Opus Formula Scam Or Reality? Unbiased System Review!

Opus Formula Scam or Reality?

Our In-depth review will reveal the truth you seek!


The Opus Formula is brand new money making opportunity, officially presented by Lex Simmons junior. Allegedly this trading system will make you a millionaire for very short period of time! All you have to do is visit opusformula.co, watch the presentation video and claim one of the 100, pardon 25 available spots! After you make the registration you`ll be redirected to your new fully loaded broker account! Yes, creator of Opus formula system will fund your trading account with money, you just need to setup the bot and start profiting!

We, really hope that you won’t believe in the above written sentences, because nothing is real! This investment application is scam and we will provide the evidence to prove it!

the opus formula system

Opus Formula Scam Review – The honest point of view!

Clearly we are dealing with totally dishonest app! Most of the claims made inside opusformula.co are out of this reality! Simply, you can’t expect to land on a video, where a complete stranger promises you to make you millionaire for free, and then believe in this statement! In addition, take a look at the video and how they try to convince us that its live! No, if the video was really in streaming mode you won’t be able to pause and un-pause or watch it on the next day!  Therefore, to proof this words we`ll go over few of scam elements we found!

Estimated profits?

According to the presenter and all the people who appear to testify in support of this software, the estimated profits are just staggering. Every day you should expect to make between $2500 to $11,000, more than 2 million dollars in a month and over $30 mil in year period! All this is possible because of the software’s accuracy, which is 98%.

This is actually beyond unrealistic. First, success rate close to 100% is impossible to be maintained for long period of time! The online markets are too unpredictable to be forecasted with 98% success rate.

Secondly, no one will load your trading account for free. This is just one of the lies advertised inside the promotional video of the Opus Formula System! In order to start using the software you have to deposit at least $250. The free money Mr. Simmons speaks about are actually a bonus option which you can take or refuse, coming from your new broker! Note that taking a bonus from broker will get some strings attached. Your account will be restricted and prevented from withdrawing till you reach certain trading volume! So, overall be extremely cautious and we advise you to avoid taking any bonuses!

How the service is working?

We watched the whole long promotional video and we heard only promises how we are going to get explanations on how exactly this software works. Unfortunately, to the very end we were unable to hear such! Basically, all we know at this point is that Lex Simmons Jr. and his imaginary billionaire friend hired a team of developers who created the system! Seems like we have more shady and suspicious content!

Who is Lex Simmons Jr? The CEO of The Opus Formula Group?

The guy is represented as well-known multi-millionaire trader and hedge fund manager. He is also, known as the Golden Eagle of Wall Street, due to his ability to spot gold trades from miles always!

His organization The Opus Formula Group is described to be managing $154 million dollars in global investments making them one of the biggest hedge funds in USA! Having it grasp on all kinds of investing opportunities and managing pension hedge funds, university endowments, charitable foundations and sovern wealth funds!

Can we trust all this crap?

  • The guys are complete unknown; his name does not participate in any financial news portal or forum. The fact immediately questions his identity! Just notice how he speaks about millions like they are nothing but eventually he records (not stream) his video in lousy apartment with cheap background!
  • A firm called The Opus Formula Group do not exist! This organization is real only inside the bad written scrip Mr. Lex is reading in front of a camera!

Are the testimonials real and are there any endorsements?

The people who appear to support the trading system are just paid actors from fiverr.com! We will provide you with solid evidence, by exposing one of the actors! If, you require further details, visit fiverr.com, write “testimonials” into the search box and make a research yourself!

the opus formula scam review

As well, their claim on how they all combined made over $14,000,000 for the past year are covered with lies. The official domain opusformula.co is registered in June 2016. Therefore, making it impossible to be used true the past year!

the opus formula system

In addition, we can strongly say that not a single reputed blog or forum has endorsed the opus formula system! Therefore, we can’t speak about trust or any kind of reliability!

The Opus Formula Scam Review – The conclusion!

We strongly believe that after you read all this article your opinion regarding this service will be changed for good! We have a classic money stealing scheme! The video presentation is completely oriented to push you into registration with few lousy tricks. Showing you big accounts, dream cars, mansions and exotic places! All this is setup-ed to make you eager and to make a deposit, which you will lose immediately! Be wise and don’t be fooled by this trading service!

Review Verdict: The Opus Formula is a SCAM! Beware and do not visit opusformula.co!

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