based on the Fibonacci numbers. The software is trading only currencies and its focusing the famous once as: EUR/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP USD/JPY and others. In addition to the overall setting you`ll be able to create your own algorithm setup. Option Robot is allowing you to choose from few indicators; trend following (probably based on moving averages, MACD, Stochastic, RSI, CCI and Williams, OptionRobot.com really give you wide variety of settings from which to choose.

So far everything looks really nice, professional and promising. The reason that many endorsed Option Robot also brings legitimacy to the system, but overall we are not seeing a lot of real proof.

On OptionsRobot.com we couldn’t see a lot of information exposed besides the one we already exposed above, that shy we also took a look at privatesignalsgroup.com. There you can find some testimonials, results and professional trader team. We will assume that the same professional team should be behind Option Robot also! Our research clearly shows that the “professional and very experienced traders” of private signals group are just stock models. Invented professional looking personalities to give good look to the website, it’s never a good sign to see fake stuff! The testimonial identities are pretty much the same, which brings more suspicious stuff to the table. We will provide a confirmation image and link so; we can back up our words.


Option Robot Scam Review

We are not going to investigate the personality of Chris Morton, just as respect to him, because we don’t know the person and at this point we don’t have 100% solid information if, he is involved in some kind of fraudulent network and optionrobot.com!

Overall so far everything is looking okay and many will say, hey a lot of websites use some stock model pictures, the results are the most important!!!

We are aware of the fact that many reputed blogs recommend optionrobot.com for a test drive. That’s why we went for one, unfortunately our results were not “staggering” as it was expected form this high tech advanced technology software. Our results are based on 1 day of trading with the service, if you have time just watch the 25 minutes’ video we provide. Overall we made 55 trade, 32 wins and 23 loses around 58% success rate.  Such accuracy is unacceptable for 60 second or any kind of turbo trading software. The payout rates for short trading expiries are averaging around 70%, which automatically rises the success rate needed in order to profit from them, 58% is simply not enough! Simply you`ll be sitting on one place or even worst; losing money!

Option Robot Scam Review! The conclusion!

As you can confirm form the video we couldn’t achieve the results, which everyone claims to be experiencing. The final decision will always be yours but at this point we really can’t recommend Option Robot. However, the service offers demo account so you can register one and take a look around, maybe trade a little bit and come share your opinion with us via the comment box below! 58% is clearly not a pleasing result and the fact that the website does not offer clearly visible information regarding the creators of Option Robot is quite suspicious.

Verdict: Option Robot Scam Confirmed! OptionRobot.com will be Marked as Scam Unless Proven OTHERWIDE!

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39 thoughts on “Option Robot Scam Review optionrobotcom

  1. Let me settle this review!

    This bot is simply a program, you have to set the program to work better.

    Try the following Settings, Select CLASSIC, Tick TREND, MACD & RSI. Un-tick all the other algorithms.

    Promise you wont be disappointed.

  2. Optionrobot.com is just a nasty scam. Karma is a bitch. Someday we will get back at them. The demo account in my opinion is not stage managed I think the real original robot is a winning system but not with the 83% accuracy they advertise. However on real mode the robot makers have flipped the robot over so the signals it is making in real mode and winning have been set opposite to place losing trades on real mode and run away with your money. If you are deceitful go to real mode and place opposite orders. Turn auto trade off and when the robot generates a buy signal open sell because this is the real signal the robot was to make on demo mode.

  3. Yup..the demo account is so unrealistic in terms of wins in an hour..if its too good to be true, it probably is!! I started with 1000 USD on demo, and an hour later i had nearly 2200 USD..Pure fantasy.. Be careful of the other blogs saying they have tested it, and its really good etc..

  4. Luckally I had a bad experience on this website that pissed me off. I was so dissapointed,as many observotary sights recomend it as a good investment. I was surfing their sight when their consultants pop up the screen. Asking me how much I want to invest and all that crap. I asked her a few questions how to go about,and every answer was ask your broker ? So what did she want to offer in the first place ? Maybe she know its a scam and was discouraging me. Thanx for finding this site, I suspect something was wrong their. A Stephen somebody send me his assistance regarding some blank email pages,telling me it will cost me $500 for his assistance !! Be aware this is a gravy train of frauds from the start up till the finish !!

  5. That No1 in the internet robot is schit. i turned on auto trede and in 5 min loss money.
    dont invest in this robot.

  6. I think mine was optionrobot.com is the dollar, but after I search and read these reviews, so I decided to not deposit. I’ve tried a demo account and always profit, but it’s just a fake or sham victory. he … he … he … huh .. save your money ok thanks.—–>INDONESIA

    1. Scam robot the makers are very deceitful. On demo account the robot wins for example 80% to dupe you into depositing real mode. Once you go live the robot wins 50% and start lowering your account until it blows it up. This binary option robots are just networks for the robot makers and binary brokers to share customer’s lost deposited funds. They should be arrested!

  7. i have been using the option robot demo account for a month, but i have not yet funded the account. thanx for this review it has saved me

  8. This is a scam! just lost my $250 in no time…Set the auto trade on $5 and it bet $20, $50 and $100 out of its own…We should do something about this…thousands of people loses their money daily, like us…

  9. The broker Option Robot was using at the time I funded was Empire Options. They took my $250 and it shows in their site, but not in Option Robot so I can’t even try trading. The very next day I asked for a reversal of my $250! And the next day Option Robot had a new different broker!! Will let you know if I ever get it!! Many sites now state they are both illegal in the USA!! Further they state you can ask for a refund any time. We’ll see

  10. i was so much excited to pay $250 & get $500 on the same day, thanks to you all guys i didnt go further.
    actually these all robot businesses are bunch of scams, all assholes are owning it.
    I hope their all penises get rot.

  11. Absolutely the worst system out there. Please don’t bother. The demo account is fake. Completely opposite of reality. I had lost all my money in no time. Maybe 2-3 wins and rest was lost. I have tried emailing them and over the past two weeks i haven’t hear anything while they say we answer in 24 hours. Do your research, altho I thought I did but stay away from this company. They should watch their KARMA. It always comes back ten fold.

    1. The demo is a scam to dupe you you will be a millionaire ha ha. Once you deposit real mode. You see reality. The robot loses money over and over cutting your account down until blowing it up. The robot makers are deceitful. I think they have written an algorithm on demo that is the correct way placing winning trades the way the robot should actually trade but on live mode they have flipped the algorithm upside down to place opposite wrong losing orders to wipe your account dry. Nasty networks of robot makers and binary brokers stealing and sharing client’s deposited funds. Let’s report these guys to authorities.

  12. Thanks for the warning about optionrobot but unfortunately,i have already lost my cash using option robot for just a few minutes.This so called automated trade does not work as its been publicised, its absolutely misleading and its out to rub you of your cash.This robot hardly win a trade.it sets five trades and lose all of it,this robot is configured to rob you of money because it set a trade of 100 euro at a time and loses it.The wining rate of 83% as advertised is totally untrue instead it has just about 55% wining rate.Guys, pls beware of option robot it is fake

    1. I am agree 1000000% with you Ray same happen with me two days back, I deposited $250, in less than 30 minutes all my money was gone.

      Never try this FAKE robot……

      1. Say you want your money or contact your bank to initiate a reversal then report the binary broker and robot makers to relevant authorities. We demand justice to the oppressed.

  13. I have signed up with option robot, agter funding my broker I was unable to open the brokers website as well as the optionrobot.com website. This raised so much suspicion. I tried opening the webpages from different devices and found that it is working but just not from the laptop I funded the broker. This tells me they are busy registering setting up my laptops IP address as well as model code and serial number for failure. Luckily I have not traded yet, so I’m withdrawing my funds immediately. Specially after reading these reviews. I also checked the facebook web pages only to see that there are 4 comments but 3 would be deleted for instance or could not be viewed. This is crazy. I’m in South Africa and have not yet come across any legitimate way of making money in the trading industry.

    1. Hi Wilbur. I did my deposit and tried the Demo account out at first. On all 10 tries I made $100 plus. All with different setting. Then I went on to try the real account and lost all my money in 2 days. Its definitely a scam. I am also a South African and have tried a few strategies and robots all with zero winnings and R12 000 down.
      Please let me know what you have tried and if you ever find anything that works.

      1. The same with me in demo mode always made >200$ daily in a period of 2weeks in life mode lost 500$ in 2 houres already I think its obvious that the demo account is a huge fake

      2. Me I chose demo mode classic system ha ha! The robot grew my demo account from $1000 to $100000 in one day. When I put real mode I deposit funds and lose the first 5 trades my account was down by $50 I realized I had been duped I stopped the robot and contacted the broker demanding my money. Then they start playing games on me. They demand I give them a passport yet on the broker’s site they say a national identity card or passport is enough for withdrawal request and I had initially submitted my national identity card at registration. They want to run away with my money!

  14. Trevor Matthews Option Robot is a scam…been running the Demo systems for two weeks using their different banking account…The Demo trial brillent..then they take your money in real trading….. as the robot dose not run the same way in the real trading operation..You lose your £250 bank..then get asked for more…All the Robot bank accounts are linked although in different names…

  15. I didn’t subscribe after I noticed it placing trades over the weekend. I realised that it had to have been staged into luring subscriptions.

  16. OptionRobot.com, started using it today. So far disappointment, out of 5 trades= won 1 lost 4. I wonder whether these reviews are legit when it comes to analyzing these robots, in those sites that highly recommend this robot…your 58% is even higher, try 35% winning rate

      1. I already have withdrwan my money, lost $50 left with $200. Can you please recommend a better one. I’m in South Africa

  17. I believe OptionRobot.Com is a scam. Thought I was signing up with BinaryOptionRobot, but no up comes OptionRobot. Used the Demo platform, profit in 15 minutes $129. Put some money in and voila all gone in 25 minutes. What a bunch of scum bags

  18. It cost me£250 to find out it is a scam . It is clear the Demo account is simply a ploy to get you to invest in broker accounts so that the people behind the Robot make money.

  19. Tried the demo and to my surprise it was placing trades on a weekend and trust me they were making profit ,what raised my suspicion was the fact markets close during that time.So my question is where was it getting the prices from …..the demo is just a staged act.

  20. We have been trading for a few days and have lost most of our money deposit too. we have tried various settings and find that even set to 1 trade it still trades even four of the same ones at once. It seems to favour scertain currencies and places some very obviously bad trades. We are very disappointed and now very sceptical.


  22. Thank you for the warning transparent review regarding optionRobot.com. Well i did sign because i was convinced by the good looking page and all the regulated broker inside! I used classic 60 second trading settings, with trend and stoch settings and i lost my investment of $250 for few hours. I thought that i have done something wrong with the settings but as i watched your video now i realize that Option Robot is just another gambling trading system!!

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